Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Google Chromecast – Which is Best 2023 Guide

The Cheapest streaming device available in the market is the chrome cast product. But it lacks with the most advanced features like remote controller and Alexa. The amazon has introduced an amazon fire tv with a stick which has more advanced smart features in it and also has voice assistance. It helps the user who doesn’t know how to navigate with the menus. It is simple and easy and the voice assistant helps with simply speaking and it recognizes and shows the content for the users. Usually, the 4 K version of Chromecast is even more costly than that of Amazon, and it doesn’t come with a remote yet.



The Chromecast is a lightweight, rounded device from a short HDMI cable. This connects into your TV’s back and usually requires a power cord that you can either insert into the USB port or wall of your TVs.

The Chromecast was initially developed to be controlled by your smartphone through a casting. Casting essentially allows you to open the application that you need to play on your TV like Pandora or Hulu and then tap the casting icon that is generally on the top right of the screen. From that point, you simply select your Chromecast and you’re good to go. Chromecast supports casting from a significant number of your most loved applications like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and more.

  • It is Portable
  • New age remote
  • Improved design
  • Google Assitant support for Home users
  • Extensive app support
  • Faster performance
  • Missing apps
  • No Physical remote
  • Less Control
  • Somewhat late inception

Amazon fire stick:


The Amazon Fire TV stick is a gadget like the Chromecast in that you plug it into the HDMI port on the back of your TV and it makes a standard TV smart. Like the Chromecast, the Firestick also connects you to the rest of your smart home for additional voice and remote access. The remote, called the Alexa voice remote, works as both a standard remote for exchanging through applications and furthermore is fit for voice info like an Amazon Echo.

  • It is a low-cost streaming device when compared with other gadgets
  • It will occupy low space.
  • It is portable.
  • Smooth performance.
  • Excellent Audio/Video quality.
  • Support for the latest formats and streaming standards.
  • Get more contents when compared to the regular cable tv.
  • Alexa is supported on all the types of Fire Stick.
  • It doesn’t have high memory to store larger contents.
  • There is no Ethernet and optical audio port.
  • No proper YouTube application.


The Amazon Firestick’s built-in Alexa has a good remote control It’s really simple to use, although using the GUI can be challenging and it doesn’t have as many specific features as the Chromecast. It’s an easy choice. The Fire TV Stick is definitely the better, more powerful option when you watch a lot of videos from online services. But, if you don’t watch a lot or don’t care for Prime Video, it’s best with Chromecast. For a beginning, it’s cheaper and it also supports your device’s audio streaming. Additionally, Chromecast makes it very easy to stream the screen of your phone to a TV, making it simple to transfer images and videos.

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