10 Best 4K HDR TV 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The 4K resolution TVs might have occupied the television market in recent years, but there’s another way to really improve the picture quality of your smart TV: Best HDR TV. This stands for a high dynamic range which increases the contrast ratio between the bright and the darkroom region of the picture, bringing the picture more depth and making it more colorful.

However, it’s not as easy as purchasing an HDR TV and sitting back and enjoying an advance in performance. Rather, there are overlapping HDR models, with various TV manufacturers supporting specific configurations. That’s correct, we’ve got another type of battle on our side.

HDR10 is the most popular type. This is an open format and has been implemented by a range of manufacturers, service providers (such as Amazon and Netflix) and the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). However, all 4K TVs now are built with HDR10.

This ensures that your TV should be compatible with the most readily accessible 4K Blu-ray discs, 4K devices and 4K video content which will give a much better picture quality than a 4K TV without any HDR.

Dolby Vision is another HDR type. It offers a more natural, optimized image as its dynamic metadata is applied to the HDR picture on a frame-by-frame basis (whereas HDR10 provides scene by scene). In fact, it depends on how well a film or a disk performs the technology.

Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and Philips TVs do use Dolby Vision, but not all of their sets do and, so it’s worth verifying before you purchase. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video support both HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

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HDR10+ is a competing, advanced meta-data-based HDR format produced by Samsung but also accessible to other manufacturers. Samsung TVs are supposed to support HDR10+ but not Dolby Vision. New Philips and Panasonic TVs, respectively, support all formats. Amazon also now has a decent bit of content in HDR10+, but it doesn’t mark it as well, and it’s hard to make confident you’re receiving everything.

Last but not least, Advanced HDR by Technicolor is a tool created by LG and Technicolor video specialists. As such, LG is the only TV maker to support it so far, even though we have not yet seen any HDR content developed in the format.

Best 4K HDR TVs to Buy

1. Best HDR TV: LG B9 OLED Smart TV

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The LG B9 OLED is the best 4k HDR TV for watching HDR movies and playing HDR games. Just like the LG C9 OLED, which is somewhat close to B9 yet somewhat more costly, this TV offers excellent dark room performance thanks to its OLED screen, which can turn off individual pixels, resulting in perfect blacks.

Like other OLEDs, this is a high-quality HDR TV that has outstanding viewing angles so when the people watch from different angles it produces a great picture quality. And it also as a wide variety of colors and can show a multitude of colors.

However, the OLED TVs are at risk of temporary image retention or even permanent burn-in. This is more likely to occur with combined long exposure to static pictures. For regular, diverse use, though, we don’t expect this to be an issue for most people. OLEDs do appear to change their brightness levels significantly for different materials, so big bright scenes can’t get too bright thanks to the Automatic Brightness Limiter feature.

Overall, this is a high-quality HDR TV and embraces HDMI 2.1, which actually does not do much, but allows TV more future-proof.


  • Perfect blacks and black uniformity.
  • The image remains accurate when viewed from the side.
  • Nearly instantaneous response time and very low input lag.


  • Has the risk of permanent burn-in with static content.
  • Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL) can become distracting at times.

2. Samsung Q80/Q80R QLED

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If you’re still worried about the risk of permanent burn-in on OLED TVs, then the LED TVs are the best choice for viewing HDR content that is the Samsung Q80/Q80R QLED. You’re not going to get the same perfect blacks as of OLEDs, so the display can’t hold that large an angle as the LG B9 OLED.

In the upside, there’s an outstanding TV of decent picture quality and rich blacks in a dark room. This may be far lighter than an Lcd and provides a broad variety of colors. In HDR, it offers vibrant colors and highlights the pop.

When you want the impressive HDR performance, go for the LG TV models otherwise, Samsung can do a great job without the possibility of lasting burn-in.


  • Very low input lag and has the best gaming features.
  • Excellent motion handling.
  • Very bright in both SDR and HDR.


  • Some gray uniformity issues at the edges.

3. Vizio P Series Quantum X

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If you really want the LED TV instead of the LG B9 OLED and find the Samsung Q80/Q80R QLED expensive, then get the Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019 is the best HDR TV for viewing. You’re not going to get wide viewing angles like samsung, so if you’re a gamer, you might lose the extra gaming features in this model.

In the upside, this is an outstanding TV, with an incredible overall picture quality that can be really vivid. It has a broad variety of colors, and in HDR it offers bright colors and highlights that pop. This has rich blacks in a dark space, and the ultimate performance with HDR is amazing.

With the best HDR experience, the LG is the best 4K HDR TV, but if you want a smaller LED TV, the Vizio is a better choice and also one of the best HDR TV on the television market.


  • Outstanding peak brightness in SDR and HDR.
  • Deep, uniform blacks.
  • Great motion handling.


  • Image degrades when viewed at an angle.

4. Best 4k HDR TV For Color Accuracy: Sony X950G Smart TV

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HDR is all about brightness and highlights, and for those who want a TV with the highest out-of-box brightness quality, the Sony X950 G is the best HDR TV for color accuracy. It’s the predecessor to the Sony X900F, which offers good overall performance and a very accurate picture but is becoming harder to find because it was last year’s edition.

The newer model has a broad variety of colors and can be really colorful, offering an impressive HDR performance full of vibrant colors and clear highlights. This is the best HDR TV, with intense blacks in a dark room due to a strong native contrast ratio and local dimming support.

Motion handling is outstanding, and quick-moving material has limited distortion due to the very fast reaction time. The input lag is low, perfect for most users, just not small enough for professional gamers, and there is no support for advanced gaming apps.

Much like most VA TVs, the picture deteriorates at an angle, and it’s not a perfect option if you have a large seating configuration. However, the larger models (75 “and 85”) incorporate the latest’ X-Wide Angle ‘ system, which increases viewing angles at the cost of the contrast ratio.

Overall, this is among the best 4k HDR TV and delivers the best pre-calibration color accuracy.


  • Outstanding peak brightness.
  • Amazing out-of-the-box color accuracy.
  • Great motion handling.


  • Poor viewing angles.

5. Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED

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If you want to play HDR games on your TV and consider the Sony X950 G’s gaming output isn’t good enough, then get the Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED. You won’t get the same outstanding color quality out of the box, and it doesn’t support Dolby Vision as Sony does.

However, this TV allows HDR 10 +. It’s a perfect TV to enjoy HDR movies, and much better when it comes to HDR gaming. This has a very low input lag and follows FreeSync’s refresh rate feature. This also has a small input lag and motion interpolation to improve the playing in older, low frame rate games.

When your priority is out of box performance, Sony is unbeatable, but if HDR gaming means more to you, then Samsung is a great option and a little cheaper.


  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Excellent motion handling.
  • Can display deep, uniform blacks in a dark room.


  • The image degrades quickly at an angle.

6. Best Budget 4k HDR TV: Hisense H9F Smart TV

Available on Amazon

If your focus is out of the box, Sony is unbeatable, but if HDR gaming means more to you, then Samsung is a stronger option and a little cheaper. The complete list of local dimming apps performs reasonably well, but most of all, its HDR performance is truly amazing, with excellent peak brightness and color gamut.

It has an optional black frame placement feature to help minimize motion blur and a remarkably low input lag that can please even casual gamers.

The main drawback is that FreeSync does not support variable refresh rate technology and the display is limited to 60Hz. This TV is running on Android, and you get the advantage of getting an amazing range of apps from the Google Play Store, and you can even monitor the TV with voice commands through the Google Assistant.

Unfortunately, the wide viewing angles make it less suitable for wide-ranging seating configurations, although most VA panels are supposed to do so.

All in all, Hisense proves that you can get a TV with major HDR standards without having to spend a fortune, and you should definitely check out this smart TV.


  • Excellent peak brightness.
  • Deep blacks.
  • Outstanding low input lag and excellent response time.


  • Some noticeable uniformity issues.

7. Best HDR TV: Hisense H8F Smart TV


Available on Amazon

When the Hisense H9F is already out of the reach, find the cheaper model of the same company that is the Hisense H8F. On the other side, it has slightly improved black uniformity, which is perfect for darkroom watching, greater color quality out of the case, and its black frame insertion feature is far more efficient in reducing blur of motion. Input lag is slightly lower as well, but like its big brother, there’s no support for any variable refresh rate technology.

The H9F has better overall performance, but if the cost is a concern, the H8F is a good alternative with very few compromises.

8. Sony A9F OLED Smart TV

Available on Amazon

The Sony A9F is an excellent OLED TV, one of the greatest we’ve ever reviewed. Like all OLEDs, it offers perfectly dark blacks and has wide angles of view. HDR looks amazing due to the outstanding wide variety of colors and the highest amount of color we’ve evaluated so far on the OLED.


  • Excellent dark room performance
  • Near-instantaneous response time
  • The image remains accurate when viewed at an angle


  • Could experience permanent burn-in
  • Brightness is limited in white scenes.

9. Sony A8F OLED Smart TV Review

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The Sony A8F is a 2018 4k OLED TV with outstanding performance for a number of different needs. It has best picture quality, with perfectly deep blacks that appear amazing in a dark room. Motion control is outstanding because of the instantaneous response time, but this lack of blur will make the low frame rate content appear bumpy.

Like Sony A1E and other OLED TVs, it’s not ideal because the brightness varies based on the high quality of the display and there could be a chance of burn-in with static content. It’s a punchy and dynamic performer with Full HD SDR content too.


  • Excellent dark room performance
  • Instantaneous response time
  • The accurate image even when viewed at an angle


  • Maybe a risk of permanent burn-in
  • 1080p input lag is mediocre

10: Sony A9G OLED TV Review

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The Sony A9 G is a remarkable OLED TV that provides the best picture quality. Unlike all OLED TVs, the A9 G has a high-end feature that allows perfect blacks to be displayed by switching off individual pixels. It’s the best fit for a medium-light room because it can’t get very bright in the SDR and can’t overcome the glare in a very bright room.

This has a remarkable HDR record due to its broad color gamut and respectable HDR peak brightness that offers vivid colors and bright highlights. It has outstanding responsive handling, and the picture appears correct when seen from the side.

Not only does the Master Series Sony A9G feature the best 4K Ultra HD OLED screen we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing, but it’s also decked out with an innovative approach to audio that’s nothing short of excellent. Sony’s flagship X1 Ultimate imaging processor does a wonderful job of converting standard HD and Full HD content into 4K Ultra HD resolution. which combine into a truly great Smart TV Experience

Motion handling is outstanding with a fast response time that leaves almost no blur trail behind fast-moving material. Finally, the TV has a low input lag that will please most games.


  • Almost-instantaneous response time.
  • Remarkable dark room performance.
  • Excellent wide viewing angles.


  • Brightness is limited in white scenes.
  • Possibility of permanent burn-in with static content.

Final Thoughts

Our suggestions above are what we think are the best HDR TV for gaming available in the market. These are the best HDR TV to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.

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