10 Best Budget Monitors 2023 – Buying Guide With Reviews

If you are looking for a monitor able to fit in your budget as well as that could improve your computing experience, then you have landed here at the best page over the internet. Whether you are looking for a display with 4K resolution, a huge screen, or want to improve your gaming experience, we have listed the best cheap monitor options for any desk or budget.

Here we are listing Top 10 best budget monitor for 2023 to enrich your gaming and movie-watching experience to the new level. All these are exceptional best, and the right fit in the budget but not ranked in the order of priority, just as per their some of the premier specification and specialty. See also our recommendations on the best gaming monitors, the best monitors, the best TV to use as monitors, and the best smart TVs.

Top 10 Budget Monitors

1. Philips 272P7VUBNB P Line- Best Budget 4K monitor

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The Philips 272P7VUBNB P Line is one of those best monitors that would let you maximum out your screen resolution without toiling hard on your pockets and without breaking the bank. This 27-inch sized monitor is equipped with various fascinating features that, once you see it, would not like to go. With

4K resolution and IPS panel, it has the capability to produce 1.07 billions of colors. It has a peak brightness of 350 nits, so you can say, this is not a true Ultra HDR monitor, but it has other features that superimpose this crucial factor.

One other thing that is good about this monitor is that it comes up with a built-in USB-C docking station port. So, if you have a laptop that has a USB-C port, you can easily plug through a single cable to transfer the video signal. You can connect any peripheral devices through this USB port; this simultaneously powers your laptop to use these devices at the same time.

Coming to the other core specification, it has a screen size of 27 inches, the dimension of 24.2 inches x 21.5 inches x 10.1 inches, with the aspect ratio of 16:9. Resolution of

3840 X 2160 with IPS display produces sharp and crystal clear images up to the maximum brightness level of 350 cd/m^2. Its ultra-fast refreshing rate at 60Hz gives an uninterrupted video without lagging a bit of second. Its response time is just 4ms that is fast enough for day-to-day normal work. It has a total of 3 inputs ports, one HDMI port, one Display Port and one C-type USB port. The Philips 272P7VUBNB monitor is very lightweight, with a weight of just 16.9 pounds. It is a very powerful budget monitor.

2. Dell Professional P2417H: Best Budget Smaller Monitor

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If you would not like to have a too large screen like 32 inches, then check this out the Dell Professional P2417H. It is a smaller 24 inches screen monitor, well suited for tight space like dorm rooms or the smaller corner of the offices. It has an advantage over the large screen sized monitor, as the increases pixel density. This is because, on the smaller screen, it has the same amount of pixels as that of the larger one. This makes the text and images look sharper and clear.

It has great ergonomics, allows you to adjust the optimal viewing position as per your convenience. As it has an IPS panel that too with low contrast ratio, unfortunately, it does not perform up to the mark in dark rooms.

Overall, it is one of the best budget monitors. It comes with four USB ports, a refreshing rate of 60Hz, and screen resolution 1920 X 1080. If you want some heavy-duty monitor, you need to stretch your budget, and otherwise, if you are a lover of small and aesthetic beauty, this Dell Professional monitor is a great choice.


  • Flicker-free
  • Wide viewing angle


  • Mediocre picture quality
  • Could be brighter

3. Sceptre E248W-19203R: Best in Overall

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The Sceptre E248W is the best gaming monitor for PS4; it is an elegant and powerful monitor for gaming comes equipped with the ultra display technology. It is metallic black and supports modern fast computing, which makes it suitable for PS4 gaming.

If you are in search of a self-adaptable gaming monitor to the PS4, this is the best choice for you. It has the best in class display specifications, so when you will never face any image stutters and tearing problem. It has built-in speakers, which offer you great gaming experience without paying a penny. The Sceptre E248 has an impressive refreshing rate of 75Hz hence images, and graphics do not take time to load, and you enjoy your flawlessly.

Its monitor is made up of LED technology, far better than when compared to its competitor LCD monitors, with the resolution 1920 X 1080, very thin, and draws minimal energy.

The Spectre E248W is equipped with a ready VESA wall mount and has adaptive synchronization functionality. It comes with 2 HDMI ports.

4. Spectre 1658A: Best in Visual Performance

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If you are looking for the best PS4 monitor, which is best in visual performance, you will certainly go with Sceptre E255B-1658A. This monitor offers you exceptional image quality and is bound to impress you.

It has a very fast refreshing rate of 165Hz, which guarantees a smooth gaming experience. The fast refreshing rate ensures you get each second visual action delivery and that the visuals never lag behind the game. You found yourself completely immersed in the video game, such fluid delivery of the visuals are ensured.

More on that, you gonna like the monitor’s edgeless design that minimizes the frame and maximizes the screen. This comes with the exceptional anti-flickering technology, which does not put much strain on your eyes, and you can stick with your PS4 for long hours.

You will never fall prey to the headaches or other eye ailments caused by staring at the screen for long hours. This monitor is equipped with an HDMI port, and you can connect this with various devices, for example, PCs and Macs. Some of the other features are the 1ms pixel response rate and AMD FreeSync technology add gems in its jewels.

Coming to the specifications, its screen size is 24.5 inches with resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels.

5. AOC C32G1: The Best in 32-inch Monitor

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The features and performance of AOC C32G1 will blow your mind; it is a 32 inches PS4 gaming monitor with a curved screen and equipped with a 3D animation effect feature. It comes with an HDR screen with 144Hz ultra-fast refreshing rates for smooth response and action while PS4 game playing and watching 3D movies. You will notice a remarkable difference between the 60Hz refreshing rate monitor and 144Hz, which boosts gaming experience significantly.

This monitor has excellent brightness and contrast level and flexible setting options to reset display property according to your surroundings and requirement. It is devoid of flicker issues as most of the 3D monitors usually have, this separates it from the crowd.

Some of its key features are its smart ratio 50,000,000:1 and its MPRT response rate. It has a display port, HDMI, and VGA inputs.

6. ViewSonic VX2252MH: Best Eye-Catching

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ViewSonic VX2252MH is the perfect piece for someone who wants a monitor with an eye for a sleek look as well as functionality. This monitor is full of the features that soothing and prioritizes the eye-catchiness. It has a modern design with a minimum frame but the maximum screen. Its minimalistic design reduces the effect 0f visual distractions and lets you immerse yourself in the next level of video editing and other heavy-duty works.

This monitor has great visual quality, equipped with full HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs to facilitate peripheral device connection as well as clear full HD display guarantees stunning visual experience.

Some of its other key features are its response time, which is just 2 milliseconds, very fast. Its glossy finish display attracts everyone at first sight. It has many connectivity options available.

7. BenQ EX3203R: The Best Curved Monitor

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If you are fond of curved monitors for your gaming, then BenQ EX3203R is the best choice for you. It is also one of the best PS4 monitors with a curved shape. It is also in budget and one of the entry-level models.

Coming to its specifications, it has a 1440p resolution display, specially designed to be the best gaming monitor for PS4. Its 1800R curves put more heights and dimensions into the gaming experience. Its response time is 4ms and aspect ratio 16:9 with a resolution of display 2560 X 1440.

The BenQ EX3203R, one of the best-curved monitors, offers good value in a large-screen entertainment monitor focused primarily on gaming. It has a 31.5-inch screen that provides ample space and resolution for gaming and video watching. The image is bright, with accurate and vivid colors.

It has a traffic curved panel and provides crisp images with good viewing angles.

8. Asus VG275Q: Best in Budget

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Asus is famous for gaming products in this industry as it produces best gaming monitors and other peripherals, but what makes it so much renowned and the prestigious company is its sheer dedication to produce quality products in the budget range. Asus VG275Q is a budget product as well as its good picture quality, and an excellent fast response rate of 1ms drives attracts gaming mob towards it. It comes with a 27-inches screen, which offers a wide field view in a TN display panel.

It has ultra HD display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels, a standard resolution required for PS4. Its contrast ratio is 1000:1, and a maximum brightness of 300 cd/m guarantees a great gaming pleasure. The 144Hz refresh rate is ideal for the hardcore gaming enthusiast as well as heavy office software.

As far as design is concerned, it meets the expectation of every gamers’ equipped with a sleek standard design with adjustable stand for support, swivel, and tilt. Its VESA mount support makes it more charming.

It also comes with an ultra-low-blue light, which obliterates the effects of brightness to your eye. Additionally, it has an AMD Freesync support, which ensures you the best out of your PS4 graphics.

9. Acer R240HY: The Best 4K Monitor

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Acer R240HY is one of the best flagship product of a renowned company in the field of a personal computer and its accessories. I put this monitor under the category of Best 4K Monitor for gaming due to its amazing enticing specifications. It has almost everything; pro gamers want into his monitor.

Color dark black gives its elegant look. With resolution FHD IPS widescreen 1080 x 1920 and contrast ratio 100 million: 1 MAX(ACM), you will be going to have amazing gaming experience. Its dimension is 21.3 x 7.3 x 16, which is its normal size of 23.8 inches monitor but depending upon your requirement, you can buy 21.5 inches or 25 inches or 27 inches display size.

It is ultra-fast that you will not miss any chance to hit your enemy in the game; its response time is 4ms with refreshing rate 60Hz, pixel pitch 0.2745 mm. Its 178 degrees wide-angle viewing let you see every detail from any angle of your seating position.

10. Dell S-Series 27-inches Lit Gaming: Best in Display Brightness

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The Dell Company is the flag-bearer in the field of innovations and research in personal computers, and its accessories department is offering its masterpiece, the Dell S-Series PS4 Gaming Monitors. This is a perfect pick for the gaming enthusiast. Due to its features and specifications, it has set its position in the market very strongly.

This monitor has a QHD resolution of 2560 X 1440 with an edge-to-edge display so that you can fully immerse into your gaming experience. The images are stunning, and all your PS4 games will be more exquisite than never before.

Coming to its specifications, it has a refreshing rate of 155Hz allows you to enjoy your game with tear-free and crystal clear graphics without any lag and delay in its response. Its AMD Free Sync technology offers you the flexibility and smooth graphics to break the castles of your enemy.

The brightness level is at 350 candelas per square gives you colorful and enriching gaming experience. It also equipped with the anti screen glare with a 3H hardness to reduce screen glare while gaming in sunlight or light-exposed surrounding. Its LED display consumes less power than its rivals and produces more vivid colors and higher contrast.

How to choose the Best Budget Monitor?

Before jumping to any decision to buy any of these best monitor mentioned above, there are some certain points you must be aware of it. If gaming is your hobby, you should not compromise with your passion. Purchasing a gaming monitor is not an everyday task. So be sure and informed about what to buy and why to buy. However, the final decision should always be based on your requirements.

You should choose that monitor, which is fulfilling most of your needs if not all at once.

One should also know that expensive price tags are not an indicator of quality. When you are willing to purchase the best budget monitor, always make sure you are getting the best product for your buck. At the same time, you cannot deny that protecting your wallet and saving some bucks always comes with some sacrifices. You will resort to doing some negotiations with specific specifications. Sometime it might be screen size, brightness, refresh rate, or sometimes any other attractive feature.

We are listing here some of the essential buying guides. This buying guide will be helpful by revealing the strengths and weaknesses of our top picks for the best cheap monitors of 2023.

You must be aware of some of the terminologies of a monitor and some specific features and quality, which you should always look while purchasing any monitor:

Resolution of Display

Pixel is the smallest unit of any screen or image. It is a building block of any picture we use to see on display. Millions of pixels combine to make an image. Higher the pixel more will be the clarity of the images. Always look for maximum pixels for your PS4 gaming monitor to get excellent and vivid gaming experience. A PS4 monitor with the resolution 1080 X 1080 is sufficient enough for your gaming. Asus VG279Q has the best screen resolution, in the above list of the best monitors.

Display Type

Type of display means whether you want an LED display of LCD or just a simple and traditional one. Each type of display has its advantages and disadvantages, but I would like to recommend you use always LED display. It consumes less energy at the same time is durable also. Hence no need to change monitor frequently and saving of money on electricity bills. There are various LED type display monitors are available. You can pick any of it matching your need and budget.

Eye safety features

Consistent gaming can toil on your eye. Hence you must always ensure to buy monitor, which is eye-friendly features, automatic sensor to adjust color tone as per their surroundings, and emits less harmful blue lights from the display.

Sceptre E255B-1658A is the best PS4 gaming monitor in terms of visual performance.

Refreshing rates

Refreshing rates in the monitor reflects the number of refreshing of the images of the game per second. More the refreshing rate faster and dynamically images moves on the monitor, and you will get seamless and smooth gaming experience. Sceptre E255B-1658A has a 165Hz refresh rate, and this is quite good for heavy games.


You will also need to see which ports you need most. The most current laptop comes with the different ports for display, peripheral devices, or else. Different types of ports are HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, etc.


When it comes to purchasing anything, the price is one of the biggest parameters. There is no limit to features and functionality available in the products, but you cannot buy them all. Choose smartly best-suited monitor to your budget. It is also not recommended to invest all of your money in monitor only; there are also several types of equipment needed to have the best gaming experience; for example, CPU, consoles, etc. So always take care of your budget and take a holistic decision.


The above recommended best budget monitors and buying guide on how to buy the best budget monitor are based on various parameters. This guide would be helpful for most of the novice people who did not have any prior idea of how to choose a monitor, what specifications to look in a good monitor. However, if you would prefer to make your own decision, then the list of top 10 best budget monitors will help you out in making a better decision.

So, go and choose the best monitor for you, and do not forget to share your experience with us.

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