7 Best Budget Soundbars 2023 – Buying Guide & Reviews

It will cost a fortune to outfit the home theatre system with speakers. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to find a decent soundbar that can make TV or movies more exciting to watch.

Even some of the cheapest soundbars perform pretty well, especially if you’re watching lots of conversation-heavy content like TV dramas or listening to home podcasts or audiobooks.

Whether you’re looking for a soundbar with a subwoofer to watch action movies or a small soundbar that will fit under your TV, there’s something in the budget range for everybody. See also our recommendations on the best soundbars for your TV, the best portable mini projectorthe best Bluetooth earbuds.

Best Budget Soundbars to Buy in 2023 – Reviews

1. Best Budget Soundbar Overall: Yamaha YAS-207

Yamaha YAS-207 is the best soundbar for TV that can be affordable and its a budget-friendly soundbar. The audio delivery from this soundbar is decent when compared to the price range. This soundbar has many connectivity options and also has a few settings that can really improve the overall sound quality and performance.

This soundbar has a very well-balanced frequency response that is suitable for TV shows and music. The bass doesn’t get as deep as other soundbars, but it still gives a better sounding. It does not support Dolby Atmos, but through an HDMI connection, you can enjoy Dolby Digital or DTS content.


  • Neutral sound signature.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Good overall stereo performance.


  • Lacks sub-bass.

2. Best Soundbar: SONY HT-S100F

If you’re searching for the best budget soundbar then get the Sony HT-S100F. It sounds less when compared to Yamaha YAS-207, but it is affordable at a low price compared to Yamaha YAS-207. If you want the best soundbar for a TV without spending a lot of money then this model is the best choice. it doesn’t come with a subwoofer but performs well.

This is well suitable for TV shows because it has a dialogue enhancing feature. Its connectivity options are quite limited and it only supports Dolby Digital. if you’re looking for the best soundbars for a TV without spending too much money, then SONY HT-S100F is the best choice.


  • Great for dialog content.
  • Gets loud enough for most uses.
  • Performs well at max volume.


  • Lacks bass.
  • It doesn’t support DTS.
  • Always-On surround sound feature.

3. Best Budget Soundbar Under $200: TCL Alto 7+

The TCL Alto 7 + is the best budget soundbar we’ve tested for under $200. Thanks to its fairly neutral sound profile and surprisingly good build quality, this 2.1-channel setup delivers pretty good value for the price. Both the bar and the wireless subwoofer feel pretty well built overall, especially compared to similarly priced models we’ve reviewed, and even comes with all the different audio cables you might need.

This soundbar has a fairly versatile, pretty well-balanced sound profile. It accurately reproduces voices and dialog which can help you to more clearly hear your favorite shows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t generate any thump and rumble during action-packed sequences, which is a bit disappointing, but it still packs a good punch.

It can get really loud too, which is perfect if you have a party or play in a big room. But, at full speed, it compresses quite a ton in the bass range so you may not want to drive it too hard.

Unfortunately, this soundbar only supports Dolby Digital surround content, which can be a problem if you have DTS-only Blu-rays. Also, it doesn’t have a full HDMI-in, so you can’t use it as a communication channel for your different home theatre. The Yamaha YAS-108 / ATS-1080 has a full HDMI interface and supports both Dolby Digital and DTS, but it’s more costly and it sounds very simple. Generally, TCL is one of the strongest soundbar qualities we have tested so far.


  • A good overall sound profile.
  • Good for dialogue content.
  • Well-built design.


  • No DTS support.
  • Lacks bass.


If you’re looking for a small soundbar with an easier setup and play model, get the Bose Solo 5. It does not have any modern inputs such as HDMI ports and lacks the special features to improve the listening experience like the Sonos Beam. When it comes to stereo audio, the Bose Solo 5 is a nice quality soundbar, but it won’t be great for a true surround sound experience.

It supports Bluetooth connectivity on the upside and has an AUX port, so it’s much easier to set up the device with this soundbar. The soundbar performance is disappointing when compared with the Sonas beam soundbar. This model does not provide access to the EQ or room correction feature to support sound quality.


  • Well-built design.
  • Decent sounding on stereo content, especially for its size


  • Lack of DTS support; poor connectivity options.
  • Poor bass performance.
  • Small soundstage.


In case you’re uncertain about whether you’ll like the default sound of the Yamaha YAS-207, a progressively adjustable soundbar like the Samsung HW-R450 is a decent other option. While it sounds somewhat darker out-of-the-case, it has a pleasant realistic EQ so you can redo the manner in which it sounds better suit your inclination.

It likewise feels preferable worked over the Yamaha, with a metal flame broil covering the speakers. On the off chance that you incline toward having a 3.1 soundbar with a committed focus channel for a more clear propagation of voices with encompassing content, you’ll need to look at the Samsung HW-R650. It’s typically somewhat over the $300 mark, however, in the event that you do discover it at a bargain, it’s a superior alternative in general.

On the off chance that you incline toward something you can simply set up and disregard, the Yamaha is as yet a superior alternative. For a progressively adaptable soundbar that you can redo with better form quality, go with the Samsung.


  • Decent stereo sound.
  • Well-built design.
  • Good overall performance at high volume.


  • No 4k @ 60Hz passthrough.
  • No height channels and Atmos support.
  • Poor surround performance.

6. Sony HT-S350 Soundbar Review

The Sony HT-S350 is a 2.1 soundbar system with sub-par performance with stereo content due to a surround sound mode that’s always on. This results in a dark sound profile but helps to widen the soundstage a little bit. The HT-S350 is a well-built sound-bar and for most users, it gets loud enough. This does not, therefore, support DTS or Atmos. It also struggles at max volume and there are compression artifacts in the bass range.


  • Well-built design.
  • Gets loud enough for most uses.
  • Decent soundstage.


  • Always-On surround sound mode.
  • Dark-sounding audio reproduction.
  • Struggles at max volume.
  • No DTS support.

7. JBL Link Bar Soundbar Review

The JBL Link Bar is a fairly simple 2.0 soundbar that provides a good, stereo content quality sound. It lacks quite a bit of sub-bass as it doesn’t have a dedicated subwoofer and also doesn’t perform well with contents of surrounds or Atmos. The sound profile is well-balanced on the upside, and the bar can get very loud.

Unfortunately, it is not recommended to move the bar to its maximum volume, because the bass would be compressed. Even so, if you have lots of gadgets to plug in like a Blu-Ray player and game consoles, the Link Bar is a great option, because it has several ports. This even acts as a Google Home speaker and an Android TV Set, contributing to its flexibility, but we haven’t reviewed it so we can’t report about how well such apps function.


  • Decent audio reproduction.
  • Gets loud enough for most content.
  • Plenty of connection options.
  • Acts as a Google Home speaker and Android TV Box.


  • Covered by fabric.
  • Lacks sub-bass.
  • Very poor surround performance.

Final Thoughts

Our recommendations above are what we found are currently the best budget soundbars for most people to buy. We factor in the price, feedback from our visitors, and availability. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers. The soundbar completes your sound system. I hope this article helped you to choose the best soundbars for TV based on your requirements.

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