10 Best Modern VHS Players 2022 – Repurpose Your VHS Library

If you are an old-school movie enthusiast, you certainly possess a substantial collection of VHS cassettes in your household. The trouble is that VHS players are outdated technology, and if your old one broke, it might be difficult to find the replacement parts. Luckily, there are solutions for this, and today, we are going to take a look at some of the best modern VHS players.

Our Pick
Samsung DVD-VR375/DVD-VR375A Tunerless DVD Recorder VHS Combo
Good Choice
Toshiba SD-V296 DVD Player/VCR Combo, Progressive Scan Dolby Digital Remote Control, Black
Amazon's Choice
Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)
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Philips DVP3345V/17 DVD/VCR Combo
Samsung DVD-VR375/DVD-VR375A Tunerless DVD Recorder VHS Combo
Toshiba SD-V296 DVD Player/VCR Combo, Progressive Scan Dolby Digital Remote Control, Black
Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)
Philips DVP3345V/17 DVD/VCR Combo
Our Pick
Samsung DVD-VR375/DVD-VR375A Tunerless DVD Recorder VHS Combo
Samsung DVD-VR375/DVD-VR375A Tunerless DVD Recorder VHS Combo
Good Choice
Toshiba SD-V296 DVD Player/VCR Combo, Progressive Scan Dolby Digital Remote Control, Black
Toshiba SD-V296 DVD Player/VCR Combo, Progressive Scan Dolby Digital Remote Control, Black
Amazon's Choice
Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)
Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)
Don't Miss
Philips DVP3345V/17 DVD/VCR Combo
Philips DVP3345V/17 DVD/VCR Combo

There is no reason to give up your rich VHS library even though numerous manufacturers stopped producing VHS players. However, you can still enjoy such media formats without any issues. We did a bit of research and came up with some excellent products with great reviews and customer ratings. So, without further delay, let us find out which ones will suit your needs best.

List of Best Modern VHS Players

1. Samsung DVD-VR375/DVD-VR375A Tunerless DVD Recorder VHS Combo

samsung best modern vhs players

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This multi-format device is an exceptional pick for everyone that loves that vintage VHS format. It comes from the Samsung store, and it can support the media from CD, DVD, and VHS. This device weighs a mere 9.7 pounds, comes in black color, and you can connect it to your TV via HDMI cable.

Since you get an HDMI output while upscaling is also provided, you will be able to play and record in 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. In case you want to record directly from the TV, you will require an additional tuner.

The great thing about this product is that it comes from a trustworthy Samsung, so you know that it will serve you for a very long time. The recorder works absolutely great, just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s manual before installing everything, and you should be good to go and play some of your favorite VHS movies.

2. Toshiba SD-V296 DVD Player/VCR Combo

toshiba sd best modern vhs players

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Easy to set up, durable, and of the highest quality, this DVD/VCR combo is a great pick for anyone with a substantial VHS and DVD library. The manufacturer’s manual and instructions are very detailed, so even if you are not a technologically inclined person, you will be able to set this device up pretty fast.

The sound of VHS analog is very crisp and gives a vintage vibe, and some people even prefer it to digital sound. It offers great clarity, depth, and realism to all of your movies, and when you consider the price this player comes with, it is a real bargain compared to other similar products.

Analog may be outdated, but it will certainly be back at some point due to the different and unique experiences you get with these types of players. It is an investment worth making, and considering the excellent quality and the price you are getting, you should definitely check this one out.

3. Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR Combo 2-way recording

sanyo best modern vhs players

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This unit from the Sanyo store is able to effectively convert old VHS tapes to DVD, which will surely make your change your mind before disposing of your rich tape library. You can also record movies on TV that you like and keep them directly on DVD.

The downside of this product is the fact that it comes at a very high price; however, considering the quality that you are getting, it is a real bargain and worth every penny. Moreover, this combo device works exceptionally, and it will serve you for a very long time.

The instructions for setup and recording are really straightforward, and you will be able to complete the whole process in no time. It is a great device for everyone that has a huge VHS collection and wants to play it on modern technology units.

4. Philips DVP3345V/17 DVD/VCR Combo

philips best modern vhs players

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This DVD/VCR combo is an excellent multi-format device that comes from the world-renowned manufacturer, Philips. It is a very light unit that stands at eight pounds and boasts surround audio mode while playing VHS, CD, DVD, and VCD.

This device also supports MP3 media files, and you can also view JPEG photos via your TV. The feature that is really cool about this device is its Progressive Scan function, which is made to improve the image quality of your recording, granting you a crisper movie experience.

Moreover, this media player is user-friendly and very easy to set up and use, even by those that do not know much about technology. It meets all playback requirements, and even though it comes with a bigger price tag, it is worth every penny since it will repurpose your whole VHS tapes collection.

5. Panasonic PV-9450 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR

panasonic pv best modern vhs players

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This product comes from the Panasonic store, and it is a fairly simple device that provides a Hi-Fi stereo and excellent video quality. Moreover, it comes with Panasonic’s exclusive Tower Remote, which is an excellent piece of news since this remote works with most cable boxes and TVs.

The device is loaded with numerous features, among which the crucial ones are 4-head video quality, stereo Hi-Fi sound, and on-screen programming. It is an impressive unit, mostly for its simplicity and ease of setup and use. Moreover, the picture is crisp and sharp, while the sound is also very good.

Another feature that stood out with this device is a timestamp, which displays the time and date of your recording and the channel from which it was recorded at the beginning of the tape. It is an excellent product, and it comes at a fairly low price.

Also Check

6. Magnavox ZV427MG9 DVD Recorder / VCR with Line-In Recording


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Coming from the Magnavox store, this product offers a wide variety of features that will serve all your DVD and VHS purposes. It is a very light device that has the ability to upscale, meaning that you can instantly convert your movies into a better resolution using these conversion abilities.

This player also boasts a two-way connection, allowing you to convert DVDs to VHS and vice versa. It is a feature that not many similar devices have, and it is very versatile and useful. There is also an HDMI output; however, you will have to purchase a second tuner in case you want to record something from the TV directly.

In addition, this device is rather easy to set up and use, and when you consider the low price it comes with, it is a real bargain and a product worth having. Despite its outdated design, it does an incredible job, it is very durable, and you should definitely give it a chance.

7. Sony SLV-N500 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR

sony slv

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Designed for home theatre use, SLV-N500 is a VCR coming from the world-renowned Sony, and it possesses various features that will ensure an excellent viewing experience. It has enhanced recording quality due to four playback and recording heads.

This device has an eight-event programming function that ensures you get the smoothest recording experience. Moreover, it includes 19 micro heads that grant exceptional visual clarity in the extended play function. Another great thing is that you can use the front AV input to connect the player to another VCR, TV, or gaming machine.

Other important features include digital audio tracking, instant replay, flash rewind, a multilingual on-screen display, and a multi-brand remote control. It also boasts a ChildLoc circuitry that locks the VCR according to the time you set so that your kids do not accidentally cancel programming.

8. Emerson ZV427EM5 DVD/VCR Combo DVD Recorder and VCR Player


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Emerson ZV427EM5 has all the necessary features to meet your VHS/DVD demands and to ensure a quality viewing experience. One of the most important ones is its ability to upscale, allowing it to provide you with higher resolution and sharp image quality.

You get a two-way connection, so you will be able to convert DVDs and VCR tapes into either format, which is a great feature that not many combo recorders possess. There is also an HDMI output, and you will require a second tuner to record programs directly from the TV, as is the case with most devices that are similar to this one.

This is a simple and useful unit, and it will repurpose your collection of VHS tapes. Although the design seems a bit outdated, do not let this fool you since it has all the necessary functions to record everything that you need, and although the price is a bit high, you will not regret spending some cash on this unit.

9. LG Multi-Format DVD Recorder and VCR Combo with Digital Tuner

lg multi format

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Similar to other DVD/VCR units, the LG RC897T is an older combo recorder whose price has grown over the course of years. If you are willing to spend a bit more cash on a quality recorder, this device will offer everything you need and then some.

You will get a built-in tuner with this device, which will allow you to easily record movies and shows from your TV without the need for an additional tuner. You can also convert DVD to VHS and vice versa, while this unit is compatible with most DVD formats and can playback CDs.

Another great feature of RC897T is its 1080p upscaling ability. You get analog, DV, and USB inputs, so you will be able to plug in memory sticks to playback various types of files. This device also complies with the DTV transmission requirement with its built-in ATSC tuner, which allows the reception of TV signals.

10. Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)


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Although it is a time when it became really tough to get your hands on DVD/VCR recorders, there are still available units such as this one that will offer you reliability, and it is one of the best options you will find in today’s market. The only drawback is the fact that this device lacks a tuner, so you will need to add an external one in order to record.

Other than that, it is one of the best devices for a simple VHS to DVD conversion, and this unit offers a wide variety of features that will ensure a great viewing experience. It can record only DVD-R, rather than DVD+R, which means it is compatible with playback on most DVD players.

It is a device that will satisfy all your playback needs, and it is compatible with DVDs, CDs, Kodak CD Picture Discs, and VHS tapes. To add a cherry on top, it has HDMI output and 1080 video scaling via HDMI so that you will get a sharp and quality picture.

Things to Consider Before Buying Modern VHS Players

Best VHS Player - Top 5 Best VHS Players

Even though manufacturers stopped producing VCRs in 2016, you can still find various players and recorders to buy online. When purchasing them, it is highly important to pay attention to tiny details and specific features in order to get the best value for your money’s worth. Here are some guidelines to follow when making this purchase.

Built-In TV Tuner

When purchasing a VHS player, consider buying the one with a built-in TV tuner since it will enable you to record your favorite TV shows and movies hassle-free and without the need to purchase an external tuner.


The prices of VCRs have spiked over the course of years since manufacturers are not producing them anymore. The units that remain available in the market are more and more expansive, so it might be difficult to find a VCR for a low price. Alternatively, you can look for used and refurbished units, which you can get for a more affordable price.

Recording Mode Quality

Since the recording mode allows you to record long videos with the same quality as shorter videos, look for the unit that has a superior four-hour recording mode that will let you record longer videos with excellent quality.

Sound System

When shopping for a VHS player, you are presented with two sound options – a HiFi stereo system and Mono audio. The Hi-Fi is much better since it offers a wide dynamic range and full audio frequency response.

Ease of Use

VHS players are typically low-maintenance and units that are very simple to operate. All you need is a functional remote since some include fast-forward mode, and you can pause and continue recording. It is also important that the device is easy to set up, although most of these units can be set up by anyone that has basic know-how about technology.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do VHS players cost so much nowadays?

The prices of VHS players have spiked since the manufacturers stopped producing them in 2016, and they are really rare nowadays. If you do not want to spend so much money, you can look for a used alternative, which will cost less.

Why are the 4-video heads so important?

This is because VCRs with multiple video heads will improve the quality of the picture. Multiple video heads also grant a better playback and video recording at different speeds, which will drastically improve your viewing experience.

Can a VHS tape expire?

Yes, VHS tapes can expire since they use magnetic strips to store information. Over the course of years (usually after 15 to 25 years), the tape loses magnetism which degrades the quality of the picture.

Why is a VCR with a built-in tuner better?

It is because, with a built-in tuner, you will be able to record your favorite TV shows and movies directly from your TV. Even if you buy the one without it, it is not a big drawback since you can purchase an external one.

Can a VHS player connect to a digital TV?

Yes, it can. It is possible to watch your VHS tapes using a digital television, but only in case you have special video converters such as a coaxial switch box or a splitter.

What is the difference between VHS and VCR?

VHS or Video Home System is the format of the video recording cassette, while VCR or Video Cassette Recorder is a device that plays video cassettes that have been pre-loaded into a tape recorder.

Where can I buy a VCR/DVD combo or VHS player?

Although these are outdated devices that are difficult to find in today’s market, it is still possible to purchase them online. Amazon is likely the best place to find one since you will be able to find reviews and ratings of the products and know what to expect once the combo or player arrives at your address.

Final Words

It goes without saying that VHS players are units from the past. However, if you own a huge collection of VHS tapes, you can still find the device that will serve your purposes online. With a quality VCR, you will also be able to preserve your old tapes and continue enjoying them.

We hope you liked our buying guide and that you will find the device you require among our top picks. If you are still uncertain which one you should purchase, revisit our list, look for second opinions, and check out the customer ratings, and you will, without any doubt, find the product that will make your money’s worth.

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