Best Place to Put TV in Bedroom – Innovative Solutions in 2022

Deciding which is the best place to put TV in bedroom is a task that may be tougher than it seems. Aside from the arrangement of the furniture, you need to take into consideration various other things that will directly impact your viewing experience.

Since watching TV is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing activity, one of the best ideas is to place it right across from the bed. However, there are several more interesting locations you can place the TV, and after a bit of research, we came up with some cool solutions we would like to share with you. So sit back, relax, and let us get into it.

How to make my TV look good in the bedroom?

a tv unit in the bedroom

The first thing that people often have in mind when installing a bedroom TV is how they will conceal it when it is not in use, or at least keep its presence fairly discreet. You need to think about whether you want to see it all the time or not. If you want it concealed when it is not in use, consider putting it inside a TV cabinet or some other storage unit with sliding doors.

In case your TV is mounted up on the wall, you can make it look better by combining it with furniture in your bedroom. You can create a dedicated seating area around it, which will make the whole space look much better, and the TV more discreet.

What Is the Best Place to Put TV in Bedroom?

As we already mentioned, the best place to put the TV in your bedroom is direct across from your bed. This setup will provide you with a relaxing and comfortable watching experience while also ensuring you have a clear and unobstructed view on the screen. You can mount it or place it on top of your dresser or some other low-profile furniture.

Both setups are pretty good, especially if you have a smaller bedroom. If you want to mount the TV on the wall, make sure it is tilted downward to get you the perfect viewing angle. Another great solution for tiny bedrooms is to place the television inside the cabinet or on a piece of low-profile furniture.

I Have a Bedroom With Several Windows; Where Should I Place My TV?

television in bedroom with windows

When you have several windows in your bedroom, it is not about TV placement as much as it is about how to set up your bedroom and prevent the light from reaching the screen. One of the easiest solutions is to install the window coverings.

Another practical solution is to install opaque drapes or draperies with liners that will certainly reduce the glare on a TV in bright rooms with lots of windows. Placing your TV in front or across the window is not wise, especially if the room faces west. It is smart to think about the direction of natural light before setting up the TV in the first place since you want to reduce the amount of glare and light as much as you can.

I Want to Wall-Mount My TV; What Is the Appropriate Height for This Method?

Qualified experts are in agreement that the optimal height for mounted television in the bedroom is around 43 inches above the floor. However, this is not universal since the mounting height also depends on the screen size, room size, and the angle from which the TV will be watched.

What Is the Best Size of TV for the Bedroom?

different sizes of tvs

There are several factors you need to take into consideration when determining the size of the TV for your bedroom. The first thing is the distance from your bed and the location you plan to place your TV.

A small flatscreen would be a fine solution if you require television for casual watching of morning news or something similar, but if you plan to watch movies, you should think about some bigger solution.

There is also a cool solution to make the small flatscreen seem bigger. All you need is to get a full-motion mount, which will bring the TV closer to your bed and will provide you with a better view and angle, making the smaller unit much bigger than it actually is.

My Partner Is Bothered by TV Lights and Wants to Sleep While I’m Watching TV. Are There Any Solutions for This?

With modern technology, your partner can remain unbothered by the TV lights and sounds, and there are a couple of solutions for these needs. As far as the sound goes, you should do your research and invest in a good pair of cordless headphones.

TV lights are a bit trickier to handle, but you can do it by installing a light dimmer, which will give you just a bit of ambient room light. Low lights are much easier on the eyes, so this setup will not only be better for your snooze partner but for your health as well.

Additional Ideas for Placing Your TV in the Bedroom

We have already mentioned that the best solutions for placing the TV in the bedroom are across the bed, on the wall or on a dresser, or on any type of low-profile furniture. However, there are a couple of more solutions that come to mind.

At the End of the Bed

tv at the end of the bed

This is a solution that many people prefer since it allows you and anyone else on the bed to view the TV comfortably and easily. It is one of the favorite options since it allows the viewer to lay on its back while watching and relax.

At the Side of the Bed

tv at the side of the bed

If your bedroom space is limited and you cannot place the TV at the foot of your bed, placing it at its side might be the best solution you can go for. However, this is not an ideal option since the viewing might be more difficult for the person on the opposite side of the bed since this location restricts the positions from which you can view the TV. If you are comfortable lying on your side for long periods, this solution will work for you.

Place the TV on a Post at the End of Your Bed

tv on a post

In case mounting a TV on the wall or placing it on a dresser or a piece of furniture is not something that is acceptable for you, consider putting it on a post at the foot of your bed. This is a perfect solution for big bedrooms that have no walls on which you can hang the TV.

Many TV stands in today’s market have wheels that will enable you to easily move the television from place to place and set it up to your liking. It is also a smart solution if you want to use the TV in multiple rooms since this stand enables easy transportation.

Final Words

There are many innovative ways to place your TV in your room without sacrificing its decor or your viewing experience. Some of the best solutions are the most obvious ones, so it is wise not to overthink this and to go with your gut.

We hope our article was informative enough for you and that it will help you find the best option. In case you are still in doubt and unsure about which place is the best, revisit our article and check for our solutions. It is also wise to consult your friends with TVs in bedrooms and figure out what setup works the best for them.

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