7 Best Samsung TVs 2023 – Buying Guide With Full Reviews

What is the best Samsung TV? As the world’s biggest TV maker, Samsung has a large number of new sets coming out every year, and that means picking out the very Samsung TV is tougher than with a lot of other TV brands.

From moderately-sized models to affordable to very expensive, Samsung has TVs to suit all tastes, spaces and budgets. Before you lay down your cash, there are a few things to consider. 4K and HDR will improve the picture quality when fed compatible content.

Samsung was also the first to sell 8K sets in the UK. While there’s still no 8K content currently available, they do upscale 4K content using Samsung’s processing tech, and generally, do it very well. Measure where you’ll put it and see which size set will suit you best. Bigger isn’t always better – if it towers over your sofa, you might need to reconsider.

There are so many different TVs out there, but largely, Samsung is the industry leader. The company makes fantastic options such as the Samsung Q90R which not only has a 4K OLED display but all of the smart TV functionality one could want, including Bixby.

Then, there are others such as the Samsung Q900 which is the epitome of future-proofing your TV viewing experience for years. Nonetheless, Samsung makes a TV for every situation and every budget, and here are the best.  See also our recommendations on the best flat-screen TVs, best-curved TVs, best big-screen TVs.

1. Best Samsung TV Overall: Samsung Q80R

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The best Samsung TV we’ve reviewed is the Samsung Q90 / Q90R QLED. It’s the latest TV of the 2019 range, offering outstanding overall display quality and it’s filled with apps you ‘re expected in a high-end TV collection. It comes with a One Connect package that holds all the inputs and the TV is small, even if wall-mounted, it doesn’t protrude. It has a premium style as it comes with a center-mounted metal stand, and the TV is extremely excellently-constructed.

It has a VA panel and it can create dark blacks but not as well as other VA panels after Samsung introduced an ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ layer to increase viewing angles at the expense of their contrast. It also has outstanding black uniformity and a local full range dimming feature to intensify some blacks, so it’s a perfect option to use in a dark space or in a large seating configuration.

This TV supports HDR10 and HDR10 + content and looks great with HDR content. It shows a very large gamut of colors and in HDR it is vivid enough to make highlights shine the way they would. You shouldn’t have any problems placing it in the brightest of rooms because it has excellent handling of the reflection.

It’s also a fantastic gaming television, as it has an excellent response time, a black frame insertion feature, and variable refresh rate (VRR) support. This has a low lag in input which might not be low enough for more serious gamers.

This TV upscales lower resolution content well, it can remove judder from any source and it interpolates motion up to 120Hz for the ‘Soap Opera Effect’ fans. Since Samsung shifted their 2023 television lineup, this television is a better choice than the Samsung Q90 T QLED, and you might find it for less.


  • Excellent peak brightness in SDR and HDR.
  • Outstanding low input lag and FreeSync support.
  • Remarkable motion handling.


  • Some gray uniformity issues at the edges.

2. Best Budget Samsung TV: Samsung TU8000

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The Samsung TU8000 is the best budget Samsung TV, but it loses some of the major aspects you would see on higher-end TVs. It’s a decent overall TV that also offers good gaming performance. It has extraordinary dark room efficiency due to its contrast ratio and incredible black uniformity, but it lacks a local dimming function to further darken any blacks.

It has decent reflective handling and good peak brightness, but it struggles in rooms with direct light. It doesn’t support a wide range of colors for HDR content, and the viewing angles are poor, so you’ll lose an appropriate level when viewed from the edge.

Most gamers will enjoy the extremely low input lag and the high response time, but unfortunately, it does not support any variable refresh rate modern technologies.


  • Incredibly low input lag.
  • Great response time.
  • Exceptional dark room performance


  • It doesn’t support a wide color gamut.
  • Disappointing viewing angles.
  • Significant banding in areas of similar color

3. Best Samsung 8K TV: Samsung Q900R

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The Samsung Q900R is an outstanding 8k LED television with incredible quality pictures. It can be very luminous in both SDR and HDR. Although it has a VA screen, due to the’ Ultra Viewing Angle ‘ layer it has large viewing angles that hold an accurate image when viewed from the side at the advantage of lower contrast.

Despite the low native contrast ratio, the very good local dimming helps greatly enhances dark-room efficiency. It has great performance in HDR and very good handling of the reflection. The Q900 has outstanding control of the motion and very low latency in performance. Finally, like all premium Samsungs since 2018, the Q900R has support for the FreeSync variable refresh rate.

It has excellent picture quality with good performance in the darkroom, which also stays accurate when seen from the edge. It has remarkable handling of the motion with very little blur and fast-moving content, like sports, is crisp. The input lag is very low and the TV automatically reacts to your movements which are perfect for players and those who use it as a PC monitor.

The Samsung Q900 is a high-end television set. It is the first 8k TV on the market and currently stands just above Samsung’s 4k model, the Samsung Q90R. Samsung Q900’s main 8k rivals are expected to be the Sony Z9 G and the LG SM9975. The Q900 signals the start of a modern 8k TV era.


  • 8k resolution.
  • Wide viewing angles, great for a VA panel.
  • Great local dimming and dark room performance.


  • A lot of dirty screen effect is evident on the screen.

4. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q60T Series

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The SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q60T Series is a really good 4k television with a decent quality picture. It provides deep uniform blacks in a dark room but lacks a local dimming feature to further enhance efficiency in the darkroom. It has good visibility on the SDR peak and good handling of reflection.

The Screen has a wide range of colors, but the HDR max brightness is just average, so it can not display as it should be smaller highlights. The overall gray uniformity is nice with minimal dirty screen effect, but there are poor viewing angles and you have to sit straight in front to enjoy a precise picture.

The motion handling is outstanding with a fast response time that allows us to show crisp motion with minimal blur. The input lag is really short and to satisfy gamers the TV embraces FreeSync variable refresh rate technology.

The SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q60T Series is a mid-range TV, but there are better TVs for the same price. See our recommendations for the best TVs, the best HDR gaming TVs, and the best smart TVs.


  • Excellent motion handling.
  • Low input lag, great for gaming.


  • The image loses accuracy when viewed at an angle.
  • Can’t get bright in HDR.

5. Best Samsung TV for Gaming: The Samsung Q90T/Q90R QLED

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The Samsung Q90T/Q90R QLED is the best QLED TV we’ve reviewed. This is a great TV with outstanding picture quality that provides excellent performance in any usage. It has a high contrast ratio and very good local dimming support; these allow the television to produce deep blacks which significantly enhances the picture quality in a dark room.

It’s a very bright TV that you can easily put in a bright room, where sunlight will be combated and reflections handled well. It has a wide range of colors and can display vivid colors and highlights that pop in HDR content thanks to its high HDR peak brightness.

Although this television has a VA panel, due to the ‘ Ultra Viewing Angle ‘ technology, the picture remains clear when viewed from the side without any issue. Due to the fast response time, fast-moving content is smooth, which will keep sports fans satisfied. And the gamers will experience better performance while playing games because the input lag is very low, and this TV supports FreeSync for close tear-free gameplay among other gaming features.


  • Very bright both in SDR and HDR.
  • Excellent low input lag and gaming features.
  • Remarkable motion handling.


  • Some gray uniformity issues at the edges.

6. Samsung The Frame

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Samsung The Frame is an extremely better television set designed to blend into your decoration and display a piece of art when the television is idle. Like its predecessor, Samsung The Frame 2019, its borders can be customized and, thanks to the included no-gap wall mount and the One Connect Box, it can be wall-mounted to look like real artworks.

It uses QLED technology from Samsung to provide decent picture quality and gamers should breathe a sigh of comfort because it also has extremely low input lag and support for FreeSync.

This model greatly improves the contrast ratio and peak brightness, making it a great choice for watching HDR content, but unfortunately, its viewing angles are often just as poor and that there is no local dimming. Even so, if you are looking for a television that stands out by blending in, that might be the one.


  • Exceptional contrast ratio.
  • FreeSync support.
  • Great motion handling.


  • No local dimming.
  • Poor viewing angles.

Final Thoughts

Our suggestions above are what we believe are presently the best Samsung TVs for a great many people in each value go. We factor in the value, feedback from our guests, and availability. These are the best Samsung TVs to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.

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