10 Best Small 4K TV 2023 – Small Screen for Any Budget

While 55 “and 65” have been the most popular TV sizes, small TVs are still important to many individuals. These sizes are amazing for a secondary TV, as in a guest’s room or kitchen, or other cases, for understudy residences.

Although you don’t usually have the most advanced features or the highest picture quality, there are also a number of smart TVs available in smaller sizes.

Some are available in smaller sizes, and below you’ll find our picks for the best small TVs available for purchase. See also our recommendations for the best 40 inch TVs, best 43 inch TVs, best 50 inch TVs.

Top Picks of This Year

1. Best Small TVs Overall: TCL 28S305 28 inch TV

TCL 28S305 28 inch TV

The TCL S Series/28S305 2018 is the best small TV we’ve examined that’s available in a 28-inch size. Its small size makes it ideal for rooms with scarce space, such as a kitchen or a dorm room.

This small TV can’t get really bright, but in a really bright room, it may not be the best option because you’ll probably see a lot of glare and reflections.

Dark blacks can be viewed due to the strong native contrast ratio, which increases the efficiency of dark spaces, but the overall picture quality is still average.

This small TV has a 720p resolution and is powered by the same excellent Roku TV smart technology used on high-end TCL models. There are a variety of applications and online services to select from. You’re likely to find what you’re searching for, and you can even stream files from your mobile device.

Unfortunately, this TV does not have a really large variety of colors and does not support HDR, but this is to be expected for the TV at this price point.

This could also not be the ideal option for watching sports or playing games, because its motion control is just decent and has no motion interpolation functionality. Ultimately, this is a mediocre TV, but it’s one of the better TVs available in this scale.

  • Blacks are well reproduced
  • Excellent smart features
  • Cannot get bright
  • Picture quality deteriorates at an angle
  • Picture settings are very limited


2. Best small TV for gaming: Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA

Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA

If you just have space for a 32-inch TV but also want something comparable to most 55 “or 65” models, the Samsung Q50/Q50R QLED QN32Q50RAFXZA is the best small TV we’ve reviewed so far. This is one of the first 4k 32 “TVs available, and also supports HDR10 and HDR10 +.

It’s the best small TV for gaming due to its excellent low input lag and decent response time, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have any advanced gaming apps like FreeSync. The overall picture quality is very good thanks to its outstanding contrast ratio and nice, dark blacks, given the absence of a local dimming feature.

Although its HDR peak brightness is disappointing, resulting in HDR content not showing as it should, its SDR peak brightness is good and will be able to combat glare and distortion in relatively light rooms. Thanks to its scale and ability to view chroma 4:4:4 correctly, it’s also a perfect option to act as a computer monitor, ideal for tight spaces like a room.

Unfortunately, like most TVs with a VA panel, the image degrades a bit when presented at an angle, so it’s better for setups where you’re sitting right in front of the TV. These are also several visible motion objects that may bother viewers of sports or action movies.

Ultimately, though, this is a strong all-around TV that actually adds higher-end technology to a smaller screen.
  • Deep blacks.
  • Impressive low input lag.
  • The image degrades at an angle.
  • Noticeable motion artifacts.


3. Best Small TV: VIZIO D-Series D24f-F1 24-Inch Smart TV

VIZIO D-Series D24f-F1 24-Inch Smart TV

This 24-inch Vizio D-Series TV lets you download content from your favorite video applications and services to your mobile device. The main aspects of the TV include a 1080p LED control screen and support for DTS StudioSound.

The main aspects of the TV include a 1080p LED control screen and support for DTS StudioSound. You can also monitor the TV with your voice using your Google Assistant-powered phone.

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Poor picture quality
  • Low brightness
  • Mediocre handling of motion


4. Best Small 4K TV: Samsung NU7100 4K Smart TV

Samsung NU7100 4K Smart TV

While many TV manufacturers are no longer building a complete set of features into 40-inch versions, Samsung’s excellent picture performance and smart functionality also allow you to find options at an ideal size for smaller living spaces.

Take the 4 K (or Ultra HD) display NU7100 of 3840 x 2160-pixel. The 39.5-inch diagonal screen may not provide 4 K with the same impact it would have on bigger TVs, but you will still have unmatched levels of detail and lightness.

The Samsung NU7100 is the best small 4k TV. It has great picture quality with a good native contrast ratio. But needs more advanced features to improve the effectiveness of the darkroom such as local dimming.

It has an extremely low input lag which is perfect for gamers.

But the response time is only average so that some blur is noticeable behind objects that move quickly. The picture lacks accuracy when viewed at an angle, so the perfect image is seen for those directly in front of the screen.

The NU7100 model from Samsung has the same interface as the Samsung NU8000, except for the voice assistant from Google assistant. The interface is easy to access and works well, although when accessing the interface from within an app, there are some problems with time delay. There are ads, like all Samsung TVs, so they can’t be removed.

  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Good uniformity.
  • Limited HDR capabilities.
  • Picture quality degrades when viewed at an angle.


5. Best Small 4k TV: Vizio M437-G0

Vizio M437-G0

The Vizio M7 Quantum Series 2019 M437-G0 is the best small 4K TV we’ve ever reviewed. This flexible TV works well, regardless of the video you’re viewing. It’s decent building quality, and it’s got slim bezels that aren’t distracting.

The VA panel has an excellent contrast ratio and striking black uniformity, rendering it a perfect option for dark spaces. There is also a complete-length local dimming option that further enhances its contrast; however, it causes some visible blooming around bright objects in dark scenes, particularly around subtitles.

Sadly, like most VA panels, its viewing angles are sub-par, which is less ideal for large rooms with wide seating arrangements. Out-of-the-box, this TV’s color quality is remarkable. This has an outstanding broad variety of colors, which is perfect for HDR content, but the TV’s peak brightness is average and soon won’t really render pop highlights. Response time is great and there is an optional black frame placement feature that will help reduce the appearance of motion blur.

  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Great color accuracy.
  • Excellent color gamut.
  • The image degrades at an angle.
  • Local dimming performance is just decent.


6. Best Small Smart TV: TCL 43S525


Whether you have a small TV with excellent smart apps, TCL 5 Series/43S525 2019 is the best small smart TV. It’s a good UHD LED TV with a broad variety of colors, excellent darkroom output, and an outstanding low input lag for gaming or use as a PC monitor.

Thanks to its smart Roku interface, this TV has fantastic smart apps. Hundreds of entertainment channels (apps) are open, and you won’t need to worry about having an extra streaming device like Apple TV attached to your TV. You can also access files directly from your mobile device, similar to Chromecast.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a local dimming feature and doesn’t allow interpolation of motion. This can’t get really vivid, so when shown at an angle, the picture degrades. Overall, however, it’s the best small smart TV that uses one of the easiest and most efficient smart systems available.

  • Deep, uniform blacks
  • Outstanding low input lag
  • Image degrades at an angle
  • PWM flicker at low brightness levels


7. Best Small TV for Gaming: Samsung RU7100 Smart TV

Samsung RU7100 Smart TV

This Samsung option is one of the most affordable 4K TVs currently offered by the manufacturer. This has a decent contrast ratio and a low input lag that helps you to experience a stunning high dynamic range of video.

It’s equipped with three HDMI ports and two USB jacks, and runs Samsung’s Tizen Smart TV software, enabling you to access and display all your favorite shows from a range of devices.

We believe that the 43-inch display is the ideal balance of being compact enough for most installations, but large enough to enjoy what 4 K content has to deliver.

  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Good uniformity.
  • Poor HDR peak brightness.
  • Image degrades when viewed at an angle.


8. Best Budget Small TV: Samsung UN32M5300

Samsung UN32M5300

Samsung has been a leader in 32-inch TV for years, and the UN32M5300 is currently the top-of-the-line model.

Why? Why? It provides complete 1080p videos and its Tizen operating system at a price that most people can manage. It allows you exposure to lots of games, plus the built-in Wi-Fi TV prevents you from having to plug it into your router.

Yes, the UN32M5300 doesn’t have the most link ports in the world, with only two HDMI slots to choose from. But yeah, the tiny sacrifices are worth it.

  • The image remains accurate when viewed at an angle
  • Picture quality is below average
  • Blacks appear gray and blotchy in a dark room


Final Thoughts

Our suggestions above are what we found is the best small TVs available in the market. These are the best small TVs to buy for most people. We factor in the price, feedback from visitors, and availability. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.

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