10 Best TV Brands to Buy 2022 – Top TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Vizio

With the innovation at it’s best, TVs today are performing extremely well beyond expectations and are impressive. They render exquisite clarity, smart design, and incredible sound quality. Having said that, there are a few differentiating features that take a TV from being great to next-level, but those features aren’t always easy to understand.

Best Choice
LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55" 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)
Best value
SAMSUNG 75-inch Class QLED Q90T Series - 4K UHD Direct Full Array 16X Quantum HDR 16X Smart TV with...
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LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55" 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)
SAMSUNG 75-inch Class QLED Q90T Series - 4K UHD Direct Full Array 16X Quantum HDR 16X Smart TV with...
Sony A8H 65-inch TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility - 2020 Model
Best Choice
LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55" 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)
LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55" 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)
Best value
SAMSUNG 75-inch Class QLED Q90T Series - 4K UHD Direct Full Array 16X Quantum HDR 16X Smart TV with...
SAMSUNG 75-inch Class QLED Q90T Series - 4K UHD Direct Full Array 16X Quantum HDR 16X Smart TV with...
Also Consider
Sony A8H 65-inch TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility - 2020 Model
Sony A8H 65-inch TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility - 2020 Model

It’s a hard task to figure out the best TV brand. With numerous TV brands competing for your attention, with diverse price points, panel technologies, and format support, how is anyone expected to spot the right TV brand for them?

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This article will surely help you choose the right one by providing all the much-needed info about the very best TV brands and the sets worth considering from their categories, whether you’re looking for a budget small TV or opting for one on an expensive side. Whatever you’re after, this article is for you and will assist you in picking the right TV.

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Best TV Brands – Reviews

1. LG – Life’s Good

4k lg tv

Check Here for Best LG TVs

LG is a South Korean company and one of the leading consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. They produce a wide range of items, including home appliances, computers, laptops, watches and, of course, televisions.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, they have been manufacturing big flat-screen TVs. They are considered to be one of the best TV brands in the television market and have revolutionized the industry with the introduction of OLED TVs in 2013. What sets OLEDs apart from traditional LED displays is that they will individually turn off pixels, resulting in flawless blacks, and there is no blooming around bright objects that you may find on LEDs.

In addition, the OLEDs have very wide viewing angles, so the picture remains correct when viewing from the side, and these TVs are a perfect alternative if you have a wide seating configuration.

LG has a few different models in their OLED lineup, but as most OLEDs show a very similar image, the variations between each model typically have to do with their functionality and the physical design of the TV. The entry-level LG BX OLED is highly similar in terms of performance and functionality with the higher-end CX and LG GX OLEDs; the main distinction is that the CX has a premium center-mounted stand, whereas the GX does not come with one and is built to sit flat against the wall.

The biggest downside of OLEDs is the possibility of permanent burn-in, which may be troublesome if you regularly watch the same content with static items, such as television, but we don’t expect this to be a problem if you watch different content. If you’re concerned about that, LG still has an LED lineup, but they’re not doing as well as competing because they mostly use IPS panels with a poor contrast ratio that makes blacks look gray when seen in the dark.

2. Samsung

Samsung 4k tv

Check Here for Best Samsung TVs

Samsung is one of the world’s best-known electronics firms, and they are not limited to just trying to produce TVs. They also make smartphones, refrigerators, soundbars and monitors.

Their televisions are generally the main LED players in the market of LG’s OLED lineup, as they do not run the risk of permanent burn-in. Their flagship QLED line-up, which uses quantum dot modern technologies, has a wide range of models, from budget ones like the Samsung Q60/Q60T QLED to the 8k Samsung Q800T QLED.

These quantum dot layers allow the TV to produce a wide range of colors for a good HDR experience. Samsung has a lower tier of TVs that don’t carry the quantum dot layer, like the Samsung TU8000, so those models usually can’t display a wide color gamut and don’t get bright enough for HDR anyway.

With VA panels that can create deep blacks, Samsung makes most of its TVs. Unfortunately, this type of panel is often considered to have low viewing angles. However, using their ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ layer, such as on the Q90/Q90T QLED, Samsung has increased the viewing angles on their top-tier versions.

This Television can also provide a great gameplay experience as it has outstanding response time, low input lag, and support for variable refresh rate (VRR). It has an HDMI 2.1 port, like many recent high-end TVs, making it a decent fit for modern game consoles like the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

Samsung has another range of TVs called Lifestyle TVs, which are quite special, but are targeted at a rather niche audience and are rather pricey, such as:

  • Samsung The Frame
  • Samsung The Sero
  • Samsung The Terrace

Finally, relative to the rest of the industry, although Samsung TVs are a little pricey, they generally have a decent design, and their Tizen OS is one of the most user-friendly platforms.

3. Sony

Sony 4k tv

Check Here for Best Sony TVs

Sony is a well-known company which has been around for years, and one of the electronics world’s most popular brands. They make headphones, consoles for games, Television sets, and many more. Sony, like LG, makes TVs with numerous types of panels, with their top tier being dominated by OLEDs. We’ve tested the Sony A8H and the Sony A9S OLED with outstanding black levels and outstanding motion handling, which offer the same stunning image quality as other OLED TVs.

However, since their input lag is marginally greater than other modern TVs, they may not be as well for games, and they do not embrace any variable refresh rate technology to minimize screen tearing. For all other OLED TVs, there are also chances of permanent burn-in, which occurs when static content stays on the screen for a prolonged time. They have high-end Lead TVs that will compete at the highest level on the market if you’re concerned about burn-in.

The Sony X950H is the best Supporting Sony TV we have reviewed. It directly competes against other TVs, such as the Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED and the Quantum X Vizio P Series. It has a VA panel that creates deep blacks and can have an outstanding experience in HDR. It has a decent response time and a relatively low input lag, but it lacks advanced gaming features such as VRR, much like the A8H. The Sony X900H could be a better fit if you’re looking for a more gaming-oriented model, as it has HDMI 2.1 ports, supporting 4k @ 120Hz content.

Most Sony TVs run on Android TV, a user-friendly platform that, thanks to the Google Play Store, has loads of apps available. Sony TVs tend to be on the more costly side, but they usually have tight quality control, so you know you’re getting a product that’s well made.

4. Vizio

Vizio 4k tv

Check Here for Best Vizio TVs

In comparison to some of the other tech companies, Vizio is a comparatively young TV company, since they only began producing TVs in 2002. In terms of what they produce, they are not as broad as other companies, and they concentrate their efforts primarily on TVs, but they also have soundbars. Vizio’s TVs tend to be more budget-friendly options, and although their luxury TVs can be too pricey for those on a tight budget, for their value, they deliver decent performance.

In 2022, Vizio launched their first OLED, which is a bit cheaper than the competition and provides the same amazing image quality. However, since the VRR technology does not function well, it is not as ideal for gaming as other OLEDs, such as the LG BX OLED, and the input lag is greater than any other TVs. Still, if gaming features aren’t important to you, this TV can please you.

Vizio already has a reliable LED lineup, and their TVs are considered to be bright and offer a fantastic HDR experience, such as the Vizio P Quantum Series X. Generally, their VA panels have impressive contrast ratios, but that suggests they have small viewing angles, and any technology to boost viewing angles has yet to be launched by Vizio. Nonetheless, their TVs usually have continuity problems, low color fidelity, and they will not do a good job at upscaling 480p and 720p video.

The Vizio SmartCast operating system can also feel lagging and failing at times, and they may not have an app store, so you can’t add any additional apps other than pre-installed apps. If you’re looking for better picture quality with 1080p or 4k content and don’t want to waste too much money on it, Vizio TVs are typically a good bet for that purpose.

5. TCL

TCL 4k tv

Check Here for Best TCl TVs

Founded in 1981, TCL is a comparatively young company compared to some of the best TV brands, but they perform well with their competitors. They joined the Television industry in 1992 as a Chinese corporation, and although it has become their main commodity, they still manufacture soundbars, headphones and cell phones. Their TV offerings are generally affordable, and they are among the few companies that still produce 720p and 1080p TVs, such as the TCL 3 Series.

In 2014, they associated with Roku as their smart channel, so in 2022 most TCL TVs have built-in Roku TV, which is simple to use and has a wide variety of applications that you can download. This is perfect if you don’t want to spend extra money on an external streaming box. They’ve also started to provide Android TV with low-end versions to compete with Hisense in North America.

While TCL makes AMOLED phones, they still have no OLED TVs to manufacture, but instead, just they stick to LED options. Their higher-end TCL 5 Series/S535 QLED and TCL 6 Series/R635 QLEDs have a quantum dot layer, identical to the Samsung QLEDs, which enables them to provide a large variety of colors for HDR content. However, in addition to the 6 Series, TCL TVs don’t get very bright and they don’t pop the highlights in HDR. They still have VA panels, because they have high contrast, and they do well in dark rooms.

However, this means that they have limited angles of view and are not recommended for wide-ranging seating configurations. Finally, only their flagship 6 Series offers extra gaming features such as VRR support, but most of their devices are decent enough for a gaming experience with fast response time and low input lag. Overall, if you’re on a budget and don’t need a bright one, you should be satisfied with the TCL.

6. Hisense

Hisense 4k tv

Hisense is TCL’s biggest rival when it comes to producing budget and low-cost TVs. This Chinese corporation started manufacturing radios in 1969 and then started producing televisions a few years later. Now they produce a range of electronics, including home appliances and air purifiers, and are comparatively young in the North American TV market.

In 2015, they acquired the rights to sell TVs in North America from Sharp, and since then, they have produced some very good 4k TVs, particularly for their price. Their high-end models, such as the Hisense H8G and Hisense H9G, compete with several other luxury models from other brands, and they don’t cost much. Most of their TVs use Android TV as their smart operating system, but they also have a few models with built-in Roku to compete with TCL.

Their television sets are considered to perform well in both light and dark conditions. They primarily use VA panels with a high contrast ratio and full variety of local dimming, allowing them to create deep and inky blacks when seen in the dark. H9G and H8G both get bright and have at least decent reflective handling, so visibility should not be a challenge except in well-lit spaces. Unfortunately, their models have no viewing angle features like Samsung or Sony, so it’s wise to stop using them in wide-ranging seating configurations.

Hisense also lacks extra gaming features, and they still need to include any VRR support on their TVs. Fans of HDR content should also enjoy Hisense TVs because both H8G and H9G display a wide range of colors. Their entry-level models like the Hisense H6510G don’t have the same functionality and output, but that’s intended with low-end models, but if you need a decent all-around TV with no gaming features, you’ll definitely find it with Hisense.

Top-rated TV Models

1. LG CX OLED TV Review

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The LG CX is one of the two entry-level OLED TVs in the LG range and, like any OLED, offers outstanding picture quality. It is packed with gaming experiences such as support for FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR) and G-SYNC connectivity to minimize screen tearing.

It also has a near-instant response time and a short input latency. It turns off pixels individually, resulting in an infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity, making it the perfect alternative for watching movies in dark spaces. It also has wide viewing angles anytime you choose to watch TV with a big number of people.

It shows a wide variety of colors for HDR content, but it only has respectable peak brightness in HDR, so certain highlights might not be as vibrant as the developer expected. Like any OLED, there is a chance of permanent burn-in, but we don’t expect this to be an issue for those viewing a variety of content.

Read more about LG CX

2. Samsung Q90/Q90T QLED TV Review

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Samsung Q90T is an outstanding 4k QLED TV. It’s rich in features and delivers stunning picture quality in almost every form of content. Its simple and elegant architecture can blend seamlessly into every space and function well in both dark and bright environments.

Motion handling is fantastic thanks to its extremely fast response time and Black Frame Insertion feature, and gamers should be pleased with its remarkably low input lag and FreeSync support. HDR material is provided with vivid colors and clear highlights, since it has an outstanding gamut of color and high peak brightness.

Its Tizen OS gui is easy to use, and there are plenty of applications available. There are some minor uniformity issues that may disappoint sports fans, but as a whole, it’s a TV that should satisfy most people.

3. Sony A8H OLED TV Review

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The Sony A8H OLED is an outstanding TV that offers exceptional picture quality and builds on its predecessor, the Sony A8G OLED. The OLED panel will individually turn off pixels to create perfect blacks with an infinite contrast ratio that is suitable for watching movies in a dark environment.

It has excellent reflective handling and is decently light, making it ideal for moderately-lit rooms as well. Its viewing angles are excellent, so you don’t have to think about losing image quality when viewing from an angle. It also has a near-instantaneous response time and a low input time.

That said, the lack of variable refresh rate (VRR) technology can disappoint more serious players. With all OLEDs, there is a chance of lasting burn-in, but it should not be a matter for people viewing a lot of video.

Its Android TV platform is simple to use and runs seamlessly, and there are numerous applications available in the Google Play Store for all your needs by pushing a button.

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4. Vizio OLED TV Review

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The Vizio OLED is the first OLED TV Vizio to be launched and delivers outstanding overall efficiency. Like most OLED TV, the power to turn off individual pixels results in an infinite contrast ratio and complete black uniformity.

It shows an outstanding color gamut for HDR content, but it doesn’t get very bright in HDR, and wide areas get substantially dimmed. Most players can enjoy the 120Hz refresh rate, the near-instant response time, and the short input latency. It’s advertised to have variable refresh rate (VRR) support, but it doesn’t function at all and there’s a screen tear.

The TV has a special center-mounted stand built to hold the Vizio Elevate soundbar. Sadly, the screen has the risk of permanent burn-in, which is typical of OLEDs, and our unit has noticeable temporary image retention, but this may vary between units.

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5. TCL 6 Series/R635 QLED TV Review

TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635)

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The TCL 6 Series is the flagship TV in the TCL lineup. It offers very good overall performance and is an improvement from its predecessor, the TCL 6 Series/R625.

Its QLED technology helps to include a really wide variety of colors for HDR content, and it gets bright enough in HDR to make the highlights really pop. It has a VA screen with an excellent contrast ratio, but it comes at the price of its low viewing angles.

There’s a complete variety of local dimming features, but some will be disappointed to know that it doesn’t work well and results in light things blooming everywhere. The built-in Roku smart platform is simple to use and has a ton of apps that you can download.

6. Hisense H9G TV Review

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The Hisense H9G is a flagship 4k LED TV that delivers outstanding performance. It has a good market value and competes with many other high-end, more expensive alternatives in 2022. It’s a good improvement from its predecessor, the Hisense H9F, and provides a satisfying HDR experience.

It’s getting bright enough to make HDR pop highlights and show a wide variety of colors. It’s a perfect choice for watching content in dark rooms because it has an excellent contrast ratio and amazing black uniformity.

Read more about Hisense H9G


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Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best TV brands and the best TVs available in every price range for most people. If you want to do the work of choosing yourself, here’s a list of all of our TV reviews. Be careful not to get extremely caught in the details.

While no television is perfect, most televisions are decent enough to satisfy almost everyone and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them.

Take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon:

LG OLED C1 Series 55” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV, 120Hz Refresh Rate, AI-Powered 4K, Dolby Vision...
  • OLED DISPLAY: Watch your content come to life in over 8 million pixels. Each pixel turns on and off independently so you'll see your content with...
  • α9 GEN 4 AI PROCESSOR 4K: Picture and sound adjustment happen automatically with our best processor. The a9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K uses...
  • GAME OPTIMIZER: Game Optimizer gives you easier access to all your game settings, while the latest HDMI allows for fast gaming speeds. Plus,...
  • GOOGLE ASSISTANT & ALEXA BUILT IN: There’s no need for an extra device – just ask your TV for music, weather, news, your Amazon shopping...
  • HOME CINEMA EXPERIENCE: Get breathtaking picture and audio that makes you feel like you're in the action with Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby...
LG NanoCell 75 Series 55” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV (3840 x 2160), 60Hz Refresh Rate, AI-Powered...
  • REAL 4K NANOCELL DISPLAY: Bring your favorite shows to life with vivid NanoCell. See natural, lifelike picture with Nano Color enhanced by a...
  • QUAD CORE PROCESSOR 4K: Our Quad Core Processor 4K gives you a smooth, crisp viewing experience with enhanced contrast, color and black.
  • HOME CINEMA EXPERIENCE: See and feel like you're in the action with Active HDR. See movies exactly how directors intended with Filmmaker Mode....
  • ULTIMATE GAMEPLAY: Experience gaming on NanoCell. Game Optimizer gives you easier access to all your game settings and you'll get Auto...
  • GOOGLE ASSISTANT AND ALEXA BUILT IN: There’s no need for an extra device – just ask your TV for music, weather, news, your Amazon shopping...
Sony X85J 43 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV with Native 120HZ Refresh Rate, Dolby Vision...
  • 4K HDR PROCESSOR X1 – Powerful TV processing that delivers a picture that is smooth and clear, full of rich colors and detailed contrast.
  • MOTIONFLOW XR WITH NATIVE 120HZ REFRESH RATE– On-screen motion stays smooth and clear, allowing fast moving sequences in sports, action movies,...
  • TRILUMINOS PRO – Reproduces more colors than a conventional TV resulting in picture quality that is natural and precise, and closer than ever...
  • GOOGLE TV – Seamlessly browse 700,000+ movies and TV episodes from across your favorite streaming services, all in one place. Watch content...
  • 4K X-REALITY PRO – Our unique 4K database upscales all the HD content you love to near-4K resolution bringing back real-world detail and...
SAMSUNG QN32Q50RAFXZA Flat 32" QLED 4K 32Q50 Series Smart TV (2019 model)
  • 4K UHD Processor: a powerful processor optimizes your tv’ s performance with 4K picture quality
  • Inputs & Outputs: 3 HDMI ports, 1 Ethernet port, 2 USB Ports (v 2.0), 1 Digital Audio Output (Optical), 1 Composite Input (AV),
  • Dimensions with Stand (WxHxD): 28.5" x 18.8" x 6.1" | with Stand Weight: 11.9 lb. | without Stand Dimensions (WxHxD): 28.5" x 16.6" x 1.2" |...
  • 4K UHD: see what you’ve been missing on a crisp, clear picture that’s 4x the resolution of Full HD
  • Smart TV with Universal Guide: our simple on-screen Guide is an easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows
SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class Neo QLED QN85A Series - 4K UHD Quantum HDR 24x Smart TV with Alexa Built-in...
  • QUANTUM MATRIX TECHNOLOGY WITH MINI LED: A brilliantly intense picture powered by tiny hyper-focused light cells.
  • OBJECT TRACKING SOUND: Dynamic built-in speakers adjust the sound to follow the action.
  • SPEAKERS: 6 Speakers (2.2.2 channel) delivers up to 60 watts of sound for realistic 3D sound with audio from dedicated up-firing speakers that...
  • SAMSUNG NEO QUANTUM PROCESSOR 4K: Upgrade every picture to 4K with multi-layered neural networks.
  • QUANTUM HDR 24X: Vivid colors that jump off the screen provide dynamic contrast.* *The range of Quantum HDR claims luminance based on internal...
VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV with Voice Remote, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, Alexa...
  • 4K Ultra HD - Over 8 million pixels for breathtaking detail. 4 times the resolution of 1080p!
  • Dolby Vision Bright Mode - You’ll see even more lifelike accuracy, color saturation, black detail, and brightness in Dolby Vision Bright...
  • Full Array Backlight - LEDs are evenly distributed across the screen's backlight for superior light uniformity and picture performance.
  • IQ Active Processor - Delivers superior picture processing, including a powerful and intelligent 4K upscaling engine that enhances your favorite...
  • Active Pixel Tuning - Intelligent pixel-level brightness adjustments that tune contrast levels frame by frame in over 2000 zones of the screen...
SAMSUNG 75-inch Class QLED Q800T Series - Real 8K Resolution Direct Full Array 24X Quantum HDR 16X...
  • REAL 8K RESOLUTION*: See the mind blowing sharpness and depth of real 8K with 16 times more resolution than HDTV. Sound Output (RMS)-70W
  • DIRECT FULL ARRAY 24X** (75" & 65"): Concentrated zones of high-contrast LED backlights enhance the deep blacks and luminous whites.
  • 8K AI UPSCALING***: Intelligent upscaling automatically converts all of your content into stunning 8K resolution.
  • OBJECTIVE TRACKING SOUND +: All four sides of the TV have built-in speakers that direct the sound, putting you in the middle of the action.
  • QUANTUM PROCESSOR 8K: Our most brilliant processor uses deep learning AI Technology to unleash the full power of 8K.
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