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Best Smart TV Reviews 2018
Editor choice Sony X900E, An Android Smart TV

Sony X900E, An Android Smart TV

The Sony X900E does not only sound like a cool name for a TV, but it is a cool TV itself. A stellar picture sets itself apart from many other LED TVs out there and its handle on motion is excellent. Not to mention its input lag and smart ...

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2 TCL 6 Series R617 TV Review (55R617, 65R617)

TCL 6 Series R617 TV Review (55R617, 65R617)

The TCL R617 is a solid choice for any one looking to save some money this year, but it doesn't come without some drawbacks. There are local dimming features with the R617, but the performance is mediocre and it also has a rather poor viewing ...

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$619.99 $799.99 Check Price
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3 2017 Vizio M Series 4K Smart TV

2017 Vizio M Series 4K Smart TV

The 2017 Vizio M Series TV is a great option for any one looking for high end quality with a slightly smaller budget than most high-end TVs require. It offers a good contrast ratio to boot with some decent motion handling options. The smart ...

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4 TCL S405 S Series (43S405, 49S405, 55S405, 65S405)

TCL S405 S Series (43S405, 49S405, 55S405, 65S405)

Forget what you know about cheap TVs for sale because this TV shattered previous notions of what you should expect from a cheaper TV. With a decent contrast ratio, good motion handling and a great input lag you will be able to do almost anything ...

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$429.99 $599.99 Check Price
Full Review
5 LG SJ8000 TV Review (55SJ8000, 60SJ8000, 65SJ8000)

LG SJ8000 TV Review (55SJ8000, 60SJ8000, 65SJ8000)

As one of the more requested TVs her the SJ8000 has been on my list for quite some time. Now, I'm glad to be able to bring you my LG SJ8000 TV Review. This comes in three models: the 55" 55SJ8000, 60" 60SJ8000,and 65" 65SJ8000. I believe my ...

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Best Smart TVs of 2018

Buying Guide and Advice

How I Find The Best TVs

If the above smart TVs didn’t work out, and you prefer to do the research yourself, I recommend you read below to help yourself find a good deal. I’ve organized some quick info on how I determine the best televisions for any kind of criteria. I go over features, prices, price histories, some frequently asked questions and even share the most recent changes to my top 5 smart TVs under 1000 dollars.

What Makes A Smart TV The Best?

Sometimes the best deal isn’t the cheapest one, but it should almost always come close. There are so many different brands of televisions these days that it’s about impossible to not find a deal matching that criteria. This is true for cheap TVs for sale, but especially true for mid-range sets. They fall farther up the “Worth Factor” curve which means they offer more features for the price they cost. With that in mind, above is what I currently think are the best TVs under $1000 and below a quick overview on the “Worth Factor” graph.


There are three different things to note when looking at this graph. The three colors.

  • Yellow is for a TV that is often too cheap to be true. You’ll often be lacking features or better performing basics that a normally priced TV would have.
  • Green is for TVs that are often reasonably priced for the features they offer. You’re likely to get a deal when you find a TV size within the green prices.
  • Red is for TVs that are often over priced. They do not offer a considerable amount of advantages for the features they often charge for. This is also when often times you are charged a price premium for a brands name. Such as Sony or Samsung.

So in short, the best TVs are not always the cheapest as those sets may be too good to be true. On the other hand, the top TVs are never the most expensive. There’s rarely a reason to ever spend more than $4000 on a smart TV In my opinion. Though, it’s all easy on paper, but once you go TV hunting it becomes a whole different ball game. This leads me to my next point, Immersion and Features.

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Does The Price Impact The Features?



The price is essentially a door that grants access to better features and potentially more immersion. This is important because you want to feel as if you’re lost in whatever program you’re watching and not noticing everything wrong with your smart TV.

More often than not, TVs will fall somewhere in the middle of features and immersion. This is because many models have different sizes that stretch across the graph. Meaning features can come in all shapes and sizes, but immersion lies almost solely on the size of the television meaning that larger TVs offer more immersion. When looking at the best smart TVs under $1000 you can expect sizes ranging from 55 to 65 inches most often. The larger TVs offer more immersion, but less features, but the smaller TVs the opposite. Below is a small list of the most common features when looking for these top TVs.

Some common features that many cheap TVs share are:

  • Strong contrast ratios
  • Decent to great response times
  • Average input variety
  • Good to great input lag
  • Good smart features
  • Bigger than average size

With all this information in mind, you can finally get started. I recommend figuring out your viewing distance so you know what you’re expecting to spend, or if you need to shorten or lengthen your viewing distance to accommodate your budget.

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TV Viewing Distance Size Chart

I’ve put together a quick table of the most common smart TVs size with they height, width, total areas, and ideal viewing distance. This will help you figure out what actually fits your living space all while offering to you the best picture.

I recommend starting with a 55 inch smart TV and seeing if you need to size up or down.

TV Size Width Height Area Viewing Distance
27.9″ 15.7″ 438 in2
~5.0 feet / 1.52 m
70.9 cm 39.9 cm 0.283 m2
34.9″ 19.6″ 684 in2
~5.5 feet / 1.68 m
88.6 cm 49.8 cm 0.441 m2
37.5″ 21.1″ 791 in2
~6.5 feet / 1.98 m
95.3 cm 53.6 cm 0.511 m2
43.6″ 24.5″ 1068 in2
~7.0 feet / 2.13 m
110.7 cm 62.2 cm 0.689 m2
47.9″ 27.0″ 1293 in2
~8.0 feet / 2.44 m
121.7 cm 68.6 cm 0.835 m2
52.3″ 29.4″ 1538 in2
~8.5 feet / 2.59 m
132.8 cm 74.7 cm 0.992 m2
56.7″ 31.9″ 1809 in2
~9.0 feet / 2.74 m
144.0 cm 81.0 cm 1.166 m2
61.0″ 34.3″ 2092 in2
~9.5 feet / 2.90 m
154.9 cm 87.1 cm 1.349 m2
65.4″ 36.8″ 2407 in2
~12.0 feet / 3.66 m
166.1 cm 93.5 cm 1.553 m2

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1000 Dollar Candidates

Compared to other price points, the best TVs under $1000 is much harder to dig through. These range has the most to offer, and also has the largest amount of TVs that are overpriced. Below are some options that are currently on sale and then also each other price point I cover to help a bit more while hunting for a deal.

  • Discounts
  • Under 500
  • Under 1000
  • Under 2000
  • Over 2000

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Do I recommend refurbished TVs?

I actually have a good article over refurbished smart TVs with their pros and cons. In short: I do not recommend these types of televisions too often, but they can potentially save you money depending on the situation.

How do I know if I need a wall-mount?

This is actually quite simple once you know what you’re looking for. You should not be looking down towards your smart TV nor be looking more than 15 degrees up towards it either. I cover this topic more thoroughly inside of my TV Viewing Distance article.

What are the most important features of a smart TV?

You’ll want to look for a good series of native contrast ratios, low response times, 4K support, and the ability to prevent reflections or glare when hunting for a good television. This is especially true when you have a small budget as with the top smart TVs under 500 dollars.

Which TV will be best for video games or sports?

For video games, you will want a low input lag. This helps the TV actually show the changes in the game you make with your controller inputs. As for sports, the best addition to a good picture is a low response time. This helps the action seem smooth and helps prevent eye-tracking.

What if I don't care for 4K support, but am looking for a new smart TV?

It is true that you can save money by instead buying a 1080p smart TV, but there are some small issues people often overlook. The picture is essentially not as dense when comparing two same sized TVs with one that is 1080p and one that is 4K. This means you’ll need to sit more closely to the 1080p television than you would need to with the 4K variant. In turn, this leads to you spending about the same amount of money because you need a bigger smart TV if you do not change your viewing distance. I won’t deny there are often some deals out in the land of TVs, but I would recommend considering 4K sets every time.

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Added: Sony XBR55X900E, TCL 55R617, Vizio M65-E0, TCL 55S405, and LG 60SJ8000
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