Top 5 Best Vizio TVs to 2020 – Reviews and Smart Features

Vizio is one of the most popular tv and home theatre brands and the latest Vizio TVs provide a variety of advanced features such as voice controls, pre-loaded streaming apps, and the option to mirror your smartphone or tablet screens for more opportunities to share images, music, and videos.

Vizio also includes its proprietary WatchFree app with its newer models, providing over 150 free live channels for news, sports, and original content for anyone seeking to cut the cord with their cable or satellite provider and move completely to streaming.

Each smart TV is compatible with smart speakers that are enabled for hands-free voice commands and easier browsing or searching with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant; the Quantum X series is also compatible with Apple Homekit, allowing you to use Siri for voice controls.

The latest television line from Vizio is designed to provide excellent 4 K UHD resolution, as well as a wide range of colors for more real-to-life pictures and more immersive viewing experience. Gamers would enjoy Vizio’s use of QLED panels that embrace HDR technologies and provide local dimming zones for improved clarity and contrast as well as quick refresh speeds. We’ve collected the best Vizio tv sets to help you decide which one is right for you.

Best Vizio Smart TVs

1. Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019

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The best Vizio TV we’ve reviewed so far is the Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019.  It’s the flagship TV in the 2019 series of Vizio, and obviously it has all the features so the value you usually expect on a high-end TV, so it’s not going to cost you a lot.

It is only offered in 65 and 75-inch models, which is disappointing if you are searching for a TV smaller or larger than those sizes. This TV has an exceptional native contrast, and along with its local full range dimming, its blacks are almost as decent as OLED TVs.

It also seems to be among the best TVs we’ve seen so far, because its HDR peak brightness is brilliant, making highlights show the way the designer expected. This shows an amazingly wide variety of colors for content on HDRs.

Unfortunately, since the edges of the panel are darker and the middle also has a clear dirty panel effect, the TV has some uniformity issues. This also has broad viewing angles and its out-of-the-box color quality is just perfect, but you might need to have it tuned to truly appreciate this TV.

At the upside, with its 120Hz refresh rate, low input lag, and outstanding response time, this is perfect for gaming. It also has outstanding handling of reflection if you choose to position it in a luminous space. Ultimately, this TV would satisfy most people, especially if you’re going to be using it in the darkness.


  • Outstanding peak brightness in SDR and HDR.
  • Deep, uniform blacks.
  • Great motion handling.


  • Image degrades when viewed at an angle.

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2. Vizio M Series Quantum 2019

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The best Vizio TV under $700 is the  Vizio M Series Quantum 2019. It’s only offered in two sizes, 55 and 65 inches, so you can buy them now for under $700. It offers really decent overall efficiency and is a perfect choice to watch movies in dark rooms.

The native contrast is one of the brightest we’ve seen so far on an LED TV because it also competes with OLED TVs. It has a local wide range dimming feature which also increases the contrast ratio. Unfortunately, like most VA panel TVs, that comes at the expense of its narrow viewing angles and you quickly lose image accuracy when viewing from the side.

Unfortunately, it has some uniformity problems because in the middle there is a noticeable dirty screen impact, which may interrupt during sports. Its input lag is rather too high for competitive gaming but if you’re using it for gaming, this TV still has a great response time and a black frame insertion feature.

This TV is getting decently bright and although it displays a really wide range of colors for HDR, highlights are not getting bright enough. At last, it has decent built-in speakers for a TV and if you are going to place it in a moderately lit room, it has good reflective handling. Generally, this is a decent television and does not break the bank.


  • Deep, uniform blacks.
  • Impressive color gamut.
  • Excellent low input lag.


  • Mediocre dirty screen effect (DSE).

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3. Best Budget Vizio 4K TV: Vizio V Series 2019

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The 2019 Vizio V Series is the best Vizio 4k TV budget which we’ve evaluated. It has great performance in most content, in spite of its budget price. It’s a perfect option for watching the darkroom, as its VA panel has an outstanding contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity.

The reflection handling is excellent in this model and the brightness level also is not too bad. There are two variants of this TV: the Vxx5 and the Vxx6.

The reaction rate on this TV is only average and unfortunately, it has no black frame insertion option to every motion blur presence. For competitive gaming, input lag can be a little high but it should be perfect for most casual gamers. There is still no support for FreeSync and there is no automatic low latency mode in it. Overall, watching HDR content may not be the best option, but you still get more than enough for such a low price.


  • Deep uniform blacks.
  • Low input lag.


  • Can’t get very bright.
  • HDR doesn’t add much.

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4. Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2019 TV Review


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The Quantum 2019 Vizio M7 Series (M437 / M507 / M557 / M657) is a superb 4k TV with excellent image efficiency. This provides rich standardized blacks in a dim space and has an outstanding gamut of color, excellent handling of curves, and decent HDR peak brightness.

This has a fast response time and leaves behind fast-moving content a little longer blur path but, on the positive, this produces very little stutter in videos. There is no interpolation feature for motion and the TV uses PWM to adjust the backlight.

The M7 has a very small input lag which is perfect for gaming but sadly, like most VA panel TVs, when presented from the side, the picture lacks clarity and in darker scenes, it has visible uniformity issues.


  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Great color accuracy.
  • Excellent color gamut.


  • The image degrades at an angle.
  • Local dimming performance is just decent.

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5. Vizio E Series 2018 TV Review

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The Vizio E Series is a strong 4k UHD TV. Owing to its outstanding native contrast ratio and black uniformity it will create intense dark scenes. This also has excellent gesture control and quick response time, and you can see just a short blur trail while watching sports or gaming.

The 2018 Vizio E Series is best suited for darkroom conditions where you’ll enjoy the deep blacks. It has a great low input lag and fast response time to make it perfect for gaming, but the quantity of color is restricted and content on HDR is not popping as it should. The viewing angle is not very wide so sitting in front of the TV is better.


  • Deep and uniform blacks.
  • Excellent low input lag.


  • Image degrades when viewed at an angle.
  • Can’t get very bright.

Compared to other brands

Competitively priced: Vizio TVs are priced very competitively with the same specifications, which are several hundred dollars less in several cases.

Great picture quality in a dark room: All their models include a complete variety of local backlight dimming, which helps to create deep blacks.

Very low input lag: All Vizio TVs we’ve reviewed so far have a really low input lag, which is great for gaming.

Unpolished experience: From firmware issues to a cheaper look/design, Vizio TVs sound like they’re cutting costs. Most of the problems with firmware updates are eventually fixed, but not all of them.

Sub-par upscaling: Low-quality content such as DVDs or SD channels don’t look as sharp as other brands do.


Vizio TVs perform very similar to Samsung TVs but are generally very reasonably priced. Some people may not like the SmartCast platform on Vizio, which works just like the Chromecast on Google. Samsung’s SmartHub is a bit more accessible and detailed.


Like Sony, Vizio provides good-value, affordable entry-level TVs. Typically, Sony TVs are sleeker and have more polish in their build. However, their smart features focused on Android include the Chromecast capabilities of the Vizio and more. Generally, they are however more expensive.

Overall, Vizio TVs are very affordable and have great quality pictures. Like some other brands, they don’t have the high-end look but they give decent value for the price.

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Ultimately, for their price Vizio TVs have decent image quality. They aren’t as well polished as the providing of the major brands, but they have one of the best values you can get. However, their smart interface leaves much to be desired and certain users will want to suggest switching to a set-top box like a Roku or NVIDIA Shield TV.