Black Friday Survival Guide

TV Deals This Black Friday

When you’re looking for the best deal this coming Friday it can be hard to dig through all of the fake ads and fake deals. Inside each of my posts you can access the price history of each TV I’ve reviewed. Furthermore, I’ve listed some of the biggest deals below. It’s a mixture of amazing, big, small, and cheap televisions. I will continue to update this post throughout the next two weeks and if you have any deals you notice go ahead and email me to let me know.

Below are the top 9 that I have tracked down and reviewed. You can leave a thumbs up if you think it’s a good deal. you also have the options to compare each of them to one another buy clicking the scale. The specs and overall scores will be listed to make it easy for you. The discounts are also listed to ensure you’re actually getting a real deal. Now without further ado,  my black friday survival guide.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A TV?

Compared to many other devices on the electronic market, televisions go in cycles. So this makes them easy to anticipate their sales and when they’re likely to develop a new model. I’m fortunate enough to have the time to do the research for you. Below is a graph I put together that reflects my opinions on a TV’s price over the course of a year.

From the above step-graph you can see though there can be a large drop in price from June through August, the best time to purchase a television will be in November. You could also wait a bit longer once the new models are released, but you run the risk of retailers running out of stock. Then you’re likely to be stuck with newer, overpriced models that were just released.

Speaking of retailers, there is some interesting information about how they interact with the brands of TVs and the people that manufacturer the televisions.

Are All Retailers The Same In The End?

With a quick Google search you can find what is called the Unilateral Minimum Retail Price Policy

To put it simply, all retailers have to abide the lowest price the original manufacturer has announced. LG, Samsung, Sony, Spectre, TCL, Hisense, and Sharp are all likely involved in preparing a ‘lowest price’ with each model. This means that, legally, the reseller, or retailer must follow and take this into account when preparing a deal. Now, the retailer has the options to set their own prices, but as with most options there comes a catch. By doing so, the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) has the right to simply not do business with the retailer wishing to adjust their prices.

So how does this help you? If you’ve been browsing the web for the best price, and notice all resellers and retailers have the same price it is because they are probably at the lowest price that is allowed by the ODM. In which case, you’ve already found the best deal! The only ODM I am aware of that does not have this policy in place is Panasonic and Vizio.


If you’ve made it this far, I want you to know that I will continue updating these deals to keep you informed on lowest prices possible. If you see a deal I missed or are interested in a certain TV, email me or leave a comment below. Happy hunting!

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