Can I get a 4K in 40 inch TV? – 2023 Complete Buyer’s Guide

At one point in time, those who could afford large screen televisions had to settle for what they could fit into their home. In the early 2000s, even a 52-inch television was considered ridiculously immense.

Now that TVs have come down in price – and continue to – households want bigger screens all the time.

Manufacturers have responded by releasing larger and larger TV sets, doubling sizes every few years or so.

4K Ultra HD is a hot topic right now because it’s a new feature on higher-end sets, but 4K isn’t just about getting more pixels on your screen – it also provides better color accuracy and contrast ratios as well as sharper images.

While you can find lots of different types of screens with all kinds of different prices, there are 4K TVs as large as 105 inches – and even larger ones on the way.

What is 4K resolution?

TVs with 4K resolution have around 8 million pixels, as opposed to the 2 million that regular HD TVs have. This means that they’re four times sharper than full HD screens and can produce breathtakingly detailed images.

You need a pretty big TV to be able to see these extra pixels, which is why most sets either use curved screens or bend towards you so you can really soak up all those extra pixels.

4K UHD vs 1080p Full HD

4K UHD vs 1080p Full HD

Technical details aside, what does this actually mean for your home viewing experience? Well, while it’s difficult to describe in words just how sharp 4K images are, there’s one thing everyone notices right away: detail.

On large screen sizes, images look incredibly detailed. Colors are more vivid, blacks are deeper and whites brighter than on regular full-HD TVs, making 4K content look almost hyper-realistic.

The best place to view 4K content right now is through the growing range of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. For those who can’t wait to get started with their new 65 inch TV, Netflix also offers UHD streaming for some of its original programs like House of Cards and Breaking Bad.

So should I buy a 4k 40 inch TV?

Well, it depends really what you want to use your TV for. If you’re looking for something super cheap, probably not but if you’ve got the cash – why not? All in all though; you can’t really go wrong with a big-screen TV. They’re getting cheaper by the day, and just keep getting better looking.

Where do 40 inches fall in all of this? Let’s take a look at whether or not you can get a 4K TV of that size and what sort of price you’ll be looking at if you want one.

While having such a TV would be amazing, keep in mind that if you go much beyond 50 inches or so, you’re going to be paying a lot more than you would for the smaller units – and that’s not even taking into account the processing power necessary to generate all those pixels. So, perhaps what we really want is 4K resolution in our 40 inch TV.

Does such a product exist?

can i get a 4k in 40inch tv 2

Yes, it does. You can find many different 40-inch models with 4K screens available for sale today. However, if you do some searching around on the Internet, you’ll quickly discover that they aren’t cheap at all – in fact, most cost much more than your average 60 inch HDTV.

Worse yet, many of them give you only a fraction of a true 4K experience because they either have a very low number of pixels on the screen, or they don’t fit 4000 pixels across it.

Good experiences when we had the first 40-inch 4k screens would be the TCL S405 series of Roku TVs. These are ultra-thin displays with built-in Roku streaming boxes so you never have to worry about updating your non-smart TV again.

They can do resolutions up to 1080p which is almost 4 times better than standard HDTVs, but not quite 4K at 3840 x 2160 pixels.

As for what’s coming soon and is available now, Samsung has a great line of 4-inch TVs. And to make it even better, they pack 4K resolution into them as well.

If money isn’t an issue for you and you want the best available 40 inch TV on the market today, then TCL’s S-Series is your best bet.

Are 4K and HDR the same thing?

Technically, no. HDR is an upgrade to 4K ultra HD that makes the colors much brighter and more vivid on your screen. This means you’ll see so many different shades of bright reds, blues, greens, blacks, and everything else in between while watching Ultra HD content.

However, not all HDR TVs are UHD TVs either. Keep an eye out for this distinction when shopping around for a new TV to watch all of your favorite shows in glorious high definition!

Do I need a 4K resolution yet?

1080p is more than sufficient for most viewing distances. If you sit closer, the higher resolution could be beneficial but it all depends on how close you plan on sitting to your TV anyway.

4K TVs are still pretty pricey so if money is tight, don’t worry about upgrading just yet. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with 1080p for this next year or two at least!

If price isn’t an issue and size is, then definitely go full-4K ultra HD right away! You’ll get that new movie theater experience in the comfort of your living room without having to spend thousands of dollars on a ticket.

And once HDR starts making its way into compatible TV sets, everything will look even brighter and more vivid than it already does.

So once more, is it worth buying a 40 inch TV with 4K resolution?

Yes, definitely and you can get one for okay money.

Michael Knott
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