Is There Difference Between a 55 And 65-Inch TV? – Which one Should You Buy in 2023

Should I get a 55-inch TV or 65-inch TV?

There is a visible difference between 55 and 65-inch TV as the quality display is provided by 55-inch TV and wider sized display by 65-inch TV.

While buying a television for your living room or bedroom, the first thing that comes to your mind is its price, size, and dimensions. Depending upon the size of your room, determine the size of the television; like 55-inch tv is best for small and medium living rooms, whereas 65- an inch tv is more extensive in every aspect and is suitable for large rooms.

Watching the news on a 55-inch tv is great but watching a movie on a 65-inch tv is a surreal experience giving a feel of a home theater.

You can buy a tv according to your budget and room size as there are different sizes and dimensions of televisions available in the market. But the two most trending and bestseller sizes of televisions are 55-inch and 65-inch TVs. As most people get confused between these two sizes, so in this article, you can get a clear view of the difference between 55-inch and 65-inch TV.

Is There a Big Difference Between a 55-Inch and 65-Inch TV?

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There is a big difference between a 55-inch and 65-inch TV. A 55 inch TV is smaller than a 65-inch TV and is suitable for small or medium-sized rooms. They are highly affordable providing great quality of display to their viewers. On the other hand, a 65-inch TV is on the expensive side as it is suitable for large living rooms providing a great display while watching movies and giving the feel of a home theater.

Viewing distance

For larger living rooms, larger-sized television is suitable. While for smaller and medium-sized rooms, a TV with a smaller size is preferable. Before buying a TV, make sure that you have measured the viewing distance from your sofa as it is one of the most important factors to be considered. In the case of large living rooms, if the distance is 7 feet or less than 7 feet, then a 55-inch TV is suitable.

If the distance is greater than 7 feet, then go for a 65-inch TV.

On the other hand, in the case of theater rooms, if the distance is 5 feet or less, then a 55-inch TV is suitable and if the distance is greater than 5 feet, then a 65-inch TV is best suitable. So buy the television after measuring the best viewing distance for a better experience.


Most of you have a concept that bigger-sized TVs will have an excellent display. But this is not always true. Even smaller-sized televisions having OLED provide a high-quality display to the viewers like a 55-inch TV. If you are someone whose top priority is quality and want to invest in updating your screen technology then go for a 55-inch TV.

But most people are not interested in the quality of the display. They are more into the size of television and want to invest in upgrading the size of the TV. If you want to experience the feel of a home theater then opt for a 65-inch TV.

The display of the 65-inch TV is LED, having a larger size that is suitable for large living rooms.

With a 65-inch TV the room looks even bigger and wider having a separated seating system.


How far should you sit from the 65-inch TV?

The better viewing distance of a 65-inch TV is 3.94 feet or greater than 7 feet approximately.

What TV size is too big for a room?

HUGE TV In A Tiny Apartment

For smaller or medium-sized rooms, 55-inch TVs are one of the best suitable. As larger sized TVs like 65-inch are bigger for these rooms and are not suitable.

What is a good size TV for Bedrooms?

As bedrooms are considered to be crowded rooms, then for them a 55-inch TV having an OLED display is best suited.


By understanding the difference between 55-inch and 65-inch TV, you can easily get an idea of what size of the television is best suited for your room. If you are someone who wants to invest more in quality rather than size then 55-inch TV has an OLED display, providing a premium quality display to the viewers. Whereas if size matters to you the most, then a 65-inch LED TV is for you to opt for.

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