Can You Hang 65-inch TV on Drywall? – 2023 Complete Guide

Since we know that Drywall weight holding capacity is not very impressive, mounting a 65-inch TV on it could be tricky. Although you can hang a 65-inch TV on drywall, there are a few dos and don’ts you need to consider to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

Hang a 65-inch TV on Drywall – How to do it

1. Mount Bracket Method

Mount Bracket Method


Choose the Right TV Mount

To mount your flat screen on drywall, you need to buy a strong bracket. Usually, you would find four screw holes at the back of the TV where you screw the mounting bracket.

Make sure the TV mount you buy fits well in these holes. Plus, it should be strong enough to support the weight of your TV. It is critical to ensure that the weight-holding capacity of the mounting bracket is in line with your TV requirement.




You need to screw the mount with the TV and then into the wall. Carefully screw the mouth with the holes at the back of your 65-inch TV. Always use the screws that come with the TV mount. Carefully screw the mount into the TV bracket. Do not overtighten screws.

Then find the perfect position for your TV on the wall. For the best viewing experience, you should mount the TV so that its centerline aligns perfectly with your eye level. Mark the screw positions and position your TV exactly to make these points.

Remember, the outer surface of the drywall cannot hold the weight, and you need to screw the bracket with wooden studs behind the drywall. If you don’t find any studs in the drywall, you can use toggle bolts to hang a 65-inch TV on Drywall.

2. Toggle Bolts Method

In this method, you need extra screws to add additional support for the TV and help it balance its weight in all dimensions. Toggle bolts are similar to angular screws, but they have a butterfly toggle at the end. They are powerful and can support up to 100 lbs weight without studs in drywall.

Mark the screw positions where you want to hand your 65-inch TV. Hold the bracket onto these points and screw the Toggle Bolts on each of these positions.

Remember, for best support; you need to ΒΌ inch toggle bolts. Then, with the help of a screwdriver, screw them into the toggle bolts on drywall.

Make sure the mount is not tilted or loose at any point. Then mount the TV with the help of clips or hooks given at the back of your TV. If your TV doesn’t come with mounting hooks and clips, you may need to buy them separately.


Mount Bracket Method


Is it wrong to mount a TV on drywall?

No, it is not a bad idea to mount a TV on drywall. All you need to get is a TV mount that fits perfectly at your TV’s back and is strong enough to hold its weight.

Is it safe to hang a 65 inch TV?

If your TV mount is capable enough to hold the weight of your TV, it is absolutely safe to hand a 65-inch TV. It’s recommended to find TUV certified mounts for your large TVs.

Wrapping Up

While looking for the best mounts for your TV, you may find plastic studs and screw calming high weight holding capacities. It is advised to avoid these products and only go with TUV certified mounting brackets.

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