Hisense H8C TV 2023 Review & Full Buying Guide

The Hisense H8C is a budget 4k Television, with decent picture quality that is unusual for the price. It has no blur of motion and embraces a large range of inputs.

It supports certain higher-end functionality such as local dimming and motion interpolation, unlike most televisions in the price range. The smart OS based on Opera TV works really well. The main drawback is that, when viewed at a slight angle, the image quality degrades very quickly. See also Hisense H9F, Hisense H9E, Hisense H8F, Hisense H9G

Hisense H8C TV

Hisense H8C

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  • Good picture quality, especially dark scenes
  • Little motion blur


  • When viewed at an angle image deteriorates rapidly


The design is simple, but there are a few nice touches that allow it to stand out from other budget televisions. The whole TV is plastic, but there is a much nicer finish on the bottom of the Screen and the legs. The borders are pretty thin and look great.

The stand is quite wide. It is very basic but has a nice finish on the plastic.

Footprint of the 50″ TV stand: 9.6″ x 36.9″

Picture Quality

The contrast ratio is great and results in good dark scene performance even in a blacked-out room.

Although the H8C features a full-array backlight, it doesn’t have many zones and takes a while to turn regions on and off. We recommend disabling it, as it is not very effective.

A red tint can be seen preceding the white square or circle, this is due to the fact that the red sub-pixel having a different response time than the green and blue one. It is the first time that we noticed a difference big enough that we could see it on our test video.

Also at a slight angle, the H8C’s image quality degrades very quickly. For someone who is not sitting directly in front of the TV, this is a problem.

Update: We have altered the design methods. Since this is an old TV that we no longer have, we have extrapolated the results.

Movies: Average for watching movies in a dark room.  The clarity of the picture is fine, but local dimming does not work well to increase the performance of the dark scene. Contents of lesser quality such as DVDs or Blu-rays of 1080p look fine.

TV Shows: Watching TV in a clear room is slightly better than normal. The image quality is good when viewed from the front, but degrades easily if viewed at an angle. It plays well with reflection and can get bright enough to fight much of the glare. For streaming or casual viewing, inbuilt applications perform well. Upscaling is good for low-quality material such as cable TV.

Hisense H8C

Sports: Good for sports watching. Motion control is great, but when watching games, any dirty screen influence is visible. The image quality is great, but when viewed at an angle, it easily degrades.

Video Games: Great for video games. Fast-paced motion is handled well due to the great response time. Picture quality is good and input lag is great.

HDR Movies: Slightly under the average output of HDR. You can’t have highlights that are really bright or show a broader range of colors. To boost dark scene efficiency, local dimming does not work well. The picture quality is good.

HDR Gaming: Good for games on HDR. For most entities, input lag in HDR is good enough. The image quality is pleasant. Unfortunately, a wider color range or displaying bright highlights does not support that as well.

PC Monitor: A good Computer monitor. Supports a broad range of resolutions, and for clear text, supports chroma subsampling at 4k. When viewed from the front, the picture quality is good but degrades at a slight angle. The handling of motion is excellent, but the input lag is slightly greater than the ideal.

Sound Quality

Response average. The frequency response is decent, but there are pumping and compression present at max volume. However, also for a Monitor, the low-end cutoff and overall loudness are poor. This TV doesn’t produce a lot of basses and also doesn’t get very loud.

The average response from distortion. At all volumes, the average harmonic distortion response is decent, even though there is a gradual increase in distortion as the volume increases.
Local dimming doesn’t work well.

Hisense H8C

Smart Features

The TV comes preloaded with some of the most popular apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Video, VUDU, and YouTube. It also provides access to the Opera TV Store to download additional apps.

The H8C features the Opera TV platform. It is very easy to use and allows downloading of apps from the Opera TV Store. It feels quite responsive but does occasionally have issues with browsing menus which requires a TV restart to fix. It is not as stable as some of the other platforms such as Android TV or LG’s WebOS. It is able to play photos or videos directly off a USB drive.


A good television for a wide range of uses. The quality of the image is good when viewed directly from the front, but it degrades quickly at an angle. It has a small motion blur that is ideal for use in sports, video games, or PCs. Also, input lag is good.

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