Hisense H9E Plus 4K UHD TV 2023 Review & Buying Guide

Hisense H9E – One of the most difficult things for electronics manufacturers to do is combining both low cost and smart features into one product. This is where the Hisense H9E it does quite well. It does not have the most features, but they are good enough for when compared to the price.

The contrast ratio and the color gamut are good in this model. These good features combined well with the low response time. And this particular smart TV making it a good choice for either sports or video games.

Also, even though the H9E lacks the more refined smart features, but the applications work well without any issues. There are even dedicated buttons on the remote to help smooth over the user experience.

Perfect for most forms in programming. It has fantastic native contrast ratio for films. It has a fast response time and good peak brightness for television and sports but can’t overcome glare in a bright room and has poor viewing angles. Very good gaming TV with low input lag but HDR gaming doesn’t add much to the experience.

Hisense H9E Plus 4K UHD TV

Hisense H9E

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  • High native contrast ratio
  • Very good motion handling
  • Image degrades rapidly at an angle
  • HDR doesn’t add much

Key Features:

  • Dolby Vision and HDR10
  • Motion Rate 240
  • 4K Upscaler and Local Dimming
  • Google Assistant Built-in
  • Android TV


The design of the Hisense H9E Plus is good and simple. The borders are wide, and in most rooms, it has a modern look that should suit well. The stand is stylish and metallic but it’s almost the TV’s entire size, which may cause problems depending on your table’s length.

There is no direct cable management but there are two pre-installed connectors that can be used to guide cables around the back in the top VESA mount spaces.

Picture quality

The Hisense H9E comes with well-adjusted picture quality for its price point. The contrast ratio and color gamut are good. The biggest issues are its viewing angle and below-average local dimming features.

Contrast ratio

The Hisense H9E has an excellent native contrast ratio. Without better local dimming features the H9E is a bit limited, but overall it performs well and the black levels reflect that. And it is recommended not adjusting the menu settings from their initial placeholder as the H9E is well equipped out of the box.

Local Dimming

The local dimming of the H9E is just not good. In order to improve contrast, it can switch off dark zones but only in large vertical bands that can be distracting. The low cost of the Hisense H9E model makes up for the lack of proper features under this metric.

Color Gamut

The Hisense H9E not only has a wide color gamut, but it also has the needed support to actually reproduce those colors. This makes for a nicely saturated picture from beginning to end.

Motion Handling

The Hisense H9E model has a good motion handling capability just above the average. The response time is quick and responds well to changes in the picture as the scenes move. But the 24p playback did not fully support. unfortunately, this is often a smaller problem with motion and, for the cost, the H9E does well for itself in the end.

Smart features

The smart software of the Hisense H9E Plus is very good and the performance of the TV is nice. It operates Google’s latest Android TV version. The key interface has a modern design and is very quick.

The Google Play Store also offers one of the best selection of applications on any Smart TV. The remote is very basic but it offers fast access to most apps.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get the official companion app to run, but there’s a functioning Google app that can connect with any Amazon Alexa phone for voice control of virtually all features, even power

Sound quality:

The overall sound quality of the Hisense H9E Plus is very good. This TV does not produce a lot of basses, so it isn’t supposed to be suitable for content requiring a powerful and strong sound.

Dialog on them is decently clear so easily understood, and for most usage conditions it gets loud enough. For better sound, it is advised to use dedicated speakers or soundbars.


The Hisense H9E is an excellent Smart TV because it comes at a wonderful price point while offering the power and performance of some more high-end smart TVs. The darkroom viewing experience could be a bit better if it had a stronger contrast ratio and local dimming features. But it’s brightness and larger color gamut makes the picture quality good.

In addition, the Hisense H9E also offers a decent response time and a good input lag for both fast-moving contents. The one drawback is its viewing angle when viewed from narrow angles the images appearing is not good.

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