Hisense H9F TV Review

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The Hisense H9F is a fantastic 4k TV. It offers outstanding picture quality, with outstanding peak brightness, deep blacks, and a great gamut of colors. With an incredibly quick response time and an optional black frame insertion feature, this TV also has excellent motion handling. It has an excellent low input lag, and supports most popular input formats, including the 120Hz screen, but only at 60Hz. Unfortunately, there are some obvious problems of uniformity, and some annoying dirty screen influence, which is not ideal for fans of sports. As other screens with VA panels, when viewed at an angle, the image degrades.


  • Excellent peak brightness.
  • Deep blacks.
  • Outstanding low input lag and excellent response time.


  • Some noticeable uniformity issues.


The Hisense H9F, overall, has a good design. It has good consistency of design; while it is made mainly of plastic, there are a few more metallic components than the H8F. The stand has a very special design, and with just a bit of wobble, it supports the TV well. The overall design is fairly basic, and cable management is not accessible.

The stand is a single piece and supports the TV well. It is a bit wider than most center-stands, but still much better than separate feet on either end.

Footprint of the 65″ stand: 28.3″ x 11″.

Overall, the Hisense H9F has decent build quality. It’s fairly sturdy, and the stand supports the TV well, but it wobbles a bit.

Picture quality:

Movies: This is a perfect Display in a dark room for viewing movies. It has an excellent contrast ratio and a good local dimming feature. Even so, black uniformity is just good, and some scenes can display noticeable blooming. 24p content can be played out absolutely judder-free.

TV Shows: The H9F is a decent, television to watch shows. It has decent handling of reflection and outstanding SDR peak brightness, so glare shouldn’t be a challenge, but the picture degrades at an angle, so it’s not decent if you try to switch around. It has fantastic smart features and a wide choice of apps for streaming.

Sports: The H9F is a decent TV overall for watching sports in a bright space. It has a fast response time but behind fast-moving objects there’s no blur. It has outstanding SDR peak visibility and exceptional handling of reflection, so glare should not be much of a problem. Unfortunately, there is some noticeable dirty screen effect, and the picture degrades at an angle, so it’s not the ideal way to watch a group of friends with sports.

Video Games: This is an outstanding video gameplay Screen. It has an incredibly low input lag, a sensitive game interface, and an outstanding reaction speed, so behind fast-moving objects, there is a very little blur. It has also excellent contrast, perfect for gaming late at night. Unfortunately, this TV does not accept 1080p @ 120Hz or 1440p @ 120Hz signals despite the 120Hz screen, and it does not support any modern gaming functionality, such as the FreeSync refresh rate variable technology.

HDR Movies: This is a perfect TV set for watching HDR videos. It has great contrast, a good local dimming feature, and strong peak HDR brightness. However, it only has good black uniformity, and blooming in dark scenes can be a challenge. It can have a wide variety of colors, and without a judder, it can play 24p video.

HDR Gaming: For HDR gaming, the H9F is an outstanding TV. In HDR, it has excellent low input lag and exceptional response time, but behind fast-moving objects there is a very little blur. The contrast ratio is excellent, and a wide color gamut can be displayed. Unfortunately, it does not accept some modern gaming technologies, such as refresh rate technology for the FreeSync variable.

PC Monitor: For use as a PC monitor, this is an exceptional Screen. It has an outstanding low input lag, for a responsive experience, and excellent response time, so very little blur is present. Chroma 4:4:4 and RGB signals should be displayed correctly, so the text looks clear.


The H9F has impressive response time. However, there is a major overshoot in some transitions, which can be extremely evident in genuinely dark scenes. These results are much better than the H8F, resulting in much clearer movement behind fast-moving objects, with very little blur. However, there are some noticeable duplications, due to the backlight of the TV flicker.

Smart Features:

Like other TVs running Android TV 8.0, the interface is well-organized and easy to use. Like the H8F and recent Sony TVs, it’s easy to get to the content you want.

Like the H8F, this TV is completely ad-free. This may change though, as ads were introduced on Sony TVs running Android Oreo 8.0. There is a row of suggested content, but this can be disabled completely.

The H9F has a massive selection of apps available, and most of the common streaming services are pre-installed.

This TV can also interact with Amazon Alexa devices, and it supports Google Assistant, although we don’t currently test these features.

Final Thought:

For almost any use, the Hisense H9F is a fantastic TV. It has excellent motion handling and low input lag, excellent for use as a PC monitor, or for gaming. This TV has outstanding peak brightness and decent handling of distortion so glare shouldn’t be a challenge in a bright setting. There are few obvious uniformity difficulties, unfortunately, and the picture degrades at an angle, which is not ideal for watching sports.

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