Hisense H9G TV 2023 – Best 4K Smart TV Review

The Hisense H9G is a flagship 4k LED TV that promises outstanding performance. It has a decent market value and competes with many other high-end, more costly alternatives in 2023. It’s a good improvement from its predecessor, the Hisense H9F, and provides a rewarding HDR experience. It’s getting bright enough to make HDR pop highlights and show a wide variety of colors.

It’s a perfect TV for watching movies in dark rooms because it has an excellent contrast ratio and amazing black uniformity. And if you use it in bright settings, it is bright enough to combat the glare and has outstanding reflective handling.

However, you need to sit right in front to have the best viewing possible experience, so it has small viewing angles. Unfortunately, it may not have many game features, such as variable refresh rate (VRR) support, and despite having a 120Hz screen, it doesn’t display some 120Hz signal properly.

Hisense H9G TV


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Key Features and Specifications:

  • Resolution: 4K (3,840 x 2,160)
  • Display type: VA LED panel with quantum dots
  • Local dimming: Full-array local dimming
  • HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes
  • eARC support: No
  • Native refresh rate: 120 Hz
  • Smart platform: Yes (Android TV)
  • Color: DCI-P3/10-bit color space
  • Processor: Hi-View chipset
  • Other features: Google Assistant and Alexa integration
  • Contrast Ratio: 124,383:1
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • Input Lag (Game Mode): 16.4 ms


  • Outstanding contrast ratio.
  • Makes highlights pop in HDR.
  • Amazing response time.
  • Excellent reflection handling.


  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • No VRR support.


The Hisense H9G has a decent design, a nice improvement to the Hisense H9F. It has the same unique center-mounted stand, but the back has a modern polished pattern that looks like a checkerboard. There are tracks in the back for cable control, and there are hooks to keep the setup clean. Overall, the borderless style looks pretty good in every setting.

The metal stand is a bit bigger than the stand on the Hisense H9F, but it has the same shape. The stand is solid and the TV doesn’t wobble much. Footprint of the 65 inch stand: 35.2″ x 13.4″.

The back panel is fully plastic and has a textured checkerboard-like finish. The Hisense H9G has tracks on the back panel and clips on the cable control table, which is a nice upgrade over the Hisense H9F.

The Hisense H9G has a decent efficiency of the project. The plastic on the back is sturdy with not much flex, even near the inlets, where the plastic bends a little more. The TV border is metal, giving it a more premium look. Overall, the TV is sturdy, and there are no problems.

Picture Quality

The Hisense H9G has an outstanding contrast ratio, which is expected from a VA panel. The local dimming feature really improves the contrast and the TV displays extremely deep blacks. Note that contrast may vary between units.

Movies: The Hisense H9G is perfect TV for watching movies. It has an excellent contrast ratio and, in combination with its fantastic local dimming feature, it shows exceptionally deep blacks. It scales down-resolution content without any problems and can delete judder from any source, such as native apps or Blu-ray players. Unfortunately, because of the TV’s rapid response time, lower-frame rate content seems to be stuttering.

TV Shows: The Hisense H9G is perfect for viewing television programs. It is extremely bright and has outstanding reflective handling, so it fits well even in the brightest spaces. Unfortunately, the viewing angles are small, so it’s not perfect for watching your tv show with the whole family. On the plus, the content is 720p and 1080p, and the Google Play Store has a ton of apps available for free.

Sports: The Hisense H9G is perfect for sports watching. It’s got a fantastic answer time, so fast-moving content looks fantastic. If you watch sports in a darkened space, it’s easy to get bright enough to combat the glare and has outstanding reflective handling. It also improves the content of 720p, such as cable boxes, without any problems. Unfortunately, watching a big game with a wide number of friends isn’t suggested because it has narrow points of view.

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Video Games: The Hisense H9G is really impressive for gaming. It has a very low input latency, an amazing response time, and a Black Frame Insertion to clear the motion blur. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a ton of extra game functionality like VRR help. It’s a perfect option for dark-room gaming, though, because it has an excellent contrast ratio and amazing black uniformity.

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HDR Movies: The Hisense H9G is perfect for watching HDR movies. Continues to support HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. It shows a wide variety of colors for HDR material and is vivid enough to pull out the highlights. Dark-room vision is outstanding because it has a high native contrast ratio and a decent local dimming to create deep blacks. Unfortunately, the lower-frame content tends to be stuttering due to its rapid response time.

HDR Gaming: The Hisense H9G is decent at HDR gaming. It has a low input lag, quick response time, and HDR material looks fantastic when it’s getting bright enough to really pull out the highlights. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a lot of game features like VRR support. However, it is capable of showing exceptionally deep blacks due to its excellent contrast ratio and complete variety of local dimming features.

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PC Monitor: The Hisense H9G is ideal for use as a PC monitor. It has a low input lag and shows the correct chroma¬†4:4:4, which is critical for text reading. Unfortunately, the viewing angles are low, so the edges of the screen can look darker if you sit too close. In the upside, it’s a perfect option to have in bright rooms as it gets bright enough to fight the glare and has outstanding reflective handling.

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Sound Quality:

The Hisense H9G has a good frequency response, which is a significant upgrade over the Hisense H9F. It gets really noisy and has a well-balanced sound profile, which is perfect for listening to conversation. Unfortunately, there can’t be a deep bass or a rumble or a thump.

The Hisense H9G has all correct distortion performance. There’s a touch of apparent complete harmonic distortion at a reasonable level of listening, and it gets more apparent at the highest pitch. However, this depends on the content and might not be audible to everyone.

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Input Lag

While set to Theater Day mode, the H9G produced an input lag (the time it takes for the screen to refresh) of 104.5ms, which is very high for gaming purposes. However, when set to Gaming mode, input lag came in at 16.4ms, which is below the 20ms threshold that we recommend for lag-free gaming.

Smart Features:

This TV uses Android TV as a smart OS. It’s pretty fast and easy to use. Hisense doesn’t place ads on their interfaces. If you see your Hisense H9G ads, let us know in the discussion below, and we’ll update the analysis. There is, however, some recommended content on the home page.

Android TV’s Google Play Store provides a wide variety of applications available for free. The Hisense H9G has the same remote control as the Hisense H9F and the Hisense H8G. It has quick-access buttons for popular streaming platforms and a built-in voice control mic through Google Assistant.

Final Thoughts:

The Hisense H9G is an amazing TV set. It’s well-rounded and delivers excellent performance for most of its uses. It’s a perfect choice to watch movies in the evening, as it has an excellent contrast ratio and a great wide range of local dimming features.

HDR content looks amazing when it’s vivid enough to pull out the highlights and show a wide variety of colors. Also, players can enjoy the very fast response time and the very low input lag. Unfortunately, owing to its limited viewing angles, wide seating configurations are not suggested.

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