How High Should 65 inch TV Be Mounted? – 2023 Guide

To minimize the glare and prevent eye strain, knowing how high a 65-inch TV should be mounted is critical. Remember, TV size is measured from corner to corner, and for the best viewing experience, you need to mount it so that the middle level of a is precisely at your eye level.

However, other factors like viewing distance and size of the room are also essential to be considered.

Mounting Your 65 inch Tv: Best Viewing Angle and Height

Average Eye Height of Seated Person


Viewing Distance

When you buy a 65-inch TV, you need considerable space to mount, and such big screens are usually mounted in big rooms. The typical viewing distance in average size rooms is between 8-16 feet. It is infrequent that your seating positions are more than 13 feet away from the TV. The recommended seating position for a 65 inch TV is between 8-10 feet in a big room.

Average Eye Height of Seated Person

Average Eye Height of Seated Person


The eye level of the seated person depends upon the height of the sofa or bed. Also, it depends on the height of the person. On average, the eye level of a seated person is 36.6-inches for males and 28.2 inches for females.

Considering both these values, the average eye level of a seated person is 32.2 inches. However, if your TV size is more than 50-inches, it should be mounted slightly higher than the eye level to get a theatre-like feel. So the adjusted eye-level height for a 65-inch TV is 42.2 inches.

Calculate The Height

The formula we use to determine the mounting height of the TV is
Ideal TV height= Watching Height x Horizontal Watching Distance x Tan(viewing angle)

The ideal viewing angle for the 65 inch TV from a distance of 8 feet is ten degrees. The eye-level or watching height is 42.2 inches, and the horizontal watching distance is 8 feet. When we put the values in the formula above, we get the ideal mounting height of the TV is 44 inches. It is the height of the bottom edge of the TV from the floor.


How High Should a 65 inch TV Be Mounted


How high off the ground should a 65 inch TV be?

You should mount a 65-inch tv, 44-inches, from the floor to the bottom edge of the TV. It is an ideal mounting height for the viewing distance between 8-10 feet and an eye-level height of around 42-inches.

Is it better to mount a TV higher or lower?

TV should either be mounted too high or too low. As a general rule of thumb, the center of the screen should be in line with the eye level of the seated person. However, if the TV size is bigger than 50-inches, it is recommended to mount the TV slightly higher for a theatre-like experience.


From the formula above, we can easily calculate how high a 65-inch TV should be mounted. The average eye-level height, viewing distance, and viewing angle vary from person to person, and you may get a different ideal mount height for your TV.

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