How Much Bigger Is a 65 TV Than a 60 – 2023 General Size Comparison

To make your home a happy place, television plays a major role as it is dedicated to entertainment. The TV comes in various sizes and dimensions which one can opt for according to the size of the room.

Usually larger sizes of TVs are suitable for large living rooms whereas, for crowded and small rooms, medium-sized TVs are suitable.

It’s not just the size that makes the difference, many other features also matter a lot like screen display, color accuracy, picture quality, etc.

A 65-inch TV is bigger than a 60-inch TV, so it’s not only bigger in size but also it has many other advanced features that the 60-inch TV lacks. To get further details, stick to this article.

Size Difference Between 65 TV and 60

Dimensions Of 65-Inch And 60-Inch TV

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Size Guide and Recommended Viewing Distance (screen size – inches, distance – cm)

The main difference that lies between these two televisions is the dimensions. While buying a TV, keep in mind that the price of the TV is directly proportional to its dimensions. The larger the dimension, the higher the price will be. The 3 types of dimensions are depth, height, and width.

a 65-inch TV is 32 inches tall without a stand and with a stand, its height is 36 inches. The width is 58 inches and the depth is 1.7 inches or 2 inches. On the other hand, the height of a 60-inch TV is 29.4 inches tall and is 32 inches wide.

So depending upon the dimensions, a 65-inch TV is more expensive than a 60-inch TV.

Room Size For 65-Inch And 60-Inch TV

Large dimensions of TVs are suitable for large living rooms whereas small dimensions of TVs are suitable for crowded rooms. A 65-inch TV has a larger dimension than a 60-inch TV and is suitable for large living rooms where your distance from TV is approximately 9 feet in order to perceive high picture quality. For medium-sized rooms, a 60-inch TV is suitable.

Viewing Distance

Viewing distance is one of the most considered factors while buying larger-sized televisions. As both 65 and 60 inch TVs have larger dimensions, only a slight difference occurs in width, height, and depth.

The viewing distance for 60-inch TVs is approximately 13 feet from the screen. Whereas for 65-inch TVs, the greater than 13 feet from the screen in order to perceive the better ultra HD picture quality.

60 vs 65 inches tv


Is a 65-inch TV too big?

a 65-inch TV is not too big in size. Its dimensions are 32 inches tall, 58 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. If you want to have a better experience of home theater then a 65-inch TV is best suitable.

How far should you sit from a 65-inch 4K TV?

The viewing distance of television depends upon its dimensions. In the case of a 65-inch TV, the range of viewing distance is from 5.4 feet to 8.1 feet which is suitable for perceiving high picture quality.

How do you pick the right TV for your room?

Before buying a television, the size that you are buying is very important to be considered. Usually, for small and crowded rooms, 32-inch or 55-inch TVs are suitable. But for large living rooms and media rooms, large TV dimensions like 60-inch or 65-inch TVs are best suited in order to perceive HD picture quality and videos.

What is a good size of TV for bedrooms?

good size of TV for bedrooms

As bedrooms are not large in space and are medium-sized, TVs that are suitable for bedrooms are 43-inch, 32-inch, and 55-inches.

Are 60-inch TVs phased out?

As manufacturers focus more on 55-inch TVs and 65-inch TVs, so 60-inch TVs are out of focus and are phased out.


Both TVs are of larger dimensions but have a slight difference in size. Both of them are suitable for larger living rooms and give a feel of home theater. a 60-inch TV is suitable for large living rooms and provides the experience of a home theater.

But if you want to have a better and bigger experience of picture and video quality, then 65-inch TVs are suitable.

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