How to Choose Android TV Box 2022 Guide – Tips for Perfect Choice

Android television boxes are becoming more popular today. Ever wondered why?

The entertainment industry has changed it. Imagine, at your fingertips, a world of movies and music where you can pick the content you want to watch, play, and listen to.

These Android TV boxes have opened up a range of choices. You can browse the web, read the news, buy, browse social media pages, send texts, and many more choices.

Today, there are a lot of different choices to choose from as we look for the perfect Android TV set. We have to remember which Android TV box to buy. Trying to pursue the tips on the list does not hurt.

Let’s start now!

What Is An Android TV Box?


For someone new to the world, I just want to answer this question before diving in. What’s a TV Box for Android?

A TV box is a piece of hardware that allows you to remotely stream content to your TV screen from the Internet. It works a lot like a tablet or a mobile. You can download apps that you use your remote to view and monitor from the TV box, and they allow you to watch online content on your large screen.

You can use the Netflix app, the YouTube app, the Amazon Prime Video app, the Hulu app. There’s an app that you can download straight to your TV box for virtually all streaming services.

Now, an Android TV box is a TV box that runs on the Android operating system, the same as many mobile phones. You can also get devices from Apple TV that use the Apple operating system, and there are a lot of other choices out there.

The explanation why an Android TV box is chosen is the same reason why an Android phone is selected: flexibility. Many operating systems, such as Apple, only come on Apple hardware, and in terms of what you can bring on there, you are locked down.

On the other hand, Android is a free operating system, so it can be used by a large range of hardware manufactures. In terms of what you can download and how you can customize your experience, you still have more options. But it is still one of the most common and maintained operating systems out there.

It also means that affordable Android TV boxes are easier to find, as the operating system is very accessible to manufacturers.

Understand What You’re Giving Up

You need to consider what you’re giving away if you’re looking at a cheap Android TV set. It makes perfect sense that streaming services with higher prices will normally (but not always) have better features. What I’ve noticed is that some of the things that don’t turn up in the specs will always waste any money on one of the cheaper TV boxes.

For example, here’s what you might be giving up by going with a cheap Android TV box:

  • Regular firmware updates: Streaming devices get better over time – if the manufacturer updates them at all. Without regular firmware updates, the TV box that looked like a great deal when you bought it can quickly become outdated.
  • OTA upgrades: If the manufacturer doesn’t offer OTA (over the air) firmware upgrades, you may have to use the “toothpick method” and manually update the device. Manual updates are much more complicated and most people just skip them entirely.
  • Forum support: If I’m having a problem with my device, the first place I’ll usually go for answers is to the manufacturer’s forum. It’s rare for the cheaper streaming devices to have a good community support network.
  • Support after the sale: It takes money to run a customer service department. If they aren’t making it on the price of the TV box, this is usually the first thing to go.

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Things to Consider When Ordering Android TV Box


You need to pay close attention to the technical requirements when it comes to purchasing an Android TV box. There are several different factors to remember, and unfortunately, there has not been an “ideal” TV box that has what you’re looking for. You will make a better buy for your home and family by introducing yourself to some of the most essential functions in an Android TV box.

1. Operating System

For all advanced electronics, TV boxes are running on a dedicated operating system. However, the OS is something more than an esthetic appeal and a collection of applications. The OS affects the optimization and efficiency of your TV Boxes, such as memory consumption and OpenGL support.

The operating system of your TV box also influences all of the smart hubs you might have in your home. Since not all mobile devices are compatible with each other, make sure your TV box fits with the rest of the smart electronics. If you’re using Amazon Alexa, you’ll get the highest results from Fire TV. If your home is wired by Apple technologies, you’ll need Apple TV for connectivity.

The TV box will work no matter which operating system you pick, just make sure you buy one with an up-to-date OS for better performance. And if you have a smart home, you will experience greater synergy if your TV box uses the same OS as your smart center.

2. Audio Passthrough

Audio passthrough is a feature that enables the sound of a video recording – such as a Blu-ray which has been ripped to a PC to “pass-through” the TV box and to a home theater receiver, which is better able to read and translate compressed sound recordings.

In other words, audio passthrough is a feature intended to make your movies, your TV shows, and even your music sound better. Although not all TV boxes are fitted with an audio passthrough, the feature is always seen in KODI due to its simplicity, and some TV boxes also have a 5.1 audio passthrough. This functionality is not necessary for everybody, but it’s a smart idea to keep an eye on it.

3. Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching

Dynamic Refresh Rate is another technological concept that you may or may not be familiar with. Dynamic refresh rate refers to how quickly the TV or device processes and projects what you’re doing. 60Hz is known to be optimal because, at this refresh rate, the human eye can no longer sense flickering or the rate at which the computer changes the images.

Unfortunately, not all videos are coded to 60Hz, and when you watch a 30Hz clip with 60Hz settings, it won’t look very good. Dynamic refresh rate switching helps the TV Box to dynamically adjust for the change in frame rate, syncing the lower frame rate of your movie with the higher frame rate of your TV for a smoother frame rate.

For this feature to work, however, you will have to ensure that your software (such as KODI), your hardware (Android, Fire TV, etc.), and your television itself are equipped with dynamic refresh rate switching. If just one of them does not have the feature, you will have to manually adjust the frame rate.

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How to Choose Android TV Box (Tips)

1. Choose the Right Processor


A significant aspect is the RAM and processing power. We all want an Android TV box that runs smoothly. If it lags when you use that, it would be a hassle.

Select an Android TV box with a quad-core CPU of at least 1.5 GHz or higher. The best is an Android TV box with an octa-core processor.

DynamIQ technology: a more advanced version of big.LITTLE processor. It has an octa-core configuration because of its dual ARM CPU core.

Tegra X1 processor: this processor is mostly used with gaming devices. Although it does not have a configuration like ARM big. LITTLE, it is still capable of running a 4K content.

2. Check the Storage Option

The Android TV box’s memory storage enables the operating system to run. The operating system and the storage of memory should therefore go together. Most Android TV boxes have just 8GB of internal capacity, and a substantial portion of it is taken up by the operating system.

Select an Android TV box that has at least 4 GB of RAM and at least 32 GB of capacity. Also, make sure to buy a TV box that accepts at least a 64 GB microSD card to be stored externally.

3. Look for Available USB ports


For the Bluetooth receiver and peripherals, an Android TV box should have at least 2 USB ports. Also, select a TV box that allows USB 3.0 so it is more powerful than USB 2.0. For those who use external drives, a USB 3.0 is important. Although, if you do use ordinary peripherals, you’d be just fine with a USB 2.0.

4. Check for the Video and Display

There are a few things you have to consider for video and display options.

HDMI: For 4 K streaming, HDMI 2.0 is a standard.

Dynamic refresh rate switching: The refresh rate between the source and the TV is automatically adjusted to provide the absolute best display.

265 Hardware Decoding: High-efficiency video encoding (HEVC) is also known as the standard for compressing videos and making delivery over a network simpler. H.265 effectively compresses images or videos that can support a resolution of up to 8K.

Choose an Android TV box that can support streaming 4K videos and HD content, especially if you are a fan of Netflix and YouTube.

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5. Determine the Operating System Version


You need to choose an Android TV box that is running on an operating system greater than Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Completely ignore the older models and they can’t upgrade the TV boxes. The Enjoyment of Android suggests that you purchase an Android TV box with Android 6.0 or higher support.

6. Check the Options for Network Connectivity

Determining what network access is available for your Android TV box is critical.

Wi-Fi: To have smooth video reproduction, you can have at least 802.11ac. We all dislike the experience of buffering our films. Also, to compensate for the weak signal, use a dual-band router and network adapter to provide a quicker signal.

Gigabit Ethernet: You don’t have to worry about the signal or the interface because the link is consistent.

7. Determine Bluetooth Support


An Android TV box is available that just doesn’t allow Bluetooth connectivity. This function is essential for transferring files from your phone to the TV box or connecting Bluetooth-enabled peripherals. It is also necessary to decide whether Bluetooth is supported by all of this.

8. Check for Google Play Support

To – the hassle and commitment of installing GAPPs, select an Android TV box that supports Google Play. You only need additional measures to maximize the use of the TV box. The interface is the same as on an Android smartphone.

Best Android TV Box to Buy in 2022

1. Best Android TV Box: NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro Home Media Server


Check the Price on Amazon

If you are searching for a way to connect your PC gaming to your Smart TV, Nvidia Shield TV Home Media Server will be the best choice. This state-of-the-art TV box uses GPU innovations and its powerful wireless connection to cast your PC gaming onto your TV screen without any direct hardware connection, allowing you to play your games on your way.

The Nvidia Shield comes with impressive technology. The innovative processor incorporates two separate quad-core CPUs, transferring four cores to easy, low-power tasks and saving the other four cores for specialized operations, leaving you with more resources to process. 3 GB of RAM provides plenty of power, and an impressive 500 GB of capacity, leaves behind other TV boxes.

Some of the Shield Pro’s most promising capabilities is an exclusive lineup of Android titles, specially designed for use with this platform. It’s advanced wireless design also enables fast downloading of PC games straight from the web to your TV. Immersive multimedia equipment combines full pass-through Dolby multimedia and surrounds sound.

The Shield Pro is now fully compatible with the smart platform support Google Smart Things, connecting your TV set to your smart screen, offering a simple visual experience for all your smart devices, and making it easy to control your home. The Shield Pro also offers a broad variety of video platforms including famous networks, sports stations broadcasting, PLEX, KODI, and more.

This isn’t cheap The Nvidia Shield Pro. This costs many times more than the regular Android TV box and the additional RAM and powerful GPU won’t be worth the added expense for a lot of people. But if you’re betting extreme, the Shield Pro might revolutionize the way you ‘re playing.


  • Advanced CPU and 256-core GPU
  • 500 GB of storage space
  • Stream video games from your PC to the TV


  • Very expensive

2. Android TV Box 11.0


Check the Price on Amazon

One of the things you can bear in mind when looking for a TV set is that certain products make some features a preference over others. A TV box that specializes in streaming video does certainly not have the same features as a TV box that emphasizes a superior gaming experience.

Some Android TV boxes aim to generalize, offering a well-rounded overall experience, not to be a specialist in one area or another, but instead. These boxes may not be the best of anything but none of these will they be the worst.

The Android TV Box 11.0 is only another case of Android TV Box jack-of-all-trades. While it might never top the charts, it offers good performance, with state-of-the-art technology that helps make it one of the best market values.

It is fitted with the new Android OS. The updated operating system ensures smoother performance, better consistency with software, and greater availability of the new games and devices. With an interactive theater ride, it is designed with 4K video, and compliant with 3D technology.

Although the 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU is pretty good, there is definitely a lack of 2 GB storage space. For an SD card, you can extend the capacity to 32 GB, but you’ll always be constrained to how many applications you can install, or what video/music files you can store.

It may not be an industry-leading device, it provides respectable hardware and strong video encoding. It won’t blow you away but that doesn’t mean you won’t be impressed with such an inexpensive model ‘s performance.


  • Runs on the latest Android OS
  • Supports 3D and 4K compatibility
  • Good processing speed


  • Minimal storage space

3. DOLAMEE D5 (4K) Android TV Box


Check the Price on Amazon

No two people are of the same mind about everything. This is as true of shopping preferences as it is of anything else. It’s why one person buys off-brand peanut butter at Dollar Tree and another buys organic peanut butter sold in a glass jar from a health food store.

Of course, there are times when it’s not about being thrifty. Of example, name-brand batteries like Duracell or Energizer would always last longer than their discount equivalents – so much so that the long-term risk of purchasing better batteries would often be greater.

However, more often than not, you will spend less, and still get a decent product. In reality, value labels are a stronger option than their more costly rivals, at times. I still buy regular brown sugar: it tastes great, and it doesn’t harden as quickly.


  • Very affordably priced
  • Decent processor and memory
  • KODI comes pre-installed


  • The operating system is out of date

Frequently Asked Questions About Android TV Box

What is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV box is a mini box running Android apps or a replacement version of a standard Android, for those who don’t know. This TV box is a remarkable device made for video streaming through the Internet or NAS drive from your device to your TV.

However, there are TV boxes that are said to be powered by Android software but are preloaded with channels or content that should be subscribed to. You have to be careful. Since these kinds of goods are prohibited and considered to violate the law, you have to be cautious.

How does an Android TV box work?

The Android TV box is connected to your television through the Internet, it is powered by Android software that enables you to install apps, stream movies through video apps, and play songs via music apps.

What is 4K streaming?

The innovation of TV technology has stepped up its game. You should catch up with each advancement to experience the best! The acronym 4K is the same as Ultra HD. Both terms mean the video resolution is 2,840 by 2,160 pixels. It surpassed the resolution of a Full HD TV.

Final Words

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