How to Clean Your TV Screen Without Damaging – LED LCD Monitors – 2022 Guide

Let’s imagine you’ve recently purchased a new flatscreen TV. And discovered that the TV you’ve had in your living room over the past years is becoming dusty. How to clean your TV screen and why it is so important to clean your TV screen. And how to clean your TV screen without damaging or scratching the screen. It seems easy to clean a television screen. Many traditional HDTVs have on their layer special coatings that can be ruined by strong cleans.

Use a lint-free towel:

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When you’re watching a TV every day, it’s important to make sure there’s no dust or dirt on the TV screen. It’s better to use a lint-free cleaning tissue because this type of material doesn’t drop fibers when clean your TV screens– so you don’t add to the mess, create dust against the window, or avoid damaging the glass.

Large TVs from 65-inch displays will have a glass display, whether it is an LCD, OLED, or QLED TV screen. Whatever you do, don’t avoid wiping down halfway: an imperfect clean of your TV screen may be worse than a dusty one.

Go to liquids for easy clean:

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Generally, don’t apply water, spray or any other solutions directly on the flat screen for cleaning it. You just need to clean your TV screen with the dry cloth instead of using spray or water. Where ever it’s possible just wipe and clean your TV screen with a dry cloth. It must be excellent to slightly dampen the material with water earlier than wiping it down.

It is important not to use a cleaning agent that makes damaging the TV screen. Because daily cleaning products “may be too rough for television and remove the coating off sensitive displays. It is also best to avoid using too much water or a spray solution since large amounts can flow in the TV itself and destroy sections of the hardware.

Casing and ports

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So you washed the screen down, but do you have to worry about the rest?

There is no damage in handling the case like this – a dry cloth – and it will usually be less sensitive than the screen.

Ports with leads or cabled attached shouldn’t let dust, and these days, AV kit usually doesn’t need you to blow out dust every time it works–like the heavy Nintendo 64 game cartridges. Even, empty ports may need a gentle puff of gas duster to clear dust every once in a while.

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