How to Stream Media From Your PC to Your Amazon Fire TV – 2022 Guide

Amazon’s Fire TV Box and Fire TV Stick are excellent choices when you’re planning to change your TV into an internet-connected media center. But if you’re trying to stream content directly from your PC or from the cloud, Plex is a great piece of software that makes it simple and quick.

Plex media server program can help you stream almost any of the content to your Amazon Firestick kit from your PC. There are two levels to get over, you will first have to install Plex media server on your Laptop and set up with your media files. Then you can install Plex on your Amazon Fire TV – ready for all your media content to stream.

Download and install Plex on your Laptop


Plex media works with almost every computer you can think of, which is simple, easy to set up and super portable. Even if this guide is set up with your Fire TV, you can use it with all your other gear just as quickly once it’s ready to go.

The Major thing you have to do is – you need to download the plex media server program and install and configure it to your laptop. You can easily download and install it by, first, visit the Plex website and download the Windows software and set up it to your pc. When Plex is installed, the downloaded file will open or run and the installation will begin.

Set up Plex and find your media folders


You will need to add your media files now that Plex is installed so that the program knows where and how to search all your movies and TV shows and other stuff.

  • First, agree to the Terms of Service and conditions
  • Give a name to your server and click – Next
  • Now you can add your libraries’ files. Choose a media type and point Plex to the correct folder on your PC. You can repeat this step for all your different media types like photos, boxsets, etc.
  • If your folders are pretty big, Plex may take a little while to index and download any metadata – this could take up to ten minutes to finish.

However, you are done with the processor’s PC setup side, so turn your computer on and move over to your television to set up the Fire TV. Since it works with just for any device, you can use it to stream media to all kinds of devices around your home when your server is set up. Additionally, you can keep adding more media to your PC’s files, and Plex can find them automatically.

Download the Plex app to your Amazon Fire TV


Just go to Amazon App Store and search for the Plex app on the device you’d like to install on. Follow the installation instructions and you can see the Plex server appearing from your PC as long as you are connected to the same network when the app opens.

Plex should do all the technical work on your PC – ‘ transcode ‘ your video to ensure that files are played on your Fire TV, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your form of media.

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