Is QLED better than OLED? – Ultimate Review & Comparison 2022

We all are living in an era of technology that has made human life easier and facilitated. As technology develops, different devices were invented that have reduced human power in many ways.

There are many types of technologies that have made human life more convenient, but the most advanced one is digital media technology.

Digital media technology has digitalized this world as it’s all about just one click.

In the past few years, there is a drastic technological improvement in the TV industry. The major technological revolution in the TV industry was the invention of Smart TVs.

Smart TVs have a really unique feature of recording the TV shows and dramas which the viewers can watch in their free time without missing a single episode.

From Smart TVs to HD and moving towards the 8K are the biggest technological revolutions in the TV industry, providing better and high-quality resolution TV screens to the viewers.

QLEDs and OLEDs are the recent technologies that are remodeling and upgrading the display panels of TVs. let’s just discuss in detail about QLEDs and OLEDs in this article by providing you the authentic information about these two displays.


QLED monitor

QLED corresponds to Quantum Light Emitting Diode. QLEDs were first launched in 2013 by Sony. Soon after its launch, Samsung took over the QLEDs and started selling them. QLED TVs are just like the typical ordinary LED Tv but the difference occurs in the display.

QLEDs make use of quantum dots that are micro nanoparticles that are responsible for enhancing the colors and brightness of the display screen.

The light produced by QLEDs is similar to the light produced by an ordinary LED TV. The major issue with quantum dots in QLEDs is that they do not discharge their own light and use a backlight that passes through them.

These LED TVs provide a brighter view to the viewers and the best experience for the gamers to enjoy playing games.


oled tv

OLEDs stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. OLEDs emit the light separately and are better than QLEDs. The contrast of OLEDs is really striking but the brightness level of these LED displays is at a lower level.

OLEDs are high technological panels present in the TV sets. Due to their affordable price range, OLED displays are worth giving a shot at.

OLEDs do not make use of backlight for display, instead, they emit light through the quantum diode. These OLEDs are more systematic than QLEDs which need a white backlight.

These LEDs are more efficient and deliver premium quality images to the viewers.

 QLED Vs OLED – Which one is better?


The most confusing question regarding these two displays is which one is better to opt for? Simply, both of these displays play their part while delivering quality images to the viewers. QLEDs take advantage of the backlight and provide a brighter view to the viewers.

The quantum dots that are present in QLEDs intensifies the brightness of the display without disturbing the saturation in the color spectrum.

OLEDs are different from QLEDs as they do not emphasize the original brightness. The light is emitted by the single pixels that do not produce much brightness which can cause issues in dim lights or in darker rooms.

So OLEDs are better than QLEDs because they provide a similar contrast but in a less bright range making the retina of the viewers safe from harsh light rays.


QLED displays have more vibrant colors of images than OLEDs.

QLED TVs have a larger range of colors that are much saturated at a high level of brightness which is one of the most beneficial features of QLEDs.

So in color space, QLEDs have a better and wide range of colors than OLEDs and in this case, QLEDs are the better option.

Angle of Viewing

OLEDs have the best Viewing angle than QLEDs. The reason is that in QLEDs, the center of the screen is the best viewing angle but at the sides of these LEDs, the brightness of the screen reduces image quality, contrast, and colors.

But in the case of OLEDs, the screen can be viewed clearly at all angles with bright color contrast and high-quality image. So OLEDs have the best angle view than QLEDs.

Power Depletion

As OLEDs do not need highly bright backlights, so they are power efficient because the backlight that they utilize does not acquire much power for consumption.

So in this case, OLEDs are much more power-efficient than QLEDs that purely work on the backlights. Another great advantage of OLEDs is that they do not emit more heat than QLEDs.


Is QLED is better than 4K?

QLEDs are considered to be the best in case of color accuracy but are unable to make the black spots of the image visible but in comparison, OLEDs do makes the Black areas visible.

Are QLEDs bad for Health?

Yes, unfortunately, QLEDs are bad for human health because many of the quantum dots produce heavy metal cadmium that is dangerous to human health.

Is OLED displays better for the eyes?

As OLEDs do not have much brightness so these displays cause eye fatigue that is not good for human eyes as they are very sensitive.


QLEDs and OLEDs are the two recent technologies in the display panels of the TV industry. QLEDs are the upgraded form of display but OLEDs are newly launched displays. Both of these displays provide a better and more high-quality view to the viewers.

In order to choose one from both of them, OLEDs TVs are a far better option to opt for than QLEDs as OLEDs have better viewing angles and are energy efficient. Also, they produce less heat than QLEDs.

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