Is TCL Better Than LG? – 2023 Buying Guide

We can have a rhetoric debate on whether TCL is better than LG, but it would just be like looking at number 9 from two different angles. Some would say it is 6, and the others would say it is 9, but the point is they are both correct from their own perspectives. TCL and LG are two of the most infamous manufacturers of home appliances. TCL is a Chinese company, whereas LG originated from South Korea.

The main difference between the two is that LG offers some of the most advanced features in its appliances, whereas TCL gives fundamental features to its appliances. This causes a sharp contrast between the prices of the two. However, I have prepared a brief analysis of the features of the two so that you can better judge whether TCL is better than LG or not. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s delve into the details.

Is TCL Better Than LG?

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1. Pricing

It would be better if we segment TCL and LG into two separate categories. This categorization would better help you understand the price difference between the two. The TCL company offers appliances for people running on a touch budget and can hardly afford LG appliances. At the same time, LG company offers top-notch high-end products for people with no monetary constraints. The difference between the prices of the two companies goes as far as a thousand dollars.

2. Durability

Speaking about the durability of TCL and LG, it is higher in LG appliances than TCL overall. However, within each brand, the durability varies with the prices and modernization. For example, LG offers many products and keeps launching newer, more innovative models every year, focusing on durability and reliability. The same goes for TCL as well. So, durability comes with a price. The pricey an appliance is, the better its quality and, thus, more durable it will be.

3. Picture Quality Of The Smart TVs

Comparing the picture quality of LG smart TVs with TCL Smart TVs, the difference is pronounced. LG uses advanced 4K resolution with various displays such as HDR, UHD and, OLED. This is why you can see a very vibrant and clear picture with excellent contrasts and a superb motion picture. Whereas TCL Smart TVs offer Dolby vision support which also gives an excellent watching experience.

4. Wireless Assistance

Given today’s modernization and advancement in technology, Smart TVs without fully functional wireless assistance are considered antiquated and obsolete, which is why both LG and TLC offer wireless assistance. LG has its own voice assistant, i.e., ThinQ AI. On the other hand, TCL uses Google assistance, Alexa, or Roku search. Wireless assistance in both is receptive and highly efficient. Thus you can buy a cheap TCL Smart TV or an expensive LG Smart TV and still have fantastic wireless assistance that will make finding movies, music files, and everything else so much easier.


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Is TCL good or bad?

TCL is a pretty good Smart TV with all the decent features and comes at a lower price. It has a good picture quality and a great sound system. It gives you an excellent watching experience with smooth performance and lower lag when playing video games on it. However, it does not offer any of the features of high-end and expensive models. So, if you are not overly excited about all those advanced features, TCL is the perfect choice for you.

Is TCL as good as LG?

Although TCL is a pretty decent TV with simple features and a lower price, it does not come anywhere near LG. LG is, without doubt, a better brand that offers Smart TVs with many flabbergasting features such as 4K resolution. It has excellent picture quality and a superb sound system. Besides, LG has a higher price tag to compensate for all these extra features, but the price is worth the excellent durability and quality that you get from its products.

Why is TCL TV so cheap?

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TCL TVs are cheap mainly because of two things. The first being TCL has a single warehouse where all of the operations take place. So they don’t have to bear the extra costs of outsourcing or import-export of materials. Besides, all the materials required for their TVs are made inside that same warehouse. So they don’t have to purchase ready-made raw materials for their TVs. Secondly, TCL offers a minimal number of features in their Smart TVs. So, the price tag that goes along with these Smart TVs is only fair.

Which country made TCL?

TCL is a China-based company that had a humble beginning back in 1981. It rose from scratch, and now it is one of the world’s largest panel manufacturers. Apart from panels, TCL supplies many other electronic appliances throughout the globe. It employes approximately seventy-five thousand employees and has a presence in over eighty countries. So it is safe to say that this company has achieved a lot in over three decades.

Does TCL TV last longer than LG TV?

Assuming that you don’t watch television twenty-four hours a day, there is a high probability that the Smart TVs from both these brands will have a lifespan of six to eight years. It also depends upon your usage, as a rough use will wear out any type of electronic much faster than it usually would. To be more precise, you get 40000 to 60000 hours of activity.


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Summing it all up, it is safe to say TCL is not better than LG in terms of advanced features and technology. LG offers many extra features in their Smart TVs and other home appliances, which any top-notch electronic counterpart device would have. In contrast, TCL gives no such extra features in their appliances. TCL just adds all the necessary features that one expects of a particular appliance. This deduction of the extra features brings down the price of TCL appliances, thus making them more affordable for people with limited real income.

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