LG CX OLED TV 2023 Review – Buying Guide & Review

The LG CX OLED is an outstanding television and provides superb all-around results. As it can turn off individual pixels it can produce perfect blacks, so it looks fantastic in dark rooms. It has a very wide range of colors for content with HDR, impressive viewing angles, and it well upscales content with lower resolution. Gamers should enjoy the support of variable refresh rate (VRR), the near-instant response time, and low input lag.

Thankfully, it has the risk of severe burn-in like all OLED TVs, but it should not be an issue for people who watch varied content. The Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL) is also aggressive, so large areas are not as bright as they are supposed to be. Fortunately, it has fantastic color fidelity out of the package, and you won’t have to pay any additional time to calibrate it.


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  • Perfect blacks.
  • Wide viewing angles.
  • Great out-of-the-box color accuracy.
  • Near-instant response time.


  • Aggressive Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL).
  • Risk of permanent burn-in.


The CX has a streamlined style with a luxurious feel to it, which appears very similar to the LG C9 OLED. The silver aluminum on the rear is a bit thicker than its counterpart, but it has the same frame that enables the TV to rest on the screen.

The frame is really strong, so the screen doesn’t wobble too much. It’s almost as wide as the television so you need a big table to put it on. Often, because the TV lies too close to the surface, the television might potentially be blocked by placing a soundbar above it.

Excellent build quality, like the LG C9 OLED. The front of the stand and the top half of the back are made of metal, but the top half of the TV has a bit of flex. The stand back and the panel holding the inputs are made of solid plastic which feels like metal.

Picture Quality

Like all OLED TVs, the CX has an infinite contrast ratio since it’s able to turn off individual pixels, resulting in perfect blacks.

Since this TV doesn’t have a backlight, it doesn’t have a local dimming feature. It can dim pixels individually, so bright objects and subtitles are displayed perfectly, with no visible blooming.

For Movies: The LG CX OLED is a remarkable TV for watching films. With its OLED screen, it’s ready to create impeccable blacks, which is perfect for watching motion pictures in the dimness. It upscales 1080p substance well, it’s ready to expel judder from 24p sources like Blu-beam players, and it has a fast reaction time, yet tragically, that makes some substance seem to falter. Fortunately, it has wide survey edges, so you don’t lose picture precision along the edge.

For TV Shows: Extraordinary for sitting in front of the TV shows. It has phenomenal reflection taking care of and it has good pinnacle splendor to battle glare in many rooms. It upscales 720p substance well and has great work in speakers. Shockingly, similar to all OLED TVs, it has the danger of consuming, where could be an issue with a steady presentation to static logos. Be that as it may, it has great survey plots for when you need to watch your preferred show with the whole family.

For sports: The LG CX OLED is an awesome TV for watching sports. It has astounding reflection dealing with, good crest brightness, and it doesn’t have an obvious dirty screen impact in the middle. It additionally has wide review points, incredible for watching the game with a group of friends. It has a close moment reaction time, yet shockingly, some quick-moving items despite everything look somewhat foggy.

For Gaming: Incredible TV for HDR gaming. The LG CX OLED has extraordinary gaming highlights like a low information slack, VRR support, and close moment reaction time. Likewise, it shows an exceptionally wide shading range in HDR and gets sufficiently splendid to bring out features. Shockingly, its shading volume is somewhat restricting, as it can’t show brilliant hues.

For PC monitor: All OLED TVs have a perpetual consume in chance, so it’s not perfect to utilize the LG CX OLED as a PC screen since static presentations could cause issues. In any case, despite everything has astounding execution as a PC screen. It can show appropriate chroma 4:4:4, which is significant for understanding content, the information slack is low, and it has wide review points, extraordinary on the off chance that you need to put it in a gathering room.


For most uses, the LG CX OLED is a stunning Television. Like any OLED TV, it is capable of producing perfect blacks and has a response time of near-instant. It has wide viewing angles, excellent handling of the reflection, excellent color accuracy out of the box, and low input lag.

Unfortunately, there’s a risk of permanent burn-in but this shouldn’t be a varied content issue. It can also interpolate motion up to 120Hz and remove judger from sources with lower frame rate, such as a cable box or DVD player.

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