LG CX vs BX – Ultimate TV Comparison 2023

OLED TVs have scored a well-known status in the market by delivering astonishing displays, broad view angles, improved contrast ratio, and more. These TVs have amended performance and come in a flat and thin design that looks aesthetically pleasing and will enhance the look of any TV lounge.

In this sequence, LG is a top-brand that has launched numerous products in different series that boast OLED technology.

It is hard to choose one from all those flagship devices. Thus, there is a battle going on called LG CX vs BX, so I decided to test both and see the winner. Let’s begin with me.

Differences between LG CX and BX


Build Quality

The LG CX is the latest and flagship model from LG C-series. It comes in a stunning black body with a thin pedestal that completes an up-to-date look. I am in love with the thin boundary of this TV which provides the user a vast display.

While purchasing a flagship TV, I suggest going for at least 55 inches to relish the picture like never before.

The TV set comes with a decent stand for placing your TV on the bench. The CX offers excellent build quality, and I am impressed that the stand is also composed of metal which sounds durable. However, the size of the stand is large, so you’ll need a large fence to place it.

In contrast, the LG BX model is a front-runner belonging to the B-series by LG. It is also called B 10. In terms of design, it is very much similar to LG CX. It comes in a very sleek black body that looks perfect but might not be coupled with your soundbar because you lose a screen area.

The stand of the BX is made of plastic material, and it is half as compared to that of CX. The quality of the stand is average. But it’s lightweight and small will provide you the leverage of placing it on your old table.

Display and Performance

The display and refresh rate mainly determine the performance of a TV set. The LG CX illustrates fantastic performance, especially for gaming and all credit goes to the 120 Hz panel. It includes various gaming-oriented features like quicker response period, VRR-support, minimum input lag, and more.

The input latency is the most notable feature which complements your gaming session. The latency time refers to the delay between command and action. Moreover, it displays HDR with a broad color gamut and has a perfect contrast ratio.

I like the darkness level of this TV set, but the brightness peaks need improvement. Thus, I don’t suggest turning on gaming mode in a brighter room.

On the other hand, the LG BX is exceptional for HDR display. It also comes with Free Sync VRR support that is defined as a variable refresh rate.

This feature is usually installed in leading devices only, and it helps the game console deliver video frames at the fastest possible rate.

In addition, the LG BS OLED TV offers low input lag and instant response time. It has a very classical and soothing display with the correct color gamut.

However, the brightness level has room for improvement in this TV set. It might not get some highlights to stand out in HDR display because of average brightness peaks.

Ports and Inputs

The CX OLED TV is equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI 2.1, USB, VRR supports, and headphones input which is an excellent inclusion for gamers. The input coupling with the 120 Hz panel at 4K display gives an irreplaceable performance. It will entertain you with clearly no impediment!

At the same time, LG BX offers two rear ports supporting the 4K resolution at a 120 Hz panel. I like the slim and even arrangement of ports, and for more help, you can seek the manufacturer’s manual. However, BX is not the front-runner in the sequence of ports.


Is the LG BX bright enough?

There is no doubt that LG BX delivers a fantastic display with a broad view angle. I like the darkness level of this TV, but brightness peaks could be improved to provide a better result even in sunnier rooms. Some highlights do not get prominent enough on the screen of this OLED TV.

Why is LG OLED the best?

I must say that OLEDs beat the LCDs or even QLEDs. It brings an outstanding display with a perfect contrast ratio and all thanks to its pixel levels. Today, LG is a top brand that has embraced OLED technology in its flagship devices like C9, CX, and BX.

What are the disadvantages of OLED TV?

Many reviewers kept talking about the pros of OLED TVs, but every technology does have a negative side. The main disadvantage of OLED is its age, as the panel relied on the organic LED. Color degradation is possible in any case. This fact will eventually affect the brightness level and balance for the worse.

Final Words

We concluded that LG CX boasts an infinite contrast fraction with a broad view angle and a better color gamut that supports the improved display. However, the devices need improvement in brightness peaks.

With the flip of a coin, LG BX comes with perfect reflection handling and the quickest response time, facilitating excellent performance. Besides, it is at constant risk of burn-in.

In a nutshell, I think that LG CX is the winner of this battle because it boasts the least lag time, HDMI ports, all-metal construction, and more. It will smooth your gaming and HDR experience like no other. Still, you can go for LG BX, which accounts for a comparatively lower price tag.

Michael Knott
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