LG E9 OLED TV Review – Best 4K Smart Tv

LG E9 OLED is a high-end 55-inch 4K TV released in 2019 best suited for video games. The quality of the picture is parallel to other OLED TVs, except for its additional features and designs.

The LG E9 OLED is a remarkable TV. Like all OLED TVs, it has an excellent quality of image, as it can show true blacks and perfect black uniformity. It can become fairly bright and has excellent wide angles of view. The handling of motions is remarkable thanks to an almost instant response time that leaves hardly any trail of motion blur.

However this causes stutter while watching films, but it can be avoided by the TV using its interpolation of motion. The input lag is extremely low, and this TV will be very open to gamers. Unfortunately, like all OLED TVs, it has the possibility to develop permanent burn-in that can be caused by cumulative prolonged static exposure.


Lg e9

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The LG OLED E9 is superbly designed. It closely resembles the LG E8 from last year with the glass panel mounted onto the screen. The glass panel’s bottom side also serves as the stand and supports the TV very well, but because of the size of the TV, it still allows a little vibrate.

The E9 OLED build quality is excellent. It is very sturdy and has no gaps or loose ends. The glass panel makes the whole build feel more robust and premium. You shouldn’t have any problems with this TV.


• It has perfect black uniformity
• Outstanding viewing angles for a wide seating arrangement
• Remarkable low input lag making it very responsive for gamers.
• Commendable motion handling


• It has an automatic brightness limiter (ABL) that can be bothersome in between games.

What is the value proposition from LG E9 OLED?

This model can be used for TV Shows, Sports, Movies, Video Games, HDR gaming and movies, and as a PC Monitor as well.


This is a great TV to watch television shows. It can get light and be very good at handling reflections so you can put it in a bright room without problems. It has outstanding viewing angles so you do not need to sit right in front to appreciate a specific photo.

For the soap opera impact lovers, it allows motion interpolation up to 120fps and gives you access to an array of devices that will meet your needs.

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