LG SJ8000 TV Review – 4K UHD LED TV – Ultimate Guide to Buy


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The LG SJ8000 TV is the best 4K UHD LED TV released by the LG company. It delivers a great picture quality with more clarity and clear images to the viewers. It adds a new black technology with the active HDR, Dolby vision and Nano cell to get more colors, so the image appears brighter and more colorful to the user. With webOS 3.5, you can zoom in and record what’s on your screen as quickly as you want, connect to any Bluetooth enabled phone, and even use your TV as a music player. It delivers a lifelike picture with a wide range of colors and over a billion rich colors. It has a remote control in the box.

LG Smart TV is a great option for those who want to watch movies, music videos and more with their TV. I’m not sure how many people will buy this product but I think it’ll be worth it. LG Smart TV is a very nice gadget that can connect your TV to your smartphone or tablet. It has a built-in microphone which allows you to talk with your friends and family while watching movies or music videos.

The LG SJ sj8000 TV comes with a 4 K HDR display which gives you an amazing view of all the content on your TV. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated like a 4 K HDR TV, then you should check out the LG sj8000 TV. The sj8000 TV is a great device for those who want to watch movies and shows from the comfort of their own home. The sj8000 TV features a 5-inch screen with an ultra-high-definition resolution that can be seen in full HD.

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Display: 55” LED Screen
Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
TruMotion: TM240
Digital Inputs: 4 HDMI & 3 USB
Full Web Browser: Yes
Dimensions with Stand: 1236mm x 247.3mm x 773.5mm

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