LG SK9000 4K HDR Smart TV 2023 Review & Buying Guide

LG SK9000 is a super UHD 4k TV with very good performance. In a bright room, the picture quality is good, and the television can be bright enough to remove the glare. It also has excellent response handling and when viewed at an angle, the picture remains accurate.

Unfortunately, the performance in the darkroom is below average because the native contrast ratio is poor, and blacks look gray given the local full-array dimming.

In the television markets, it comes in only 55 inches (55SK9000) and 65 inches (65SK9000) in 2 screen size limits. Overall, technologies and features offered by LG SK9000 is similar to what offered by the model above it SK9500.

However, the number of SK9000 dimming zones isn’t as many as SK9500. In addition, since SK9000 uses the IPS screen, it can be determined that when used in a dark room it does not include TV that has good performance. But on the other hand, it provides good viewing angle visibility, allowing the picture seen on their television appear more accurate as seen from the side than VA TVs.

Good for monitor use. The colors stay correct at an angle which is good for watching from close up the sides of the screen. Chroma 4:4:4 embraces clear text across all backgrounds. Input lag and fast response time are low so that the television feels responsive and motion is clear.

LG SK9000 4K HDR Smart TV

LG SK9000 4K HDR Smart

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  • The image remains accurate when viewed at an angle
  • Feels very responsive for gaming
  • Can produce bright highlights
  • Blacks appear gray in a dark room

Key features:

  • LG ThinQ AI | Google Assistant
  • LG α7 Intelligent Processor
  • Full-Array Dimming
  • Nano Cell Color Pro Display
  • 4K Cinema HDR
  • Dolby Atmos


The LG SK9000 design is very similar to the SJ8500. It has the same popular shaped frame, although it is a bit thinner this year and there is a bit more flex to the stand.

The frame’s background is more consistent, with a black back instead of the white back of the model. The stand is curved which looks very similar to the SJ9500 model. It has a black metal surface and is slightly larger. If the floor moves the stand wobbles a little.

Good quality design. We noticed a slight gap between the main panel and the outside bezel, but that should not be a problem. Like the SJ8500, the LG 55SK9000 is almost completely plastic but not too versatile.

Picture Quality

On the SK9000PUA the native contrast ratio is good, as is typical of IPS panels. Blacks can appear graier than whites while they’re in a dim room. When in a brightly lit room this is less apparent. On the SK9000 the local dimming function isn’t sensitive enough. This response too slowly to moving highlights, and too late the dimming areas turn on and off.

Motion Handling

LG SK8500 SK9000 series 4K UHD TV review

The LG SK9000 also does well in handling motion blur. It has excellent pixel response time when it plays fast-paced content like sports or fast videos, it makes motion look smooth and simple.

In fact, it also has an available BFI (Black Frame Insertion Mode), which can flicker at 60 Hz to allow the backlight. This is very helpful when playing content of 60 fps including games or sports, to reduce stability blur.

Yet keep in mind, since its lower-frequency backlight flickers than its normal flicker frequency, which certainly makes the flicker more visible on its frame.

Input Lags

The other benefit that LG SK9000 gives is its outstanding lags in output. In-game mode, with or without HDR, no matter in 1080p 4 K video, SK9000 has outstanding lags in performance.

Their input lags in almost all forms of inputs are less than 20 ms, rendering it very sensitive when used to play any game, even for fast-paced games that require quick reflexes. It makes SK9000 a good choice for most players, with great feedback lags on sale.

Sound quality

Good response level for a TV. It can get very loud but as the volume increases, there is some dynamic reduction of the volume. The extension of the low frequency is fantastic, far better than most TVs so it can produce a decent amount of bass.

Television’s distortion is slightly better than average. It’s stored in lower volumes, and it’s not too bad even at maximum. The peaks of sharp distortion at about 2k and 7k will render the sound of those frequencies a bit harsh.


LG SK9000 series 4K UHD TV

Ultimately, as long as you’re not using it in a dark room, the LG SK9000’s output is outstanding for its size. It has good peak brightness and anti-reflective coating which makes its performance in a bright room good when it comes to overcoming the glare.

Moreover, its excellent performance in handling motion blur often helps it to display motion while playing fast action contents such as athletics or competitive games.

Not only that, its low input lag often allows it very sensitive to any game. And its good viewing angle range makes the picture shown on the television seems always correct even though you are watching TV from the edge. Ultimately, LG SK9000 is a good mixed usage TV for its price range.

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