LG UN7000 vs UN7300 – 2023 Complete Comparison

LG is a well-known brand globally, and they manufacture television screens, phones, home appliances, etc. They have an excellent range of office computers and monitors and hold a firm place in the world of electronics.

They can ultimately provide a solution for every problem you face. They recently came out with LG un7000 vs un7300. These television screens were deemed unique for some aspects like a good picture and sound quality, design, and panels.

If you are stuck in the perplexing thought of which one to go for, this article will help you in the selection with a detailed comparison.

Difference between LG UN7000 & UN7300

LG UN7000

LG UN7000 vs UN7300

Exterior Components

The un7000 series by LG is very well built with a plastic exterior. It has flat edges with a round back. These come with two options, to mount feet or fix them in the wall with the help of four holes present on the back panel.

Moreover, it comprises the power supply that comes with the customization and a component for connecting the old DVD players with the screen.

It further has three HDMIs, LAN, and USB ports as well. A cable antenna is also present in case you live in a rural area. These are unable to record and only allow live streaming.


The remote control is manual and does not connect with the television screen. It has to be operated separately. The home button can be used to browse the menu while the two hotkeys for Netflix and Amazon Prime are present on either of the sides. As it is an IR remote, no pointer can be seen on the screen.


LG un7000 is equipped with IPS technology. These were specially designed for viewing the best possible angles without compromising on the picture quality. All the screens of the un7000 series do not have the IPS panel. The screens of 50 and 60 inches have VA panel screens.

The menu system comprises many exceptional features. These are compatible with different consoles, but it has a limit of 4K screen resolution. This enables only 60 frames per second which might be a little disappointing for the gamers.

Several options are available in the picture mode. You can put the screen on power-saving mode or sports mode to further brighten up the colors.

Filmmaker mode can also be enabled to view HDR content. The two motion is an incredible feature that combines the screens of 60 and 120 hertz in a frame, making it appear as smooth as 120 frames per second.

The motion eye feature is best for people with sensitive eyes.

The drop-down menu also has an application store to download your favorite apps like YouTube, Netflix, etc., and watch them later. The intelligent mode browses the most commonly used application, so you need to find those.

On the other hand, the dashboard shows all devices that have been connected to the screen.

You can get a sports alert regarding your favorite sports team when it has been added to settings. A USB, mouse, or keyboard can be used for browsing the web. It is a direct backlit television screen which means LEDs are placed over the LCD panel on the back panel of the screen. It lacks Bluetooth, which means no auto programming can be done on these.

LG UN7300

LG UN7000 vs UN7300

Exterior Components

The LG un7300 possesses almost the same features as those of the un7000 series. But there are some changes which can make a significant impact on the overall productivity of the screens.

The back panel of the un7300 series has USB ports to connect the Amazon fire sticks, components for connecting with old DVD players, a power supply, and a lock.

One of the HDMI inputs does not have an e-arc. A LAN port for the router to be connected along with a fiber optical system. A ventilation slot is present on the back panel that keeps the screen cool.

The edges are thin with a round back while the feet are mounted near the corners.


It is a magical controller equipped with a Bluetooth system. It is an incredible remote that can control programs itself once connected to the device.

The glide pad or trackpad in the center can move the cursor on the screen, interacting with websites. This remote can also be used with other model screens and works perfectly fine.


The ISF mode in the un7300 series gives a very realistic image and clears the light in all areas. These screens are compatible with google connecting you with Alexa. If you can’t get hold of the remote, a button is present right under the LG logo on the front. It can be used to operate through the menu and turn off the screen.

The settings menu can appear by using the home button from the remote. LG has its content store there, which comprises all the applications and features. It comes with 2-gigabyte memory, so you might need to delete stuff when it reaches the limit.

If an Xbox is turned on nearby, the un7300 screen can detect it automatically. These can recognize the 4K devices, but the console should also possess the same setting as the screen.

A sports alert feature is also present like it was in the un7000 series to keep an eye on your favorite team.

These screens can be connected to any of your devices. You can connect your smartphone or a computer with them. They should be in range and can be synced easily. The screen can also be used as a browser by connecting it with a wireless mouse or a keyboard.


The LG un7000 and un7300 are almost the same with identical features, but a slight difference lies between some features, making them stand out on their own. A comparison between these screens has been made below to mark out the differences.


The remote controls of both series are quite different from one another. The un7000 series has a standard remote controller not equipped with a Bluetooth system, while it is the complete opposite for the un7300.

It has Bluetooth capabilities and pointers that can be seen on the screen. These are auto-programmed when connected to the devices.


The un7300 series have built-in software that is compatible with google home and Alexa. This makes full use of the virtual technology, whereas a separate android device is bought and paired up with un7000.


The LG un7000 and un7300 have different sizes and panels. The 43 and 55 inches of un7000 have an IPS panel, while the 50 and 60-inch screens comprise the VA panels.

Similarly, the 43, 55, and 65 inches of un7300 have IPS panels, while the 50-inch screen only has a VA panel.

Color Difference

The grayscale on un7000 with an IPS panel is clean and solid, while VA panel un7300 shows some banding toward the black side. If you try directing some light on the un7000 screen, it will spread, which means it has more glare than the VA un7300.

The IPS panel screens are ideal for gamers, while VA panels give more depth.


Is the LG un7000 a good tv?

LG Smart TV UN7000 Series 4K UHD TV

Yes, LG un7000 is good tv and worth your money. It has a 4K resolution screen and has better viewing angles. These can be controlled by the IR remote, while the menu system has some incredible features. These are compatible with consoles which makes them ideal for gamers.

Is LG the best tv brand?

Over the years, LG has worked on its appliances and is well known in electronics. The television screens have excellent picture quality and possess some fantastic features. The screens can be connected to different devices and operated by an app.

What is the difference between un7000 and un7300?

LG UN7300 AI ThinQ 4K TV

The un7000 has an HDR which brightens up the picture and has realistic viewing angles. On the other hand, un7300 gets brighter in SDR and has a magic remote control equipped with Bluetooth.


Detailed analysis on both LG un7000 and un7300 screens has been done along with the features they possess. These screens are almost identical but have a few differences.

If you like a Bluetooth-equipped remote controller that can be auto-programmed, then un7300 will be the best choice for you. But if you want to enjoy the bright colors of the IPS panel, then un7000 would be perfect.

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