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If you are interested in a possibly new TV, then you’re going to want to find a good deal. I’ve organized the smart TVs below by price so it’s easy to find something you’re interested in. You can also sort by discounts if you want.

How To Find The Best Deals On Electronics?

Not too long ago I had my faithful smart TV die. It was a saddening experience, but what’s worse is having to dig through the list of “deals” everywhere you. So below are some quick tips to help that I learned over the years when searching for the right TV.

The Best Deals Can Be Found Online

This is crucial because of the immense amount of competition that is out there. Company after company are looking to find you as their customer. This is why often times a TV is listed at the same price at all of the vendor’s website. One lowered the price, so the next will and so on. This is in contrary to how things used to be where you could haggle a price in the store, but now the stores also act as a shipping warehouse. This means they’re less likely to offer you a deal in-store because someone else online will purchase it anyway.

Compare TVs

The most common request I get here at Top Rated TVs is to compare televisions and that pleases me, but there are too many times where I help some one that went in over their head because one review was too good to be true. I offer a comparison offer here and it’ll compare all features and price in a few short clicks. You can check out a common request here, but make sure you compare any televisions you’re interested in. Often times on is cheaper than the other and they have similar features making it easier to find the right TV.

If It Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Another common problem I help people with when they buy their smart TVs is buyer’s remorse. Often times the price was so low they HAD to buy the television. Then they get the TV and the HDMI ports do not work or the picture quality is incredibly poor. To prevent this I would recommend that you get a warranty or make sure you fully understand the return policy. Otherwise, you may be out of luck and stuck with a bad TV.

Start With Big Companies First

You’ll almost always want to start with companies that are larger first. They offer the biggest deals as they tend to have more stock available, and are not likely to have a ‘shady’ deal to compete with other vendors. Often by doing this, you can qualify for a warranty or 90-Day return grace period. Both are good options and help give some peace of mind.

Best Times To Shop

There are swings to the seasons of buying a smart TV. The best times are most common during the holidays. Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is the most notable holidays that retailers are known to lower their prices. Another good time to buy is when the new models are being introduced in the following Spring. These replace and then lessen the cost of the prior year’s model. Any other time is a toss-up. There could be a possible deal here or there, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Some simple tricks will give you peace of mind and help save some cash throughout the years. In a few words I recommend that you compare smart TVs from the biggest companies during the holiday, but make sure the deal isn’t too good to be true otherwise it could mean for quite the headache for you. For any other question you might have please email and let me know.

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