Samsung 65-Inch Q9FN QLED TV 2023 Review & Buying Guide

The most impressive TV I’ve analyzed in years is the Samsung Q9FN. It efficiently combines QLED’s popular brightness and color, or Quantum Dot LED, with OLED’s deep blacks and nearly color accuracy. As the highest offer in the QLED 4 K TV range of Samsung, the Samsung Q9FN includes every specific item that the company provides on its standard TVs and more.

Available in both 65- and 75-inch sizes, you’re going to be hard-pressed to discover another commercial TV with a superior feature set, and the performance of the picture is on a level with the best TVs in the industry.

Samsung 65-Inch Q9FN QLED TV

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The 65-inch Samsung Q9FN QLED TV is stylish and sturdy, a combination of stylistic reflection and strong design that appears as premium as the function set from the television. The design of the Samsung Q9FN is slim, measuring 57.1*32.7*1.5 inches without any stands and it weights around 58.9 pounds.

The screen is surrounded by narrow bezels and the slim chassis has the same 360-degree layout factors on other QLED televisions. In specific, the Q9FN has slim down stuff with a squared-off cabinet and a design that allows ports extra accessible by using a separate input box.

The TV stand is a squared-off-u-shaped footprint and has been included of two linkable metal feet that are then joined with a matching metal crossbar at the front. The whole item has an 18.9 x 14.2-inch footprint and increases the TV to 7.2 inches. I don’t believe the square-shaped stand appears as elegant as the stand models I saw on some other Samsung TVs, but when laid up it feels really good.


Price: $3299
Screen Size: 65 inches
Resolution: 3840*2160
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
Ports: 4 HDMI, 3 USB
Audio: 4.2 channel * 60 watt
Smart Tv Software: Samsung Smart Tv with Bixby’s voice
Size: 57.1*32.7*1.5 inches
Weight: 58 Pounds


The Q9FN QLED TV from Samsung is one of the best TVs you can purchase, and the 120Hz 65-inch screen will feel great whether you’re viewing movies, collecting around for a movie or playing the latest games.

The starting scene of Blade Runner 2049 demonstrates the Q9FN’s crisp simplicity and vibrant color, with a drab futuristic farmhouse punctuated with beautifully colored black doors, deep red of blood and light golden roses all coming through with true color.


The Samsung Q9F fits well in both bright and dark rooms. To overcome glare it can get bright and it has excellent handling of reflection. Due to the high native contrast ratio and great local dimming, the television will create vivid and informative dark scenes.

It also has low input latency for gaming and Computer use, but sadly, when displayed at an angle the small viewing range ensures that the picture degrades.

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