Samsung MU6500 UHD Curved Smart TV Review

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The Samsung MU6500 is a decent 4k entry-level LED TV in a dark room with good picture quality. It features a curved shape that is nowadays very rare to find, and it can create standard blacks without any significant uniformity issues. But, unfortunately, the picture quality degrades at an angle, and it could be much clearer.

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Except for the extra slope, the MU6500 looks good with a similar design to other Samsung 6 series TVs such as the MU6300 and the KU6300. It has the classic central Samsung stand which provides good support and can fit on most tablets, but it doesn’t really stick out elsewhere. The borders are average width, and when mounted near a wall, the inputs are easy to access. The central V-shaped stand supports the TV well but if knocked, it will wobble a little. It looks very similar to 2016’s KU6500.

The rear of the television is made from corrugated plastic identical to 2016 KU6500. It looks fine and from the side, the inputs are easy to access. Note that the provided spacers may be required when adding a VESA mount, which can allow the TV to stick out a little from the wall. The build quality of the MU6500 is okay. All of the parts are plastic, but this is unlikely to present any issues during normal use.

Picture quality:

Samsung MU6500 TV has an outstanding native contrast ratio. This Samsung TV can do deep blacks with over 5000:1, which, when placed in a dark home theater space, makes for great dark scene performance. This is a very similar result to the flat version, the Samsung MU6300.

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Sound quality:

Excellent frequency response. The MU6500 lacks a room adjustment function that would help reduce the impacts of space modes that can cause the lower frequencies to overemphasize.

Additional Information:

Experience the vivid detail of an FHD TV (1920×1080) of 4X resolution. All you see will look better in perfect detail, thanks to true-to-life color and illumination.

Auto Depth Enhancer controls multi-layer contrast ratios with a sense of depth for the most realistic pictures. Sit tight and immerse yourself right into the middle of the action.

Get the ultimate control in the palm of your hand. Control all connected devices1 with just one remote control. With Voice Control, you’ll never have to flip through channels again.


Decent Television in a dark room, for watching movies. The brightness and black uniformity of the MU6500 are good but a local dimming feature is missing to further improve them. It is also unable to play 24p content without a minor rule but not everyone is responsive to this problem.

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