Samsung NU7100 Smart 4k LED TV – Review and Buying Guide

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The Samsung NU7100 is the best 4k LED TV. It has great picture quality with a good native contrast ratio. But needs more advanced features to improve the effectiveness of the darkroom such as local dimming. It has an extremely low input lag which makes it the best TV for gaming. But the response time is only average so that some blur is noticeable behind objects that move quickly. The picture lacks accuracy when viewed at an angle, so the perfect image is seen for those directly in front of the screen.

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The Samsung NU7100 is designed for HDR, which ensures it can handle video in the HDR10 format for a wider range of colors and higher contrast rates than standard dynamic range (SDR) material. This is best-suited TV for watching movies the darkroom, as the projector overcomes glare ineffectively. The viewing angle is unfortunately not very high. It sits below the Samsung NU8000, at the base of Samsung’s 4K UHD range, offering basically the same specifications as the Samsung NU7300, but without the curved screen.


  • Excellent low input lag
  • Good uniformity


  • Limited HDR capabilities
  • Picture quality degrades when viewed at an angle

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TV Sizes Available

TV Size



Samsung nu7100 40 inch” UN40NU7100 Check Price on Amazon
Samsung nu7100 43inch” UN43NU7100 Check Price on Amazon
Samsung nu7100 50inch” UN50NU7100 Check Price on Amazon
Samsung nu7100 55inch” UN55NU7100 Check Price on Amazon
Samsung nu7100 58inch” UN58NU7100 Check Price on Amazon
Samsung nu7100 65inch” UN65NU7100 Check Price on Amazon
Samsung nu7100 75inch” UN75NU7100 Check Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • PurColor: Enjoy millions of shades of color, fine-tuned to create an incredibly vibrant picture
  • Motion Rate 120: Smooth action on fast-moving content
  • HDR: View stunning high dynamic range content with a TV designed to support HDR10+
  • Slim Design: An elegant slim design for a modern look you’ll admire
  • Smart TV: Access your streaming services all in one place using the Samsung Remote Control


Samsung NU7100 design quality is outstanding. It utilizes design features found in higher-end models such as the Samsung Q8FN. The stand of the Samsung NU7100 is well built and looks modern. It’s wide enough to fit in front of a soundbar. The build quality of Samsung NU7100 good. Although it is almost completely made of plastic, it looks modern.

Picture quality:

The picture quality of the Samsung NU7100 is good. It has a good native contrast ratio, but for this type of panel, it is lower than normal. Especially in HDR, it does not get bright at all and is better suited for viewing in a dim room. it has good gray uniformity, great for sports fans. It has a wide gamut of colors and a poor volume of colors, so with SDR content, this does the best.

Movies – The NU7100 is good television for movie watching. Thanks to its excellent contrast ratio and exceptional black uniformity, it has incredible darkroom efficiency, but unfortunately, there is no local dimming feature to further blur certain scenes. The gray uniformity is also strong, and it looks good for fast-moving video, but unfortunately, it can’t delete judger from lower frame rate content.

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TV Shows – Good to watch TV shows. The NU7100 has the correct handling of reflections and good peak brightness so it does well in average-lit rooms. Unfortunately, the viewing angles are very poor and when seen from the side, the picture lacks accuracy. In the upside, it shows content from 720p, e.g. from a cable box, even without any apparent artifacts.

Sports – Decent Sports TV. The NU7100 55 “has a slight dirty screen effect, but it shouldn’t be too noticeable. Decent motion handling, but with rapid motion, some people may find any inconsistency.

Video Games – Good gaming TV, due mostly to the incredibly short input lag. The NU7100 has a decent response time but can suffer some motion blur from faster games.

HDR Movies – The NU7100 is a great TV for watching HDR movies. This is not really bright, so is ideally suited for watching in the darkroom. It has a limited color gamut and a poor volume of shades so that HDR content doesn’t show up as much as the content creators intended.

HDR Gaming – The NU7100 is well adapted to HDR gaming. It has a really strong low input lag and decent response time. It is not very vivid and has a limited range of colors and brightness and games with HDR don’t turn up as much as they would.

PC Monitor – The NU7100 is the best TV for use as a PC Monitor. It has exceptionally low input lag and chroma 4:4:4 is properly supported. Unfortunately, the viewing angle isn’t very wide.


Samsung NU7100 motion handling is mediocre. The refresh rate is good, but it’s a bit high in dark scenes, so sci-fi viewers might be a little disappointed. Over the Samsung MU6300, the backlight has changed, and now it flicks at 240 Hz, which is less noticeable. It can also reduce the frequency of backlight to 60Hz, helping to smooth the vibration while causing visible flicker. Although most people will not notice this, the Samsung NU7100 can not remove judder from any source.

Sound quality:

The NU7100 model from Samsung has an average sound quality which is decent. This TV has no heavy bass and provides no thump or rumble, but has a decent amount of punch on its bass which generates simple and intelligible dialogs. It also gets decently loud, but for large and loud settings it may not be loud enough. For better sound, it is advised to use dedicated speakers or soundbars.

Smart features:

The NU7100 model from Samsung has the same interface as the Samsung NU8000, except for the voice assistant from Google assistant. The interface is easy to access and works well, although when accessing the interface from within an app, there are some problems with time delay. There are ads, like all Samsung TVs, so they can’t be removed.


The TV is best suited for watching TV shows in the darkroom, as the monitor becomes ineffective in removing glare. It has a great low input lag good for gamers and will experience a better gaming performance without any lag or blurriness. But it has a poor quality of color and a limited color gamut, So HDR content doesn’t work well.

In other words, the NU7100 fits right in the middle of these mid-range TVs and allows for a really solid 4K TV starter for those who want really good quality and some Premium Technology while keeping to a budget.

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