Samsung NU8000 TV Review – 4K Smart LED TV

Samsung NU8000

The Samsung NU8000 is the best seller 4K LED Smart TV with an in the year 2019. Samsung updates new technology every year and the TVs get more features and functions. The picture quality and the brightness in the Samsung NU8000 is very good and has HDR support. The Samsung NU8000 has a low input lag so the people who like to play video games love this game mode on this TV. Due to the high contrast ratio and the brightness the picture quality appears good.

The TV includes the Bixby assistant for voice control. The viewing angle in the Samsung NU8000 is not valuable because unfortunately, the picture quality degrades when viewed at an angle and vertical blooming is visible in a completely dark room. it uses more advanced qualities such as local dimming to enhance the picture quality. Due to the high contrast ratio and the brightness the picture delivers dark in the black level background and bright in bright rooms and offers outstanding performance. It has a very good response time.

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The Smartthings app from Samsung can be used as the remote TV, but it doesn’t have as many features as the old SmartView app, which doesn’t operate with this TV sadly. The Tizen Operating System is very good. It’s fast and well laid out for easy navigation. The takeaway with HDR (whether it’s HDR10 or Dolby Vision) is that it needs televisions to be both brighter and more colorful than they were before.


  • Great motion handling
  • Low input lag
  • Great SDR peak brightness


  • Colors appear washed out at an angle

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Samsung NU8000

Samsung NU8000’s design is outstanding. The new panel looks very strong compared to the MU8000 and has a significantly smaller footprint, although you might have to create some changes if you were going to use a soundbar in front of the TV.


Brand Name: Samsung
Model: Samsung NU8000
Display: 54 inch
Resolution: 4K
Connectivity Technology: Built-in Wi-Fi
Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz
Display Type: LED
Total HDMI Ports: 4
Size: 48.3 x 12.7 x 31 in
Weight: 41.7 lbs


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Picture quality:

The Samsung NU8000 has excellent performance of picture quality. Deep black level images are produced by the increased native contrast ratio and the TV is well adjusted for a dark room. The TV uses a VA panel with a poor viewing angle. The gray uniformity is great with minimal dirty screen effect and is, therefore, a great option for video game viewing. Weaknesses Side angle viewing angle Color Saturation loss and the color space is good.

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The motion looks good on the Samsung NU8000. It has very fast response time, 120 fps motion interpolation, optional 60 and 120 Hz black frame insertion, and can remove 24p movie judder from most sources.

Sound quality:

Samsung NU8000’s sound quality is good. This television receives very quieter and has a stronger bass expansion than most televisions. It is suggested to get a dedicated soundbar for stronger sound reproduction or recommended Bluetooth speakers to use.

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The picture quality is great, but when regarded at an angle, the picture lacks precision. In a large space, the TV can become open to overcome glare. Motion processing is wonderful to watch athletics, play video games or use as a PC monitor. Dark scene performance is good, but it doesn’t operate well with local dimming. The drawback, if there are any, is that the comparison findings of the NU8000 (in Movie Mode) are not amazing, even though satisfying.

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