Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED 2022 TV – Review & Buying Guide

The Samsung Q70R is an amazing 4k TV from the 2019 QLED series of the brand. It is a VA-panel Television with an excellent contrast ratio, excellent black uniformity, and incredible peak brightness, making this TV ideal for bright and dark spaces. It also features full-array local dimming and a wide range of colors, which helps to create saturated, vivid colors and HDR content highlights.

Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED

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With a native refresh rate of 120Hz and low reaction speed, its motion handling is also excellent, not to mention the optional black frame incorporation feature to further minimize blur. Additionally, for an almost tear-free gameplay experience, it supports AMD’s FreeSync higher refresh speed technology.


  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Excellent motion handling.
  • Can display deep, uniform blacks in a dark room.


  • Image degrades quickly at an angle


The Samsung Q70R, very close to last year’s Samsung Q8FN, has an outstanding design. It has the standard Samsung stand that supports the TV well, but since it’s almost as big as the TV, it needs a larger table. The back of the television is made of plastic of high quality and has horizontal ridges that extend along the whole surface.

It has guide tracks for cable control, similar to other Samsung TVs, and the back of each leg is hollow to allow the cable to run down. The Q70R does not come with a One Attach Package, unlike last year’s Samsung Q7FN. The building efficiency is great, and you shouldn’t have TV problems.

The stand supports the television well and only makes a slight wobble. It’s about as large as a TV, and for that, you’ll need a big table.

The 55 “stand’s footprint: 38.3” x 9.6.

With a brushed finish, the back of the Q70 is made of high-quality plastic. It has an optimized system for cable control that directs cables through the legs, keeping the setup safe. The inputs face sideways and are well-labeled, but if the TV is wall-mounted, they can be hard to find.

The design efficiency of the Q70R is outstanding. It’s made entirely of plastic, but it feels heavy and sturdy. Where the back joins the sides, there’s a stretch, but this is very minimal and you do not have any problems with the TV.

Picture Quality:

Movies: The TV offers an exceptional movie viewing experience. Thanks to its high contrast ratio and local dimming support, it can show deep uniform black. It can delete the 24p judder from every source, and you won’t see any stutter even if it has a quick response time. It has the potential to introduce up to 120Hz motion interpolation that will satisfy the fans of soap opera effects.

TV Shows: This is a really good TV show to enjoy. The Q70R is capable of handling reflections well and can become very bright. For a bright room, this makes it fitting. Unfortunately, the viewing angles are low, and to appreciate the most accurate image, you have to sit right in front. To help you find your favorite viewing platform, it upscales cable content well and has fantastic smart features.

Sports: If you love watching sports, the Samsung Q70 is a decent TV. It has a very good reaction time and, behind fast-moving objects, the picture is crisp with just a very minimal blur path. It can be fairly bright, ideal for a space that is bright. Unfortunately, the viewing positions are low because if you want to watch the big game with a group of buddies, it’s not a smart idea and those sitting to the left won’t get the same exact picture as those sitting directly in front.

Video Games: For video gamers, the Samsung Q70 is outstanding TV. With as little distortion as possible, the short response time and fast refresh rate hold the picture sharp, while gaming-specific features such as FreeSync offer an almost tear-free gameplay experience. The Television also has an Auto gaming experience, which can detect a game being played from a compatible console, and would switch to a lower input latency game mode automatically.

HDR Movies: For HDR film, the Samsung Q70R is excellent. HDR content looks much more vibrant, with vivid, intense colors and highlights, because of the ability of the TV to show a color range gamut, and has an outstanding peak brightness and contrast ratio. Unfortunately, although this TV supports HDR 10, HDR 10 +, and HLG, it doesn’t have Dolby Vision support.

HDR Gaming: For HDR games, the Samsung Q70 is an outstanding TV. In HDR mode, it has a very low input lag and it’s very sensitive. It has a good response time, with limited blur trail showcasing fast-moving content. Thanks to the deep uniform blacks, the wide color gamut, and the fantastic HDR viewing angles that make the highlights shine, the TV is superb at providing HDR content. It is a remarkable feeling to play HDR games on the Q70R.

PC Monitor: An outstanding choice for use as a PC monitor is the Q70R. The TV has a very low lag input and can show the right 4:4:4 chroma. Because this TV uses a VA screen, there is also no chance that the static user interface will still be in the same position for permanent burn-in. You should take advantage of FreeSync when gaming if your device has an AMD graphics card.


There is an impressive response time for the Samsung Q70, but marginally slower than the Q90R, and pretty close to the Q8FN. Behind fast-moving objects, there’s only a very small trail of blur. There is some overshoot in the 0-20 percent transition, which may cause some haloing in really dark scenes, but shouldn’t be very noticeable otherwise.

The Q70R uses PWM dimming to dim the backlight. Although flicker is always present, it’s unlikely that you’ll notice it since the flicker frequency is very high at 960Hz.

When the TV is in ‘Movie’ mode and Auto Motion Plus is disabled, the TV has a flicker frequency of 960Hz. However, the flicker frequency changes to 120Hz as soon as you set Auto Motion Plus to ‘Custom’ or ‘Auto,’ even if you remain in ‘Movie’ mode. Also, in ‘Standard’ and in ‘Game’ modes the flicker is always at 120Hz, similar to the Q90R and the Q900R.

Smart Features:

The Q70 runs on Tizen OS from Samsung. It’s easy to use and runs smoothly. However, the same problem that we found on the Q60R and the Q90R happened while switching out of PC input, which caused certain elements on the panel to be cut off. Only navigate to the image size settings (without modifying anything) to correct it.

Like all Samsung TVs we’ve tested so far, the Q70R has ads and suggested content on Samsung’s Smart Hub, as well as within the app store. Unfortunately, they can’t be disabled.


The Samsung Q70R is a pretty great-use television. With vibrant colors and superb motion handling, it can offer excellent image quality. The wide color gamut and good peak brightness make popular HDR content highlights, and the low input lag and support for FreeSync are sure to please most gamers.

Viewing angles do suffer a bit, but with VA panels, that’s to be expected. In both dark and bright rooms, it continues to perform well, as the TV is capable of showing deep, uniform blacks, and has very good handling of reflection. Overall, it’s a great TV for any use.

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