Samsung Q80/Q80R 2021 Review – Best 4K TV to Buy

This is a great 4k LED TV for gamers which is a 2019 release. One can correlate it between Samsung Q90R and Samsung 70R. Samsung Q80 is the best 4K TV and it has an excellent picture quality and it is considered as the best tv for gaming. The people who love to play games enjoy this TV because of its outstanding performance.

It gives excellent black uniformity, has remarkable local dimming support and high native contrast ratio. It has a wide range of colors and appears bright in both HDR and SDR content. It has a very low input lag so the people who like to play games more experience better gaming performance. This model can be used for TV Shows, Sports, Movies, Video Games, HDR.

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The TV has excellent control of movement and with limited distortion shows smooth movement. It has a very low input latency and supports FreeSync during playing to toggle more consistently. Thanks to the ‘ Super Viewing Angle ‘ software, it has good viewing angles, despite being a VA panel Lcd.

Samsung Q80/Q80R

Samsung q80

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You should consider investing in this TV because:

• It gives excellent black uniformity
• Remarkable local dimming support and high native contrast ratio
• Bright TV delivering HDR and SDR content with wide multi-colors
• Brilliant motion handling with minimal blur.
• Has very low input lag
• Built on Ultra Viewing Angle technology

What you may not like:

• You may find it difficult to reach the inputs when the TV is wall-mounted
• At the edges of the TV, you may find minimal gray uniformity issues

What is the value proposition Samsung Q80R?

This model can be used for TV Shows, Sports, Movies, Video Games, HDR gaming and movies, and as a PC Monitor as well.


The development of the Samsung Q80R is outstanding. The structure is very similar to the Q70R, with the exception of the different metal borders and the stand. The stand provides the TV with good support, and the back of the legs is hollow to provide a cable control course.

However, once pushed, the Q80R slides much more than the Q70R. The Q80R is a very slim Led, and if you want to wall-mount it, it won’t stick out much. However, to bring it flat to the ground, it is not consistent with a no-gap wall mount. The quality of construction is outstanding and you shouldn’t have any issues with it.

The stand supports television well, but if you nudge the screen, it won’t prevent wobbling. It takes up a lot of space, but it’s not as big as the television. The quality of the design is outstanding. The Samsung Q80 is a powerful, strong Lcd, although it wobbles more than the Q70R. You shouldn’t have any trouble with this TV in fact.

Picture quality

The Samsung Q80R has a fantastic value for the picture. It can reveal deep standard blacks improving ordinary room execution due to the high proportion of local difference and great neighborhood darkening assistance.

The TV has phenomenal brilliance both in SDR and in HDR. It has a wide shading extent and can show HDR content with clear hues and splendid features. The Q80R has generally excellent slope execution, and in spite of the fact that it has a VA board, the picture stays precise at an edge on account of the new ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ innovation. At long last, the dark consistency issues are limited along the edges of the screen and won’t trouble sports fans.

There’s a fantastic native contrast ratio in the Samsung Q80. But it’s smaller than most VA screen TVs. This is attributed to the ‘ Super Viewing Angle ‘ surface in television which increases viewing angles at the cost of contrast ratio.

The tv has a good performance of local dimming. It performs better than the Q70R and is very similar to the Q9FN. The Q80R does not significantly dim small objects. The transition from one dimming area to the next is achieved seamlessly without hesitation when a light image passes across the camera.


The motion handling of the Q80R is excellent. It has a quick response time and creates a fresh movement which, unfortunately, because of the absence of movement obscure seems to have some falter in films.

The TV PWM dimming flicker rate is very high at 960Hz, but only when it is allowed in ‘ Game ‘ mode and without image processing. All other moments, if you allow the optional Black Frame Insertion, the flicker rate should fall to 120Hz or down to 60Hz.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the Samsung Q80 is excellent. The TV can get loud noise for most surrounding environments. It has a decent punch to its bass and will deliver clear and intelligible dialog.

However, the TV won’t be able to produce any thump or rumble in the sub-bass region. For a better sound, a dedicated sound system is recommended (see our recommendations for the best soundbars).


The Samsung Q80R is an excellent TV and can be used for all types of usage such as for gaming, watching tv shows, for outdoors as well as for video games. It performs just as well in a dark room, for movies and HDR content, and in a bright room for sports.

It has a fast response time, a low input lag which helps gamers, and supports some advanced gaming features, no matter if you’re gaming on a console or a PC.

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