Samsung RU7100 2022 Review and Buying Guide

The Samsung RU7100 is a decent 4k LED TV with a great overall quality of the pictures. Thanks to the strong native contrast ratio, it can offer dark blacks and is good for a dim room. However, to further enhance the efficiency of the darkroom it needs a local dimming function.

Out of the box it has strong gray uniformity and great clarity in color. This has no wide gamut of colors and can’t get very bright, especially in HDR. Motion control is mediocre, but the input lag is remarkably low, rendering the TV very responsive; something gamers would be satisfied with.

Unfortunately it does not support any of the innovative gaming features seen on Samsung’s higher-end versions, so when presented from the edge, the picture loses accuracy.

Samsung RU7100

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  • Excellent low input lag.
  • Good uniformity.


  • Poor HDR peak brightness.
  • Image degrades when viewed at an angle.


The Samsung RU7100 design is superb, similar to the 2018 Samsung NU7100 model. The stand does well to support the TV and has a minimal wobble. However, it’s almost as large as the screen, so you need a wide table to set it on.

The rear of the television is constructed from plastic with the same textured finish used on Samsung TVs 2018. Cable control is serviced via guide tracks at the rear of the TV and with the aid of a few clips attached to the legs. The standard of the build is good, and you should not have any problems with it.

The stand supports the TV well, but it’s made out of plastic. Its width is nearly that of the TV, and although there’s some wobble, it’s minimal. Footprint of the 55″ TV stand: 38.3″ x 10.4″.

Generally, the RU7100 has decent build efficiency. The exterior casing is made nearly exclusively of plastic. There are no gaps or loose ends in the seam other than some flex where the back joins the borders; this should not be a problem.

Picture quality

The RU7100 ‘s native contrast-ratio is outstanding. It is perfect to watch movies in a dim room to the maximum. Unfortunately the TV has really no local dimming feature to improve the contrast ratio further. The Samsung TU8000 makes the contrast ratio much higher.

The Samsung RU7100 needs a local dimming feature. The video shown is for comparison purposes only.

For Movies: The RU7100 is a good TV to watch movies in the darkroom. It has an excellent native contrast ratio and can deliver deep blacks, but lacks a local dimming feature to further improve the performance of dark rooms. Unfortunately, the 24p judder can not be deleted from any source.

For sports: This is a great TV for sports watching. It has a quick response time and items that travel quickly have just a slight blur track. The gray uniformity is good, and if you watch your favorite game you should not encounter any dirty screen effect. Unfortunately, due to its low viewing angles the RU7100 is not a reasonable option for a large room with a wide seating arrangement.

HDR gaming: RU7100 is a good HDR TV Gaming TV . The input lag is extremely low and the response time is fast. The HDR performance is not great, unfortunately, as it does not display a wide range of colors and it does not get very bright. The response time, however, is quick so low motion blur is available.

PC monitor: The RU7100 is a great pc monitor TV for use. Because of its low input lag it is extremely responsive. The viewing angles are not perfect, and you can lose picture quality at the sides if you sit too close to the screen. It can view chroma 4:4:4 properly, however, with all the resolutions it supports, which is awesome.


Response time is really nice on this TV. Fast-moving objects have only a very short blur trail behind them, with mostly quick transitions. Any smearing may be seen in dark scenes as there is a longer transition from 0 percent to 20 percent in darker shades.

Sound quality

The response is medium in frequency. LFE (Low-Frequency Extension) is good at 80Hz. This indicates that the RU7100 has a good amount of power to its bass but is unable to generate any thump or rumble. The above LFE answer is fairly flat and well-balanced, resulting in simple, intelligible dialogue.

The RU7100 has really no room correction feature, and we couldn’t uninstall our check room modes about 200Hz. The RU7100 can get relatively loud for large and noisy conditions but not loud enough.

The RU7100 offers good performance in distortion. Under greater loads, there was no big jump in THD and the total volume of harmonic distortion is with normal standards.

Smart Features

The RU7100 interface is user friendly and runs relatively smoothly. During our research we noticed no major issues, except that sometimes the edges of the panel are cut off due to over scanning when you adjust the data from ‘PC’ to something else. Only clicking through the setting for Picture Size fixes the problem, even though you don’t adjust something.

Samsung’s app store has an abundance of apps to choose from. The apps run relatively smoothly and navigating through them is easy.


This is a good Multi Usage TV. It is better suited for darker rooms because it can’t get very bright to overcome glare. It has a low input lag which makes it very sensitive, but unfortunately, because of the poor viewing angles, you have to sit straight in front to enjoy the most accurate image, as most VA panels expect.

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