Samsung RU8000 TV Review

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The Samsung RU8000 is a really good 4k television with a decent quality picture. It provides deep uniform blacks in a dark room but lacks a local dimming feature to further enhance efficiency in the darkroom. The RU8000 has good visibility on the SDR peak and good handling of reflection.

The Screen has a wide range of colors, but the HDR max brightness is just average, so it can not display as it should be smaller highlights. The overall gray uniformity is nice with minimal dirty screen effect, but there are poor viewing angles and you have to sit straight in front to enjoy a precise picture.

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The motion handling is outstanding with a fast response time that allows us to show crisp motion with minimal blur. The input lag is really short and to satisfy gamers the TV embraces FreeSync variable refresh rate technology. The RU8000 is a mid-range TV, but there are better TVs for the same price. See our recommendations for the best TVs, the best HDR gaming TVs, and the best smart TVs.


  • Excellent motion handling.
  • Low input lag, great for gaming.


  • The image loses accuracy when viewed at an angle.
  • Can’t get bright in HDR.


The Samsung RU8000 is superb in design. The stand is made from plastic of good quality, it supports the television well and prevents most wobbling. The back of the TV is plain and represents the back of the Samsung Q60R with a nice texture. The television is relatively thin and the corners are close to the Q60R. The build quality is good and although we noticed a small crack in the bezel’s lower-left corner, you shouldn’t have any problems with the build quality of the television.

The stand is made of plastic of good quality and supports the television well. It’s similar to the stand of the Samsung Q80R but the legs are not hollow to be used as cable guides. If nudged, the TV wobbles a little but it’s nothing serious.

Picture quality:

This television has a very good native contrast ratio. It can bring deep blacks into a dark room, perfect to watch movies. Unfortunately, unlike the NU8000, the RU8000 lacks a local dimming feature to improve performance in the darkroom. There’s no local dimming feature. The video above is provided for reference only.

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For Movies: The Samsung RU8000 is a great movie-watching TV. It has a high native contrast ratio and good black uniformity, and in a dark room, blacks look great. Unfortunately, there is no local support for dimming to further boost the efficiency of dark rooms. It displays judge-free films over any source and has a feature of motion interpolation to please soap opera effect fans.

For TV Shows: This is a great TV to watch television shows. It can manage reflections well and can get reasonably bright, but it may not suit a very bright room. Without visible artifacts, upscaling cable content looks good and there’s an optional motion interpolation feature to please the soap opera effect fans.

Sports: This is an excellent TV to watch sports. It can get very light and be able to handle the reflections well. Good for a typical lit room with a few sources of light. The RU8000 has a very fast response time, which means that fast-action sports look crisp. Gray uniformity is good and sports fans are unlikely to be disturbed by the minimal dirty screen effect.

Video Games: This is an outstanding video game TV. It has a very low input lag which makes it feel very responsive to gaming. The response time is very fast, and quick action without much blur appears crisp. For close tear-free play, the RU8000 supports low input lag with motion interpolation, auto low latency, and FreeSync VRR.

HDR Movies: The RU8000 appears decently at HDR. It has an excellent contrast ratio and fantastic black uniformity, but the lack of local dimming can’t help increase efficiency in the darkroom. Even though it has a wide gamut of colors and can become decently bright in HDR, it can not display HDR content the way it was intended by its creator.

HDR Gaming: The RU8000 uses HDR excellently. This has an outstanding contrast ratio and fantastic black uniformity, but the lack of local dimming can’t help boost efficiency in dark rooms. Although it has a wide range of colors and can become decently bright in HDR, it can not view HDR material the way it was intended by its designer.

PC Monitor: This is a very good TV for use as monitor. It has very low input and it is extremely responsive. Without problems, it supports the most common resolutions and can display proper 4:4:4 chroma. Thanks to the very fast response time, motion appears crisp and the television is free from the risk of permanent burn-in. Unfortunately, the viewing angles are low and you can find issues with uniformity while sitting up-close.


The response time is excellent and better than NU8000. It’s best for fast-moving content, including video games and sports. In the 0-20 percent range, there is some small overshoot, which may cause some haloing in very dark scenes, but it shouldn’t be really immediately noticeable. Unfortunately, the backlight flicker makes noticeable duplications.

The RU8000 dims its backlight using Pulse Width Modulation. The flicker frequency in ‘Movie’ mode is 240Hz but in all other modes falls to 120Hz. If you set Auto Motion Plus to either ‘Custom’ or ‘Auto’ it also drops to 120Hz in the ‘Movie’ mode.

Sound quality:

Decent reaction frequency on the RU8000. It’s having a hard time producing a great bass. At low levels, the rest of the frequency response is well-balanced and does a decent job of producing conversation.

This TV may be big enough for wide spaces or loud environments but not big enough. Unfortunately, for adjusting to the acoustics of the room it does not have a digital room correction.

It is better but worse than the Q60R than the NU8000. There is a small amount of distortion that rises with distance, but not to the extent that objects can be seen.

Smart Features:

The interface of the RU8000 is very intuitive and easy to use. It’s much smoother than 2018 NU8000 and feels very similar to the Q60R.

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Final Thoughts:

It may become fairly bright and is best suited to an average lit room. The TV will show deep uniform blacks, which is perfect for watching movies but needs a local dimming feature to boost efficiency even more. The response time is very fast and the gray uniformity is good and sports fans will be happy with all of that. The RU8000 has a relatively low input lag and supports FreeSync VRR to keep gamers happy.

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