Samsung TU8000 vs RU8000 – Ultimate Comparison 2023

Samsung is a familiar brand in the TV manufacturing industry and has a fine reputation for producing trustworthy TVs. Commercially, there is a battle in two top models that boast QLED technology: Samsung TU8000 vs RU8000!

Both TV sets are based on the same technology but do have some differences to be noted. In this blog, I’ll discuss the details of TU8000 and RU8000 to decide which one is better and why. So, don’t skip the part and start reading!

Samsung TU8000 – Review

Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD TV


This model is the front runner of Samsung’s QLED series 2023! It features a UHD crystal display with 4K resolution that delivers high-class picture quality. The crystal panel is based on layers that are sandwiched with backlight and provide colors to the TV.

This technology was incorporated in LCDs first and has further advanced in QLEDs. Moreover, the 4K resolution is excellent under this price tag; otherwise, the 8K resolution is the latest, available in OLED TVs only.

Color Frame

Furthermore, I like to appreciate the UHD Dimming feature of this TV set which brings a vibrant and exciting contrast ratio. The colors are also very sophisticated, which will double your screening experience. The technology used behind this vivid color display is called Pur-Color technology. I recommend this television for watching movies or TV shows because of its pleasing contrast and comprehensive display.

Gaming Experience

Besides picture quality, the TU8000 is ideal for HDR content, making it an excellent choice for gamers. Though it is not a gaming television, it can serve the purpose of supporting HLG, HDR 10, and HDR 10 plus. Moreover, it comes with the fastest motion rate of 120 Hz, which will enhance your gaming activity like a pro.

Sound System

Furthermore, the Samsung TU8000 is tied with a dual-channel 20 watts speaker program that delivers rich sound quality. It is integrated with the Dolby Audio system: an advanced technology that controls playback sound.

I didn’t experience a need for an additional sound system for this TV, but if you want more powerful and window-shaking sound, then you can connect your soundbar to it.

Connectivity and Control

It is facilitated with 802.11ac model wireless connectivity that boosts the internet connection and provides superior stability. The remote function also works well and has an easy setup. Still, if you face any problem or want to deliver voice commands, you can control it with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Bixby.

Smart Feature

As it is a smart TV, it contains different smart features. One of those is “Smart Hub,” which is sponsored by TIZEN. It provides you with a range of entertaining content which you can watch anytime. Trust me; your weekends will be sorted with the TIZEN smart apps!

Samsung RU8000 – Review

Samsung RU8000 UHD TV


Here comes the second product, which belongs to the Samsung QLED series 2019! Undoubtedly, this TV set performs exceptionally and will serve you the best display experience. It boasts ultra-slim array—edge lighting, which is beyond the average dimming.

This technology is only available in premium Samsung models. I find the edge better in RU8000 as compared to TU8000.

Color Frame

It features a dynamic contrast enhancer that provides a vibrant brightness and dimness ratio. The color display is rich in this TV set which will compliment your favorite show.

I didn’t notice any difference in the resolution as both TVs come with 4K resolution, combined with Samsung upscaling technology. It delivers excellent and crystal-clear picture quality and with correct color dimensions.

Gaming Experience

Like the TU8000, this TV can also support HLG, HDR, and HDR 10 plus. Contrarily it has a 240 Hz motion rate which is unexpectedly great! However, the 49 inches set features a 120 Hz motion rate because of the size and price difference. I found this TV set better in gaming than the previously discussed model because of the double refresh rate. It will bring you a non-lagging gaming session!

Sound System

This model boasts a dual-channel 20 watts sound system like the Samsung TU8000. Though it is a primary sound channel, I found the quality precise! There is no need to attach any external sound system to complement. However, if you want a home theatre system, you can connect your soundbar to this TV set.

Connectivity and Control

Again, it also features 802.11ac wireless connectivity that adds stability to your TV’s WIFI connection. Over that, it has a one-hand remote through which you can easily regulate all the functions. You can use Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Bixby for voice regulation, which is very compatible.

Smart Features

Samsung has equipped this TV set with TIZEN smart programs. It facilitates you with your favorite movies, dramas, shows, and more. You can watch anything on these channels whenever you want! It has replaced the old-school dish networking system.


How do I calibrate my Samsung RU9000?

I suggest you pick the “Movie mode” because it is more accurate than other picture modes. It allows you to customize the display more. In the expert settings, please select zero brightness, 45 contrast, and zero sharpness.

What are the best settings for Samsung TV?

I’ve used a lot of different Samsung models, and in most cases, the 45 to 55 range works well. The contrast setting would simultaneously enhance the bright and dark areas, so please keep it between 80 or 85 for movies and 90 or 100 for other video content. The sharpness manual enhances the edges of a picture, so; please maintain it accordingly.

What is the best picture mode for a 4K TV?

If you have a 4K resolution TV, it will automatically convert the mode to HDR when you play a 4K content. Otherwise, you can switch modes from standard, cinema, or natural. In some sets, there are the following choices: warm, pro, etc. I always found the last ones more correct.

Final Thoughts

After using both Samsung QLED TVs, I conclude that the RU8000 is the winner because of its quicker motion rate, better visuals, and contrast.

It is an excellent TV for gaming, movies, shows, and more. However, both devices have almost the exact resolution, intelligent features, sound system, and control.

So you can also go for TU8000 if you’re pretty tight on budget!

Michael Knott
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