4 Problems with Samsung TVs and Troubleshooting Tips to Deal with Them – 2022 Guide

Here is a solution to all the problems you are facing regarding Samsung TVs. Now it’s easy to counter the cause of issues easily.

Why did you select Samsung for your TV? Yes, because we all know Samsung provides great features and technology whether it’s about its TVs or any other products. Samsung never disappoints its customers. Samsung has been a renowned company for years, and there is no question about their innovations and the quality they provide to the audience.

But a problem may occur in any TV of any brand, which often has nothing to do with the manufacturers. Most of the time, you solve the problem quickly at home, and you don’t need any customer support. Don’t get panicked about your expensive electronics; in case you are facing some problem regarding your Samsung TV, then this article has brought you troubleshooting tips to deal with them.

Problems with Samsung TVs and Troubleshooting Tips to Deal with them

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There are many minor and common problems like Automatic turns on and off, TV pixelation problem, Half black screen and not pairing with WIFI. Let’s see these problems in detail and dig out solutions for you.

1. TV Pixelation Problem

This problem may look like a jigsaw puzzle or some shades moving forth and back but these are the small blocks that are moving at a high pace and cause this pixelation. Several factors may cause this issue. This is majorly due to the weak signals coming to your TV or your TV is failing to catch the signals properly. This is a general problem caused by many TVs of different brands.

Troubleshooting the Pixelation Problem

This problem is easy to handle if this is due to weak signals. Firstly make sure if you are using HD channels or not, then check the antenna’s position because most of the time what happens is your antenna may have moved a bit due to severe weather conditions and couldn’t catch enough signals to throw a complete picture on your TV. Secondly, check if you are using a digital cable, then make sure that the cables are properly attached to the cable box or not.

Then comes a problem regarding DVDs. We know that nowadays most people don’t watch DVDs but just in case if you are watching and facing a problem with pixelation, then try to clean the DVD and insert it back to check if the problem is solved because most DVDs get dusty and create this problem.

2. Half Black Screen Problem

Apart from the TV pixelation problem, another problem may appear in which the TV’s screen gets half black. Just change the channels first to make sure if this is with one channel or many others. If this happens with other channels as well then it’s not a channel-specific problem and there might be an issue with the mainboard or TV panel.

Troubleshooting Black Screen Problem

Make sure the input device is connected properly. Secondly, ensure the cables that are connected to the TV are not faulty. If they are loose or damaged, change them. Now check if the problem is solved or not, if not, then disconnect the cables and reconnect them. Still, if this doesn’t work, then run the self-diagnosis option on Samsung TV and follow the instructions.

3. TV Not Connecting to WIFI

This is a very common and irritating problem faced by many customers. What’s the point of having a smart TV if its connection to the wifi is problematic! But not to worry, this can be resolved easily.

Troubleshooting with WIFI Problem

Sometimes your TV is far away from the wifi device (router) and it has a problem catching signals from it. Ensure that it is not the case. Place the router and TV in such a position that they are not too far from each, otherwise, reboot them.

4. Samsung TV not Turning Off or On

You may notice that your TV is not turning on and the red light at the bottom of the TV keeps on flashing. This may happen when your TV has something wrong with the power source. Apart from this, you may notice your TV is not turning off even if you have used a remote several times. The solution is simple.

Troubleshooting with Off and On Problem

Let’s talk about the ON problem first. Many TVs, even of different brands, now come with surge protectors. This is the feature that protects the TV against sudden electricity supply to protect the device from damage. When the surge protector wears out, it will not provide energy to the TV. This is where you should ensure if your TV is getting enough power to turn on.

Now come to the second problem in which your TV doesn’t turn off. This is a common feature called HDMI CEC; if this is on, then your turn-off button will stop working. Secondly, you may have turned on the TV from the power button, now the TV has stopped catching signals from the remote and you have to turn it off from the power button. Another factor is very rare and unique, sometimes fluorescent lights may also interfere with the signals of the remote, thus, it may not work properly.


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What was the issue with Samsung TVs?

As the technology is upgrading day by day, many features are added by the companies in their electronics. Samsung has warned its customers not to talk about personal stuff in front of their TVs. This is especially for the customers who have turned on the voice activation feature of their TVs.

Can Samsung TVs be repaired?

If your TV needs to be repaired, then you can directly call the customer support center and they will arrange the technician who will come to your location to repair the set. Otherwise, you can also send the TV to the Samsung factory. All Samsung TVs come with a 3-month warranty.

How long do Samsung TVs last?

Samsung TVs last for around 4- 7 years straight. Even if they are used roughly without any maintenance, they can last for four to seven years easily. If used with care, it can last longer.

Final Thoughts

These minor problems can occur in any TV of any brand. These problems can easily be sorted but if somehow you can’t fix them yourself or even after applying the self-diagnosis feature, then you should call customer care support, and they will help you with what you should do next. Either they will give you instructions on a call by which you can repair your TV at home or they will send a technician who will repair your device.

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