Sony A8F TV 2023 Review – Best 4k OLED TV For The Money

Sony A8F is the best 4k OLED TV to buy at an affordable price. Sony A8F produces an excellent picture quality, the image appears on the screen are deeper and darker and when watched in the darker region.

The Sony A8F is suitable for all types of usage and gives excellent performance. It has a very good response time, and the motion handling is very good the picture appears great without any loading time as it has a very good fast response time.

But this lack of blur can make low frame rate content appear choppy. Like the Sony A1E and other OLED TVs, it’s not ideal as the brightness changes based on the display content and there is a chance of static material burning.

The A8F is an upgrade to the 2017 A1E, and is an OLED TV with a sleek design in either 55 or 65 inches. It has 4 K resolution and embraces both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR. In comparison to the unique design of the A1E with a kickstand in the rear, the A8F is more conventional, with a frame at the bottom to stabilize the TV.

The design makes mounting on a wall even simpler than before. But like the A1E, on the sides or below the display there are no speakers— all of the sound comes from Sony’s Acoustic Surface technology, which uses the panel itself to project sound forward. The front-firing system for added bass is supplemented by a rear-firing subwoofer.

Sony A8F TV

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  • Excellent dark room performance
  • Instantaneous response time
  • The accurate image even when viewed at an angle


  • Maybe a risk of permanent burn-in (see here)
  • 1080p input lag is mediocre

Design of Sony A8F

The Sony A8F OLED TV is highly excellently designed. The stand has a very small footprint and fits well in any decor. The TV is well built and there are no obvious gaps or loose panels. The TV has a very small frame and delivers an immersive viewing experience, especially when wall mounted. The stand can sit on most tables and has a very small footprint.

The frame attaches to the tv very little height. There are two small rubber spacers that provide support but need not actually be on the board. TV’s back is very clean. Plastic panels are available to cover all bolts and connections and provide cable management.

Picture quality

The Sony A8F OLED TV produces fantastic picture quality. It can deliver genuine blacks and infinite contrast ratio, which joined with the ideal dark consistency, makes for dark room performance.

The Sony A8F has brilliant features and despite the fact that the entire screen can’t get that splendid. It is inclined to temporary image retention and could experience permanent burn-in, in spite of the fact although we don’t expect most people to experience this.


The motion handling of the Sony A8F is fantastic. It has a close quick response time and is without a glimmer, so there is next to very little motion trail and just slight blur. The ideal response time causes stutter, particularly with 24 fps content, yet this can benefit from outside assistance with the discretionary Black Frame Insertion include or by empowering Motion Interpolation, yet it is without judder.

It does not support a variable refresh rate, and there are no plans announced by Sony to add support for this in the future.

Sound quality

The Sony A8F has a better than expected sound. It gets very loud sound and produces a better than average measure of bass alongside clear discoursed. However, their bass doesn’t have any thump or rumble to it, and it doesn’t have a room correction system either. For a superior sound, a committed sound framework or soundbars are recommended.

Smart Features

The Sony A8F runs Sony’s modified Android TV interface. The design is extremely straightforward, there are numerous lines used to assemble comparative capacities making it simple to explore.

The TV has execution issues when exploring the menus. It is particularly moderate when getting to the menus from inside an application. It has an incredible voice aide, in spite of the fact that it isn’t comparable to the ThinQ AI found on 2018 LG OLEDs.


It is a fantastic TV for a variety of uses. The perfect blacks of the emissive display result in excellent dark room performance. In a bright room, reflection handling is excellent.

Motion handling is also excellent due to the instantaneous response time, which is great for sports or gaming. Unfortunately, the brightness of the screen changes depending on the content and there may be a risk of burn-in with static content.

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