Sony A8G/AG8 OLED TV Review


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The Sony A8G OLED TV is a fantastic 4k TV. Like all OLED TVs, it delivers outstanding dark room performance, thanks to its ability to produce perfect blacks and perfect black uniformity. It additionally has an about immediate response time, delivering crystal-clear motion with almost no noticeable blur behind fast-moving objects.

However, this lack of blur may trouble certain people as it contributes to stuttering while watching movies or other low frame rate content. Unfortunately, with other OLED TV, there’s a risk of static display burn-in, so the screen’s brightness varies based on the content, often known as ABL, which may bother some people.

When you find the Sony A9G OLED TV is more expensive but doesn’t want compromise in the picture quality then you get the Sony A8G OLED TV. It has very similar performance for movies but a low input lag making this ideal TV only for gaming.

Because of the special smart processor, accessing the menu doesn’t feel as easy as on the other Sony models. This TV is less costly on the upside, though providing likewise excellent performance in most uses and just as good performance for the movies.

Overall, if money isn’t a primary thing for you, then get the Sony A9G OLED TV, but if you don’t mind the slower smart interface and the higher input lag, you can save some money by getting the Sony A8G OLED TV that will still offer an amazing movie experience. One thing we keep mentioning in all our OLED TV reviews is the problem of permanent image retention that is characteristic of the tech being used.


  • Excellent dark room performance.
  • Outstanding low motion blur.
  • The image remains accurate when viewed at an angle.


  • Brightness varies with different content, due to the Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL).
  • Possibility of permanent burn-in with static content


The Sony A8G has an outstanding structure. The general plan is straightforward and moderate and is fundamentally the same as the A9G and A8F. The stand is basic, yet it very well may be set to two diverse stature positions, contingent upon the direction of the stand, which is extraordinary on the off chance that you need to put a little soundbar in front. The stand underpins the TV very well, however, it wobbles a piece when prodded.

The stand is very easy but it is incredibly well equipped by the Screen. Special to the A8 G, the stand can be inverted as seen before, creating a space of around 2.4 “below the Screen. There’s no difference between the Screen and the stand, with the stand flipped, with the ‘U’ form in front.

The A8G has outstanding build quality. The stand supports the TV well, and only wobbles a bit. The design is very similar to the A9G, but a little less polished.

Picture quality:

The Sony A8G has the best picture quality, and as such can turn off individual pixels, so it essentially has an infinite contrast ratio. The TV has no local dimming option, so there’s no backlight. With an OLED TV, individual pixels can be turned off, or dim. It is perfect when watching the darkroom, as in dim scenes it helps in no visible blooming of bright objects. This is also fantastic if you watch content with subtitles because they are beautifully presented.

Movies: The Sony A8 G OLED is an outstanding TV for watching movies in a darkroom. Due to the almost infinite contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity it looks fantastic in a dark space. Fast-moving action films look fantastic, thanks to the near-instant reaction time resulting in very little blur, but this lack of blur can annoy certain people watching movies.

For Sports: The Television is an outstanding TV for sports watching. Due to the near-instant reaction time, it has outstanding handling of motion, and fast-moving items (or players) appear fantastic, with virtually no distortion behind them. Anyone will appreciate the game while attending the big game with a group of friends, due to the wide viewing angles of the TV. There also shouldn’t be any issues in a bright room, due to the excellent reflection handling, but it might not be bright enough to overcome glare in a really bright room.

PC monitor: The TV is best suitable to use as PC monitor, but it should be used carefully because long-term exposure to static items (such as the taskbar or screen icons) will cause permanent burn-in. This has large viewing angles and an almost immediate reaction time, but unfortunately it has a higher-than-average input lag, which may bother certain people. We also encountered an issue when the TV is sent a 4k signal, with chroma 4:4:4 or RGB, which isn’t ideal for desktop use.

Sound quality:

The A8 G frequency response is good. Low-frequency extension (LFE), which is average at around 80Hz, results in a bass with good body and punch, but no thump. Frequency response above the LFE is well-balanced, resulting in clear dialog but lacking a bit of airiness as it tapers off around 9kHz.

Performance on distortion is good. There’s very little distortion at low and moderate volumes which is perfect. The overall sum of distortion rises significantly at higher volume rates. And that shouldn’t be a concern for most people.

Smart Features:

The A8 G was upgraded to Android 8.0 and the score was changed to reflect the change. Thanks to the easier menu to navigate, the time to select YouTube has also gone down by 1 second. The Android 8.0 interface is easy to use, but not as smooth on the A8G as the A9G, and it is a bit slower overall.

The A8 G was upgraded to Android 8.0 and the score was changed to reflect the change. As for all the other Sonys checked for Android 8.0, there are ads now.

Like most Sony TVs, the A8G has an outstanding selection of apps through Google Play Store.

Final Thoughts:

The Sony A8G / AG8 OLED is a great 4 K HDR TV with amazing picture output, impressive upscaling and the best-in-class gesture processing. We have some concerns regarding Sony’s Acoustic Audio Surface software and the plastic remote that uses an IR blaster to power the TV, but it succeeds in the only category that matters: picture quality.

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