Sony A9F OlED TV Review

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This A9F 2018 OLED model features remarkable build quality with premium materials, has great deep blacks, with amazingly wide viewing angles, and fabulous design.

The artist program A9F is the latest from Sony, part of the Master program road that was established in mid-2018. But despite its newness, it has a pattern that borrows heavily from the 2017 choice, that Sony Bravia A1E. Like that Sony A1E, the artist program A9F utilizes the easel-style kickstand to prop up the television, instead of conventionally attached feet. The outcome is the door that sits flush with whatever board or slice of furniture it’s played on, but it also implies that this action leans back a little, putting the display at an angle.

This A9F 2018 OLED model features remarkable build quality with premium materials and a high-end display. the ability to capture video in HD resolution up to 1080p. The a9f is equipped with a 4 K ultra HD screen, which allows you to see the full picture of your favorite shows and movies. The a9f also has built-in WI-fi connectivity that enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s an amazing device for watching movies and TV shows.

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You should consider investing in this TV because:

• This Android 8.0 smart TV is much faster than previous Sony TVs for gaming.
• It has marvelous motion handling
• Low input lag with close-instantaneous response time
• It comes with 4 HDMI ports.
• A9F has very good and clean cable management

What you may not like:

• You might not like its brightness with its bright white scenes.
• This TV could go through permanent burn-in

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What is the value proposition from Sony A9F?

This model can be used for TV Shows, Sports, Movies, Video Games, HDR gaming and movies, and as a PC Monitor as well.

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