Sony Bravia X850F Series (XBR-65X850F) 2023 Review – 4K Smart TV

The Sony X850F is a decent 4k TV with an IPS board. If displayed in a dark room when watching movies at night, blacks look gray, but in a bright room, the handling of reflection is great and the screen can be strong to avoid glare.

But it has a very poor contrast ratio so that blacks look gray when displayed in a dark room. The picture quality is average but stays accurate when seen at an edge which is useful for those with wide seating. It additionally has a quick response time, which is incredible for observing quick video content. However, Android TV isn’t as streamlined or natural as different stages.

Sony bravia x850f series tv is a new generation of television, and it’s not just for the ultra-high definition. This new line of televisions has been designed to be as compact as possible, with a built in HDMI cable that can be plugged into your TV.

The new x850f series TV comes with a 4 K resolution, which means you can see the full picture at any time. The new x850f series TV features a 5 inch HD display, and a 2-inch led flash that allows you to watch movies on your TV with ease. The new x850f series TV comes with a 4 K video quality, which allows you to view videos on your TV with clarity.

Sony Bravia X850F Series (XBR-65X850F)

Sony X850F

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  • Feels responsive with low input lag
  • Great motion handling
  • The image remains accurate at an angle
  • Tidy, cable-free design
  • Decent picture processing
  • Solid sound quality

  • Blacks appear gray and blotchy in a dark
  • Poor contrast
  • Inadequate HDR performance

Key Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD: High dynamic range resolution with extraordinary quality, brightness, and clarity
  • Lifelike contrast: Take non-HDR content to the next level with the X1 processor and 4K X-Reality Pro
  • Vibrant colors: Enjoy rich, natural colors with TRILUMINOS Display and 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping
  • Catch the action: Motionflow XR technology gives you on-screen action with virtually no motion blur
  • Genius TV: Android TV with Google Assistant is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home


The design of the Sony X850F is excellent. Its build quality is a plasticky touch, but from a normal viewing distance, you can’t see it. The Connections are quite great, because of four 4K-skilled HDMIs, three USBs, and Wi-Fi and Ethernet network support.

However, only two of the HDMIs support a maximum of 4 K HDR range – indicating 4 K at 60 frames per second with HDR or complete 4:4:4 chroma quality. The Sony X850F stand is unlike any other Sony TV we’ve been using. It’s similar to the Samsung MU6100 stand. It is made entirely from aluminum-finished material.

Picture quality

The picture quality of the Sony x850F is decent. The Sony X850F has no local dimming feature and also the contrast ratio is not good. Therefore the image appears on the screen doesn’t get bright saturation due to the disappointing contrast ratio. It also has a decent SDR brightness and an acceptable HDR brightness, but the display is not bright to fully enjoy HDR video.

The dark images look gray when viewed in the darkroom. It has a superior to normal gray uniformity, but frustrating dark uniformity with a great deal of blurring. The TV has a great viewing angle and is best suitable for the large space area. The color gamut is good but it can not produce overly saturated greens or deep, dark colors.


The motion looks really good on the Sony X850F. The very fast response time of the TV during sports and video games reduces ghosting, which is perfect with motion. The TV will display this motion with limited stutter while viewing movies and TV shows. And in all content, there is no visible flicker in the backlight of the TV, which makes the movement look smoother.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the Sony X850F is average. This TV does not produce loud sounds in most of the use cases and not suitable for large spaces. The clarity of the sound that is produced is not so clear and accurate.

It does not balance sound in the mid and treble ranges, Which is most essential to get the natural dialogs. The bass is also average, it doesn’t have a self-adjusted framework to EQ the room. It is suggested to get a good soundbar for better audio performance.

Smart features

The Sony X850F utilizes a similar Android TV found in other Sony TVs we have reviewed, similar to the X900F. The software has included with the various applications, and thousands increasingly accessible on the included Google Play Store.

The software is usable, but there is a major lag in animations. The remote provided gives Google Assistant voice control which is easy access. You can search for the applications you need, or if the user feels difficult in navigations menus he can use google voice control and search of the content.


The Sony X850F is a good TV for all types of uses such as for watching movies, sports, TV shows, Playing Video games, etc. If displayed in a dark room when watching movies at night, blacks look gray, but in a bright room, the handling of reflection is great and the screen can be strong to avoid glare.

Even viewed from the angles the picture quality appears on the screen looks clear and accurate. The TV supports HDR, but to take advantage of it, it can not generate very vivid colors and strong highlights.

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