Sony X900H TV Review

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The Sony X900H is a perfect 4k TV overall for almost every sort of content. It features a VA screen with an excellent contrast ratio and has a local full range dimming option that allows blacks to appear much better in the dark. This is well-suited for bright rooms because it is clear enough to remove glare quickly. Gamers should be pleased with the low input lag, which remains low even when playing with 10-bit HDR in 4k.

However, the viewing angles are very small, because Sony’s ‘X-Wide Lens’ layer is absent, and when presented from the edge, pictures appear washed out. Unlike most Sony TVs, it runs on Android, a user-friendly platform that offers a huge variety of streaming services.

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Although this TV is advertised as promoting variable refresh rate, ‘Complete Low Latency Mode’, and other features that come with HDMI 2.1, these features are not yet accessible and will only be enabled in future firmware updates.


  • Excellent contrast ratio.
  • Low input lag.
  • Fast response time.
  • Great peak brightness.


  • Sub-par viewing angles.


The X900H comes with an excellent build. It’s very minimal, on both sides with thin bezels and a simple metal stand. It appears nearly similar to the X950H but on the back of the Screen, there are several visible screws that were not present on the X950H.

Other than that, this front-end TV looks almost as good. The stand consists of two metal feet that are inserted into the TV, without requiring screws. The feet are set almost as wide as the TV itself, so a fairly large table is required. On the other side, it offers enough space for a soundbar between the feet. The stand does well support the Set, but it wiggles a bit. Build quality is great. There’s very little wobble and the TV feels well-built overall, although there’s a bit of flex in the back panel.

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Picture Quality:

The X900H has an excellent native contrast ratio. It’s better than the X950H because it doesn’t have the ‘X-Wide Angle’ layer by Sony, which has the side effect of reducing the contrast ratio. Local dimming greatly increases the contrast but not by much. That said, the blacks always look intense and render it a perfect option for viewing the darkroom.


The response time of the X900H is perfect, which results in very little distortion of motion in fast-moving scenes. However, there’s a lot of undershooting in the 0-20 percent process, creating some artifacts of motion in dark scenes. The X900H uses PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) to dim the backlight but it is not really visible for most users due to its high flicker frequency.

Final Thoughts:

With most uses, the Sony X900H is a great TV. Owing to its outstanding contrast ratio, high peak brightness, and large color gamut, it provides decent picture quality. It has a good response time which results in very little distortion of motion, and its input lag is low enough to satisfy even serious players. HDR content comes with bright colors and pop-out highlights.

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