TCL 32S325 vs 32S305 – 2023 Complete Comparison

A TCL 32S325 vs 32S305 Comparison is a challenging analysis, in my opinion, because both of these Smart TVs are almost similar, and both have almost the same price.

The only difference is that TCL 32S305 is an older model than TCL 32S325. But that does not in any way affect the potential worthiness of this specific Smart Tv. And that I’m speaking from personal experience.

Being a college student, I have always struggled with space issues; as you know, college dorms are a little shabby on space, but I could not imagine a boring life without a smart tv.

Considering that matter, my father got me a 32S305 Smart tv, and indeed it was a blessing because it took up a lot less space and had some really unique features. After a long grueling day, the thought of coming back to my dorm and lounging and getting off steam in front of my prized possession was the only thing that got me going all through college.

After some time, TCL 32S325 was announced, and I couldn’t help but think about getting my hands on it. So I saved up some money, sold the older model, and got it after approximately a year and a half.

I was expecting a lot from this version, but there wasn’t much of a difference, to be very honest. Although the picture quality was a little better and the contrasts were a bit different, but overall it was more or less the same as TCL 32S305.

But still, I took it upon myself to bestow some of my hard-earned wisdom on you guys. Here is a brief analysis of TCL 32S325 and 32S305 explained in as simple words as possible to make the selection process easier for you.

So without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started.

Comparison Between TLC 32S325 & 32S305

TLC 32S325

TLC 32S325


TLC 32S305

TLC 32S305

Picture Quality

Speaking about the picture quality of TCL 32S325 and 32S305, it is more or less the same. They both come with a 720-pixel resolution, which is excellent considering the size and price of these Smart TVs.

Although you will not get a very luxurious feeling watching movies and series on these Smart TVs, it is still good enough for a try. Besides, it has LED display technology which increases the contrasts and accuracy of the motion picture.


Both TCL 32S325 and 32S305 have 5W speaker output, which gives a booming and clear sound quality. This is a surprising feature for Smart TVs of such proportions. These speakers have inbuilt powerful bass and woofer blasts that will have your feet tapping to the sound of the music.

Moreover, they have neodymium magnets that control the sensitivity of the music and supports loud pop music.


Initially, when both TCL 32S325 and 32S305 were launched with the same price tag, but now the company has lowered the price of TCL 32S305 because it has become slightly obsolete with the introduction of newer models in the market.

But still, you must check their Fair Market Value (FMV) from a good updated source before you proceed to make the purchase.

Refresh Rate Technology (RRT)

Moving on to the Refresh Rate Technology, both the TCL 32S325 and 32S305 offer 60 Hz CMI, which is excellent for Smart TVs of this size. As they both have featured a small screen, this Refresh Rate Technology is perfectly compatible with them, giving you a smooth watching experience.

You can watch all your favorite movies and dramas plus a superb lag-less gaming experience. So no matter which model you buy, you are guaranteed to be absolutely satisfied with the pace of picture movement and quality at the given price range.


Are TCL 32S325 and 32S305 good for gaming?

The TCL 32S325 and 32S305 have a 60 Hz CMI Refresh Rate Technology (RRT), which goes perfectly well with the 32-inch screen. So you can connect TCL 32S325 and 32S305 to a gaming console and ease back for a fabulous gaming experience.

You will experience minimum lag while playing video games on these Smart TVs and a very smooth motion picture.

Are TCL Smart TVs worth buying?

TCL Smart TVs are widely known for the lower prices they charge for their products and the reasonably good features that their TVs have at the given price range.

It is true that the TCL Smart TVs don’t have the ultra features that the more expensive Smart TVs offer presently, but they are a blessing for a person running on a tight budget.

In simple words, the TCL Smart TVs are absolutely worth buying for anybody who can’t afford an expensive Smart TV offered by other luxurious brands.

Is TCL better than Samsung?

Comparing TCL Smart TVs with Samsung Smart TVs is very unfair because both these companies focus on a totally different niche.

TCL focuses on the middle-class niche who aspire to be able to afford luxurious items but can’t, whereas Samsung hits the upper class and produces more expensive items. This is why even the most expensive TCL Smart TV is lower in price than the cheapest Samsung Smart TV.

This causes a rift between an opinion of whether TCL is better than Samsung because Samsung is way better than a TCL Smart TV for people who can afford it.


Although both the TCL 32S325 and 32S305 Smart TVs are relatively similar in specification and features, if you still want to know which one is the better, then TCL 32S305 is the better option, in my opinion.

It has a lower price than the TCL 32S325 and is slimmer. Besides, it is lighter and offers a much faster internet connection. This Smart TV is a perfect choice for college students who want to keep a Smart TV in their dorm rooms.

It is small, lightweight, and easily portable. Believe me, it will quickly become your best buddy in college.

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