TCL S Series/4 Series 4k LED TV Review

TCL S405

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The TCL S405 is the best-LED TV to buy and is a good entry-level 4K Roku TV released by the TCL brand. It has a low input lag due to this the viewers or the people who like to play games are most interested in this TV. The TCL S405 has a decent picture quality and appears great when viewed at an angle. Motion handling makes a little blur sometimes. The TCL S405 is replaced by the S425/423/421/ progressively. It is built with the same design other than some cosmetic differences. Depending on your region and retailer, the model accessible may differ.

  • Good contrast for dark room viewing
  • Low input lag for gaming
  • Low motion blur keeps fast content clear

  • Image quality deteriorates at an angle
  • Doesn’t get very bright



The TCL S405’s design is quite simple and in motion with other TCL TVs like the 2016 US5800. It has a broad stand that needs a big table, but it promotes the tv well. While the development of the S425/423/421 designs may have some cosmetic similarities. The stand does a good job of keeping the tv balanced, but it is built of plastic. It looks cheap but supports the tv well.

Picture quality:

The TCL S Series/4 Series 4k LED TV has a great picture quality than compared to the earlier model. Due to the high contrast ratio the dark color appears deeper when viewed in dark rooms and has an outstanding color uniformity. The viewing angle is also not that good and the best picture quality is only reserved for a narrow zone in front of the TV. The grey uniformity may be better compared and there is a noticeable dirty display effect. Firstly, HDR is standard and the absence of a wide range of colors, low HDR optimum brightness, and absence of local dimming does not distinguish HDR content.


Its picture quality is extremely great when considered directly in front, and it manages fast motion well. However, it is a little less flexible due to its low brightness and absence of picture quality at an angle.

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